The Last Orthodox King on Earth died


The Last Orthodox King on earth, Konstantine XII, fell asleep in the Lord on 1/10/2023, after being deposed from the evil "Greek" political class in 1974 and since then exiled and humiliated in every possible way. They didn't even allowed him to be burried as a former Head of State. May their hate be turned against them.

Here is his funeral. The comparison with the rebelious, devilspawn politicians that rule Greece nowadays (and all countries really) are unavoidable.
The Royal Family is noble, pious, God fearing and... Royal. They made a great impression on the Greek people in the funeral and let us pray that this event become the turning point in the hearts of my people to repent, turn to God and once again become worthy of an earthly King (perhaps his Heir Paul).

The King is dead, long live the King!


What were the people chanting in the end?
Long Live the King!
What is the staus of the royalty in Greece today?
The King was exiled, denied Greek citizenship and always shunned by the "Greek" political NWO pawns. They feared him even in death, by denying him his proper funeral rights and not attending (not that their attendance would by any kind of honour). As for the people, they had largely forgotten his existance, until now.
Who is the heir?
Prince Paul II, you can see him in 1:17:46
What is the poltical affiliation of the royal family?
They have remained apolitical since the 1973 rigged referendum deposed the King, in order to avoid civil war.
But they have always supported Church, Country and Family. This family was seen in London's Orthodox Church on every Sunday, communing the Body and Blood of Lord Jesus, often with tears in their eyes.
Why are not women wearing headscarves at church?
I don't know. The people inside the church are European royalty (many of them Catholic).
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