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Its more likely that there is a connection to the pesticides than anything having to do with TRT... Plenty of steroid abusers have kids... Though in a lot of men exogenous test will negatively affect fertility.

I have 2 boys... On Testosterone therapy now and used steroids before ever knocking up my ex wife... Guarantee I would produce more boys right now if I were to knock up the old lady.

Yeah that's what I meant, exposure to chemicals from his job.

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Those guys are all straight. They are BuzzFeed's super-low-T poser boys to promote total subservience.

The Asian guy is gay. He also had the highest T :laugh:



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How did this guy rose to prominence anyway? He's not a particularly good interviewer and brings little to the conversation.

First mover advantage or very close to it. Plus was actually unfiltered and unpolished at the beginning with no apologies. Now it's a sanitized censored boring version of it's previous self. Jamie fact checking guest in the middle of the interviews was a big shift and then Spotify putting their own censorship on it kind of sealed it's fate as crap.

Edit: Also forgot Joe even before Spotify has gotten more boring, repeating the same stories, same guest, etc..


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As said before, I too don’t know why a Christian man would pay attention to this man.

He condones degeneracy. He once said he’s looking forward to white genocide.

Me, I think the entire industry that I refer to as the surrogate-daddy industry, made up of “self-improvement” mouth breathers such as Rogan, Lewis Howes, Jocko Willinck, David Goggins, and so on should be avoided. It is an industry that is a symptom of the destruction of the family unit and Western society’s decline.


Scientifically tenuous content was also subject to removal. For example, Rogan’s talks with Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey, the self-proclaimed “father of biohacking,” have also disappeared, DMN reports. Asprey has been criticized in the past for touting a high-fat diet regimen without thoroughly researched support from doctors and other health experts.


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I’d say take a look back at some of the art, architecture etc hundreds and thousands of years ago and now take a look at this PED abusing meathead and his BS fads being the no1 podcast.
His comedy is complete trash, his announcing consists of “OOOOOOHHHH”, “HE’S HURT!” “It’s over.....” “There are levels to this...”
He accuses fighters that never got busted for PEDs of being abusers and ones that got busted of being clean.

He defended Conor punching and old Man until he got enough backlash.

And surprise surprise yet another liberal that leaves Cali for Texas and still votes the same.

If this guy isn’t a huge red flag for idiocracy I don’t know what is.


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Thanks to all who appreciated my post above. Here in these image you can see the ridiculously individualistic attitude that is part of much of modern-day male “self improvement.”


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This is good stuff but I thought Joe was going to be exclusive on Wokeifi? Why are there these new videos of his podcast on YouTube?