The Laura Loomer thread


Today she has chained herself to the doors of Twitter's New York headquarters to protest her getting banned.

The police put barricades around her and will wait her out. She said that she wants her Twitter account back...

Twitter is lucky she isn't shooting them up.



It would be awesome if people just started chaining themselves or staging other sit in type protests at these social media offices every time they start banning people unfairly. Let them enjoy some of their own medicine.


Its good to have threads on people who are banned from Twitter or have been deplatformed elsewhere. It will be increasingly difficult to hear their opinions, or know what they are up to from mainstream sources


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Is there anything to gain from being active on twitter? Can you meet girls with it? I've seen datasheeets about instagram and stuff but very little on twitter. Twitter looks to be more about public figures posting their shit for everyone.

godfather dust

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Silver_Tube if you are red pill avoid posting on Twitter, could have your life ruined by red maoists and Bolshevik doxers., I have an account to follow Roosh, Trump etc


Bacchus said:

That's how roughly 50% of the romance in my life goes. I wish I were joking.

The last flame had been 'following' me on Reddit for the past five years, reading every single hate-post about me that she could find. Then she got drunk, and mumbled something about how amazing I am, and nature took it's course.



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Not a big fan of Loomer to say the least, but for once, good on her. You go, girl.

Also I want to get that goldstar sweater she's wearing for my Jewish ex.


If I resurrect my entrepreneurial or creative drive I will get Twitter as a matter of self-promotion. Otherwise, it is pretty useless unless you are an NPC who needs to know what "important" people are thinking, or are plain narcissistic. No point in me talking politics there because some stupid leftist will make a bullshit personal attack on me, I will respond in kind and then get banned. I'm not famous enough to stir up a hornet's nest of protest to get reinstated.

I had never heard of this Loomer chick but from what I can tell it is a raw deal even as Twitter (et. al) continue to lie through their teeth about not being biased.

It is interesting to see someone on the right rather than the left who has nothing better to do than chain themselves somewhere to be annoying and draw attention.