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From a lesbian mother's parenting memoir

I don’t know what it’s like to be a boy — what it’s like to be raised in a culture that shames you for feeling vulnerable, alienates you for not excelling in certain activities, or presumes you are a violent species. . . .
But sometimes the learning curve is steep, like when my son was being bullied by a girl . . . at school. . . . I knew she said mean things to him. I knew she had shoved him a couple times. But it wasn’t until I saw tears in my son’s eyes that I really got it: she was bullying him, he was asking teachers and playground supervisors for help, and no one was stepping up for him.
Why? Gender.

This woman also wrote articles on why children don't need fathers.

I mean, they are really going out of their way to tug at the heartstrings and check all the emotional boxes. Adoption! Learning sign language! So brave! So beautiful! How could anyone be against this?

Barf...I knew it was coming but I hate watched to the end.
I will don the tin foil hat since there is always blowback in every forum where you make these types of assertions, but the promotion of the queer agenda is all about population control and fracturing the normal social fabric. The sad part is that the majority of people are falling for it, or, not actively standing up against it.



Yeah, the muslims would be happy to fight ...


Neptune is the God of the sea in Roman Mythology. That's his symbol. This chart is a satirical jab at all the different gender-identification terms the LGBT community has recently created.

But yeah, this shit is getting out of hand. I believe, however, that this is just a fad as it is now "cool" to be pro-LGBT. Businesses are catching on to this and are, very smartly, cashing in on it $$$$ and this is why we see this shit plastered everywhere.

Hopefully this fad dies down. I have nothing against gays, but I adamantly hate feminists and I can't help but feel these two groups feed off each other.
Unfortunately this madness is not a fad and is not going away any time soon. I am sick of turning on the boob tube and just about every show has at least 1of those LBGT degenerates. Why do they have to keep rubbing our noses in it.