The L.A. riots - as witnessed by Tex Arcane.

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This caught my attention
Some teenage kids went flying past with arms full of cell phones
I wasnt aware cell phones were all that common in 1992. Definitely not here in Australia.

Otherwise I found it an entertaining read and a reminder just how fragile and dangerous cosmopolitan societies can be.

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I have no doubt that the riots were terrible and very much resembled this story, but the story itself screams bullshit. It simply has too many details - not in the sense that someone wouldn't remember those details from a long time ago, since the details of such intense situations usually stay with you - but in the storytelling sense where someone who was actually retelling the past as opposed to writing fiction wouldn't bother with including so many of them. Not to mention the corny dialogues between the guy and his wife.

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I also found the whole Gaymsel in distress part of the story odd. "He was gay but a good person, don't write off the gays" message had some indoctrination alarm bells ringing. Also the city blocks and buildings of key interest being reduced to rubble. "Definitely wasn't organized groups guys, a few local hoodrats can easily carry out systemic devastation". Could be nothing just felt like something wrong being trojan horsed into your subconscious.