The Job Thread


Starting a thread so RVF can post job openings. I personally believe that it is extremely important that we begin exhibiting as much in-group preference as possible, so any time you know about a current or upcoming vacancy on a team (or you're hiring) post it here.

Remember. One of the single most important career skills you can have is determining who you work with and for. If you can stack your team with people who see eye to eye with you, everything becomes easier. Especially In situations such as dealing with mandates where collective bargaining power matters. If you're resisting a mandate it's going to be much easier to do so if you've stacked half the team with people from RVF.



First entry: I'm vacating one of my job roles and will be dropping notice sometime this week. This one is my "pays the bills" job but it's a good role for someone who is early into an accounting/FP&A career and wants to work somewhere that's still sane. Vaccine requirement exists here technically but it's also "exemption respectful". Your co-workers will be mostly older, friendly, extremely nice "salt of the earth" small town types. Pay is "rural good" so you'll be comfortable if you're single.

The role is for a junior level accounting and financial analyst role with a hospital system in deep red state territory (somewhere between the Rockies and the Mississippi). You'll be responsible for preparation of financial statements, forecasting, and customer accounting for one of their business units. You will also be involved in supporting the overall organization's capital budget process and management and process transformation projects.

I'll still be around as a volunteer to answer questions and help train on key job tasks. I would Prefer to be able to make a referral so if you've been a member here for awhile DM me.


Looking for a mechanical engineer, marine engineer, or someone with years of professional level diesel operations and maintenance experience, especially vets, for a remote diesel engineering job with some travel. No relevant experience is fine, that is actually preferred as you can be trained and don't have a chip on your shoulder. Must be able to maintain a security clearance. Job involves low level data analytics and 5-30% travel to on site diesels, but not much travel in the first 8 months or so. Don't be intimidated by the traveling, there will almost likely be someone more senior than you on site and not much is expected. All that is really expected from you is that you can use Excel and are able to read and comprehend diesel theory and maintenance manuals. Understanding diesels is quite easy, if you have a mechanical engineering degree but no diesel experience, don't worry the manuals are very clear and walk you through everything.

Like @Easy_C if you've been around a while DM me and I can write you a referral. If hired I should be around to answer questions and help train you.

The pay is decent but not amazing. Due to its remote nature it is a fantastic option for someone considering moving to the country. Outside of travel the job is not demanding. Good option for someone taking classes or who has a side gig. Looks fantastic on a resume. One of my coworkers has been flipping and building homes for years while having this job, another one I believe is a real estate agent on the side.


I am not posting a job opening, but I figure we can use this thread to discuss jobs in general, right?
I am wondering if anybody here has ever been a dockworker in a major port. This thought came up as I have been pondering "real" jobs, as opposed to office jobs that so often have no meaning, and as I've been thinking about escaping my current office job and trying to replace it with something more blue-collar. I have no such experience, but that is kind of the point of trying it out. In any case, I would not be stuck in it forever if I'm not good at it or don't like it.