The Kanye West thread


Is nobody going to mention that Kanye has a knockoff MAGA hat? It's completely obvious, but I've seen no mention of it. The script and the shape of it don't match the genuine article. Kanye's hat doesn't have the plastic mesh that makes the front of the hat stand up straight.






Kanye, please get the genuine article if you're going to make a spectacle of wearing the MAGA hat.


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Ye will be Ye. He is picky about his clothes and he will make his own hat no doubt. Maybe he can make the official re-election hat for everyone and maybe add a fitted version. I know I would buy that one, even if I cannot wear it anywhere except in my own room. :p


Kanye said he has a 98 percentile IQ, which is about 130-137 depending on which graph you look at.

When it comes to linguistic/creative intelligence, I don't doubt that. I have an IQ of 120-125, score very highly in that area, and I can tell Kanye is smarter than me. Some of his concepts go above my head, because he is thinking at a higher level.

He made some great points from what I saw in his speech.


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Rush87 said:

That's made my day.

I also have a lot of admiration for the older black gentleman & athletic legend Jim Brown who is sitting next to Kanye West.

Not meaning to disrespect him at all, love the guy, but. The wacky side of me got me thinking he kind of resembles Jasper Beardly from The Simpsons? LOL. But yeah kudos to both Jim Brown & Kanye West for having the courage to engage in a supportive dialog with Donald Trump. Jim Brown is a sporting legend & will always be remembered as a very strong, honorable man.




I admire Kanye for at least thinking for himself though half the time I'm not sure what he's talking about. Haha. But even if a young prime Thomas Sowell type was bashing leftists and socialists today I doubt that Black Americans would abandon the Democratic Party in large numbers. What would have to happen for Black Americans to stop supporting the Democrats?


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Thrill Jackson said:
Ye is understanding the narrative. Piece by piece it's all coming together.

I like how he compares social media using mind control on us to touching a woman's body without consent. My body my choice, how about.... my mind, my choice! Say no to liberal mind control and social media.


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To answer Samson: More black celebrities coming out against plantation mentality. It will happen, but in time. Black conservatism needs to undergo normalisation, so it could be a while. Certain black celebrities' silence is telling actually. Denzel (I think) is conservative. Jay-Z also, despite being friends with Obama, he's also friends with Kanye and probably agrees with a lot of what he's saying. He got off the plantation in a big way, after all.

People like Snoop are a fucking joke.