The Mark Zuckerberg thread


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"Scale first, ask questions later."

What a great motto for I don't give a damn about the citizens we trod over on my path to ultimate power over the populace. Fuck this guy up his tight pretentious asshole with a rusty stick of rebar.


I'm trying to start my own online store, and some of the products I sell are T-shirts. I have a t-shirt designed for women that I've been advertising, but Facebook just pulled my ads from their platform.

The reason?

"Your ad wasn't approved because it focuses on an ideal physical body image. Images that show a type of body as being perfect or undesirable (ex: focusing on abs or belly fat) are not accepted. Learn more about our Advertising Policies."

I've pasted the mockup I'm using for my ad below. Be forewarned, this picture is EXTREMELY offensive, so view at your own risk.



We've literally gotten to the point where advertising a product with two normal looking chicks is grounds for getting your ads pulled from the site. I guess I'm not being inclusive enough to the fatties out there. Utter insanity.

I can only hope that this SJW nightmare can finally come to an end, but I only see things getting worse.


That is unbelievable.

Could be a third party operator of FB in some third world country does not understand the guidelines.

How is that pic focusing on ideal body image?



That cunt makes my skin crawl, almost as much as vermin like H Clinton and Jack Dorsey.
Someone should change his name (officially!) to "Mark Suckaturd". It would be quite apt.