The Joe Rogan thread


Joe rogan is so avoidant and "centrist" for the cash. His conspiracy theory angle was all marketing. I would go as far as to say his relationship with alex jones is totally for the appearance of being alternative as well. When confronted with legitimate conspiracy theories, he gate-keeps to the max, saying that its human nature or its just localized corruption. Wont make the big call-outs but will fully speculate on ridiculous shit like psychedelics or space theories.


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Tonight on verified twitter they are big mad over Joe Rogan hosting Alex Jones (and in some instances even expressing anti free speech rhetoric as they ask for more deplatforming). Totally well adjusted people.



Wasn't there talk of them not transferring over AJ's old appearances on the podcast to Spotify from Youtube, just memory holing them? I guess that got resolved?


Lots to digest in here. I was happy that Jones is on top of:
- UN / World Economic Forum 2030 plans
- 89 days of Chaos between Election Night & Inauguration

Rogan did ALOT of fact checking, but ultimately it played well into Alex Jones' points, in that most were supported quickly and easily by Jamie.

The finish was very personal for me and perhaps for some of us on this forum. Granted we are not on Alex Jones level, but the searching and investigation into the conspiracies, lies, globalist plans can take a toll on us personally. Shutting it down, putting the cell phone away and focussing on your physical and spiritual health is important. I was talking to a friend about how we were tired from Corona, the agenda and your mind running trying to sort through it all, how you start to feel worn out.

Sometimes I do find myself tired, and think to when I was living in Colombia, focused on my health and something simple like learning a language. I think to when I was busy on my farm, focused on the farm and the harvest, a time when my prayer life was more solid and consistent. These things are healthy and following these conspiracies can be bad for your health. Don't forget to take a break from this stuff, however you can do it.