The Korea Conflict Thread

I want to write a summary of what's going on in South Korea right now in terms of identity/SJW politics and how that plays out with their relationship with North Korea. I felt the redpill/altright/whatever blogosphere is so bereft of anyone with redpilled analysis of the Koreas so I felt compelled to write something.

1. At the risk of oversimplifying things South Korean politics generally mirrors politics in the US and western Europe except instead of muslims the North Korean government is substituted. Not the North Korean people mind you, the government. Any time North Korea acts up and does something like a attack on a South Korean patrol ship or in a artillery barrage that killed South Korean civilians the S.Korean liberals are quick to excuse them. Unlike in the west where going to insane lengths to excuse the bad or criminal behavior of various minorities is based on white guilt the Korean liberal mindset seems to be, ironically, of a super racial mindset where blood trumps everything. So North Korea is seen as some kind of wayward brother that just needs a little compassion to bring back into the family fold. This does not translate to any special tolerance or compassion for actual North Koreans who manage to escape North Korea and live in SK by the general SK population or the liberal SK government but only to constantly appease the NK government and cucking to their demands (gibs me dat) for more aid as well as being North Korea's PR department.

2. The current President of South Korea Moon Jae In is doing what I can best describe as a state equivalent of a omega male begging a woman to marry him. His overtures to the North have been desperate and pathetic. Maybe I'll do a formal list of cringey things he has done later but just off the top of my head his administration has gleefully delivered news Trump sent a "love letter" to Kim Jong Un which North Korea angrily denied and scolded Moon for, Moon calling for North Korea to host the Olympics along with South Korea in 2032 if they win the hosting rights along with a joint 2020 Unified Korea team in Tokyo, Moon's administration acting as North Korea's PR team in saying they had conclusive proof that a North Korean soldier didn't intentionally shoot at the South during a recent shooting when NORTH KOREA THEMSELVES DIDNT SAY ANYTHING. In other words the Moon administration is carrying water for the evil North Korean regime that denies South Korea even has a right to exist as a state. The latest cucking is North Korea complained about anti-North leaflets sent across the border by activists and NK defectors and the Moon administration immediately, like a dog, obeyed and declared sending the leaflets illegal.

3. Feminism and SJWism has infected the culture of South Korea though not as much as the west. As far as I can tell corporations and the government don't actively get involved in the gender wars between online feminist and male gamers types like they do in the west. You don't see celebrities taking sides though even that is starting to change. A sign of change is a recent korean drama (Itaewon Class, available on Netflix) that features a black guy and a transgender "man" as characters though the "man" is just played by a really attractive girl with shorthair. But it shows how trendy transgenderism is along with homosexuality. Various SK online forums and now Twitter is populated by nothing but radical feminist echo chambers that tell each other how much they hate Korean men and have taken to the same online outrage mobbings and getting people fired you see in the west over trivial stuff involving "misogyny". Obviously because of the lack of a minority population there isn't that form of identity politics yet though with the growing trend of korean men marrying southeast asian women I'm sure that's in the cards soon. There is no mass immigration yet.

Beyond the usual symptoms of modern degeneracy the real threat is the low birthrate in addition to the growing "diversity" of South Korea in the form of mixed marriages and kids will lead to a real loss of legitimacy with the North. And it might seem confusing if you're not plugged in to what's happening in Korea so I'll make it as simple as possible. The Korean War and the conflict between "North" and "South" Korea has always been about legitimacy, legitimacy as which country is the true ethnostate of the Han (Korean) people. General speaking a "North" and "South" Korea don't exist historically (like 2000 years ago ancient Korea was divided into three kingdoms). So the divide is artificial and these are two governments (until recently) who are claiming they are the "real" Korea and the other is a fake pretender. There are of course ideological reasons and the great powers (Soviet Union and the US, Cold War) that pulled strings but ultimately it's a issue of blood. North Korea is not really a communist nation but a ethnostate in line with something like Imperial Japan under Hirohito (ironically) pre-WWII. I would highly recommend reading "The Cleanest Race" by B.R Meyers which introduced me to this thesis and matched up with my extensive knowledge of Korean history and culture. This conflict is about the right to rule over all the people of the Korean race.

The United States, Canada, western Europe and Australia and New Zealand all have the same problem caused by SJW ideology but they don't have to contend with a evil doppelganger they are fighting a legitimacy battle with. Barring a outright war this is a race between either North Korea collapsing due to economic or political reasons or South Korea collapsing due to the low birthrate which will result in mass immigration and the destability that follows as well as the damage from western degenerate culture.
I've read there is a nascent men's right's movement in South Korea, and I wonder how many of them are here. Are you Korean? But I will say that I can understand the anger of the women there in the entertainment industry there. I've read about horrific tales of actresses being exploited and prostituted.

I am already familiar with Korean concepts of racial purity, which can also lead to racism when they look at Filipinos, something which I do not like. Ironically, Filipinos absolutely love your television shows. My stepdaughters cannot get enough of them! Oh, and I know about Korean Jesus! Lol

My father served in the Korean War. He said worse than the enemy, was the cold and winter winds. He developed early arthritis from it. What he got from the war was unfortunately, "eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die!" And that is how he lived his life.

Thank you for taking the time to write your post, I found it informative. Take care.