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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got beat up over the weekend by her big Jewish girlfriend, who caught her cheating on her.

Or as we call her in Chicago: Mayor McTuna.
CPD rumor is she hooked up with a member of her security detail at a hotel near the airport. Fireworks happened when she got home. Their "daughter" told responding units that "her mommies are fighting."


I recently came across a story that Brad Pitt did some photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine back in 1999. I was like "oh cool it was probably something to do with Fight Club". Something masculine etc. Turns out dude put on dresses and makeup.....and posing super gay.

Tex Cruise

^ This may seem like comedy, but it's not that far from truth. There's already a whole subreddit for female-to-male trans who identify as crossdressing males. Girls who identify as men posting pictures of themselves in "drag" with girly clothes and hair.