The Kanye West thread

There seems to be a ripple effect going on. A grappler named Kyle Boem made a post on instagram saying the holocaust didn't happen. I believe Kanye is emboldening people to start questioning the narrative.

Another (1.2M followers) just posted this. Lots of kvetching in the comments. He denied it had anything to do with current events, but it seems pretty obvious what it means. More small hat-tips like this are useful.

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This is so true. Muslims are probably the most welcoming when it comes to conversion, Christians are happy to see atheists join them, but Jews absolutely reject any "interference".
There was a guy who wrote that Jews are from the land of Judea. Funny how they're still cool kill with random Senegalese immigrants being considered real Germans from Germany.
This is the first time I've seen the "shut it down" switch in such disrepair. We're going on 3 weeks or since Kanye has been speaking about them.
The timing of it all.. The "perfect storm" of Musks acquisition of Twitter, celebs and athletes speaking out and showing defiance in the face of their threats. They weren't prepared for this level of sustained attention and scrutiny.

I've never seen more people discussing the topic of Jewish power in my life. Whether people are criticizing it, defending it, or denying it's existence, it's being discussed everywhere now...
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[Edit: turns out this is an old video from the Covid farce]

I never had any time for Mayweather but he just stood up and pointed out the emperor has no clothes. This kind of defiance is contagious. It's asymmetric. I think you can force a dozen other sports stars like Shaq or Lebron to fall in line and offer platitudes about how many people have been hurt. But it only takes one unapologetic star to show them up.