The Mexico Thread aka "Mexico Is Collapsing"

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@eL-JJ - AMLO appears to be a savvy guy. I bet he's read the color revolution handbook by now. Mexico has plenty of problems, but they've got their ways and it works for them, whether we like it or not. Good luck to the gringo that goes in, thinking he'll be hailed as a liberator.

Now that the US has: encouraged smaller countries to antagonize their nuclear superpower neighbors, abandoned the concept of "spheres of influence" and big buffer zones (yes, the US has killed the Monroe Doctrine), abandoned internal self-protection methods (wall and useful sentencing/border enforcement), observed Russia and China making in-roads with the Global South (including Mexico), alienated the 2d/3d world with color revolutions and coups, I guess all we have left is to attack.

Thomas More

I recommend people in this forum to get deep into the topic of Mexico before making an assessment of what is happening:

- Foreign NGOs and so called "Human Rights" Orgs protests.
- Who actually runs the drug cartels?
- Threats of invasion by Lindsey Graham and Zioclop Crenshaw.
- Attacks by globalist media and the usual suspects:alien: .
- Good relationship between AMLO and Trump.
- Visa free agreements between Mexico are Russia.
- Foreign companies and investment moving to Mexico, fast development.
Could you post a couple of sentences to summarize the status of each of these points?


Other Christian
Could you post a couple of sentences to summarize the status of each of these points?
It's everything that is happening in Mexico right now with the end goal of subverting and destabilizing while keeping control of the country by them.

When a latin american country starts doing good like for example El Salvador they start to attack it from all sides.

The whole drug cartel issue from Colombia to Mexico to the border is a complete three letter operation.


That's another example of what I meant by people in Latin America being better off without a system that tries to ape what we've got in the US or the UK. Basically, in ethnically Aztec and Mayan areas they need a system that's a modern update of what their ancestors had, not something slowly developed in Great Britain over the course of centuries and then implemented among Anglo-Saxons in the former colonies of the UK. If you think about it, their trying to ape US government makes about as much sense as Americans trying to base their government on whatever it is they're doing in China based on the fact that China does a lot of things right.
You make a somewhat crass but good point. Some populations are simply too uncivilized for democracy. I will elaborate more later on.