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Regarding the recent incident with the two homosexual entities that raped kids that were, apparently, under their "care", I have to wonder if these idiots are surprised they got caught. Some headlines I've seen describe these two things as big-time homosexual "rights" activists. That right there is revealing. If they were such open and vocal advocates then they must have lived pretty public lives. And if that's the case then they were rolling the dice/playing with fire as they blatantly raped and prostituted these children. This would get out. It would be something different if they kept a low profile.

Here's what I'm getting at. I think they definitely knew the risks and probably knew it was a matter of time until the hammer came down. So, why did they do it? Because this is the nature of sexual sin. It consumes people to such a degree that it overtakes their ability to make rational judgments. Worse still, they simply wanted this and so they just did it. Sexual desire is the zenith of selfishness and instant gratification. And from what I've seen observing homosexuals, their "lifestyle", is the only thing that really matters to them. It comes before everything else. And, this "lifestyle" is entirely centered on sex and nothing else, so, put another way, sex comes before everything else. Once you pass a certain point in depravity and defiling yourself, your id takes control and you lose yourself. These people are helpless to their addiction.

By no means is this an excuse for their behavior. This is who and what they are at a very basic level. This is why society shouldn't support homosexuality, or worse, celebrate and encourage it. Because it always leads to this.


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Baker Jack loses appeal with wicked Colorado Court of Appeals after a transvestite demanded a transition cake. Court says that, though Jack doesn’t have to bake the gay cake, he still has to bake the tranny cake. Meanwhile, some members of the US Supreme Court are worried that if they don’t force some people to design gay websites, then other people can refuse to do business with blacks.


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When I was a little boy, we had a collection of small books in a carousel type display, which were designed to educate and improve reading skills at the same time. One, which sticks in my mind, was about this gentleman:

The other books in the series were of a similar leaning.

Having been radicalised during the school day, I then made the short journey home, put on BBC1 childrens' TV, and watched the likes of this: