The Libyan Conflict Thread

Interesting developments I dont know much about the Libya situation. I dowonder though about the muslim brotherhood that is still alive albeit underground in Egypt, would these developments give them a reason to resurface? How about turkey trying to rekindle its Ottoman roots. As far as Europe is involved there definitely taking orders from someone, USA, Israel, Russia and China all have some interest in the conflict even if they dont have official boots on the ground.
I do have some contacts in Egypt so if it gera dicey ill be able to give some on the ground Intel ar least from the civilian aspect.


We have a perfect fire triangle in Libya. Oxygen, heat and fuel. All there is left is a spark and it should come once one side (Turkey) is in position.

Have we seen two modern militaries (Egypt and Turkey) fight each other in the modern era? The closest I can think of are the Islamists armed by the US using those fancy toys against Turkish and US/NATO armour in the ME.

Modern tank vs tank battles? Artillery? Fighter/fighter-bombers?

This will be interesting nonetheless. The US will do business with whoever is the victor.