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16 posts above your post, on this very same page, is the 2nd consecutive part of a post on that very subject - that is long enough such that it had to be broken into two pieces from the bottom of the page before.

At the top of this page.

Now you don't have to draw the same conclusions on the facts that I and others have presented and you certainly don't have to agree with the opinions presented therein.

But for someone to lay out the case and then immediately be met with counters like "Its a good thing to clean your room" or "in what way does he lie about Solzhenitsyn?" >>>>. having just made the case as to how he lies and why the "stand up straight" advice is part of his Zionist 'pied-piper' routine... is a little odd.

It does seem that Peterson fans and Peterson critics on this page are not really listening to one another.

No doubt we need to pay his owners, the Zionist tycoon Jim Ballsillie and the Zionist Daily Wire and Zionist Prager U, a million shekels to release their very own Jordan Peterson to us so that he can explain to us how to listen to someone and understand them.

Because without his recycling of low key logical solutions to problems that have been solved 1000 times in the past already (and that we alll already knew anyway) .. we will all be lost.

Thanks for forgiving my sarcasm - it is directed at the gigantic Zionist Judaic Peterson grift = as once it has been seen it cannot be unseen, it's nothing personal.
Great posts on Peterson Tigercat. The above quoted unfortunately seems to be a running theme of what people have to deal with whom bring it to our attention. It is a shame and I suspect often deliberately nefarious.

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The way that video is edited, it seems like one of those deep fake videos, or at least where you take actual words people said and arrange them to create sentences that they never said.

Not that I doubt Peterson would say any of the above. It's just a very weird edit. Anyway, a deep fake and a paid actor are essentially the same thing anyway.


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It's a Youtube Shorts video, sort of like the TikTok section of YT, this explains the ADHD editing.

I really doubt it's a deep fake.

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I am thankful for him calling out the insane "New Green Deal" just signed into law in Australia - see the video called 'Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe', a reading of an article, 'Peddlers of environmental doom have shown their true totalitarian colours'.



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JP has been running a gatekeeping mix ratio of around 80% good antiwoke content like in that video above, with 20% neoliberal drivel, delivered either directly like in the short video I've posted above, or less obviously as a hidden subtext attached to his main seemingly positive content. It takes a lot of skill to pull that off, he is a fairly bright guy.

Overall, he is less dangerous and toxic than other gatekeepers like say, Ben Shapiro, and he has overall a more positive effect in purple-pilling normies on a large scale.

He is what he is...