The Mike Cernovich thread


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The MikeCF appreciation thread

Dude has dropped so much knowledge across every subforum on RVF.

One of his first posts on the forum was solid insight:

The first step is to stop viewing every interaction with an attractive woman as being based on sex.

Just banter with random chicks - cute, hot, short, fat, and ugle. Don't ask for her #. Don't feel nervous. Just get used to flowing and vibing with a chick.

Eventually it'll be so natural that numbers will follow.

He drops gems all over the forum. Take his comment on this thread:

Damn. For a game forum of "alpha males," there a lot of little dick boys posting.

Al Sharpton is a race hustler?

So what? Take that racist shit to another thread. There are plenty of race threads here where we can discuss the racial oppression we whites face by powerful blacks.

This is a thread to recognize game.

If you can't recognize the game of another man then you're a insecure and need to work on your own game rather than hate.

By the way, Vladmir Putin is a criminal and horrible person. Why don't people load up Putin threads with negative sentiment?

Silvio Berlusconi is a horrible person and a thief.

Yet I don't see Berlusconi threads loaded up with negative sentiment. The most racist blog in the manosphere sucks Berlusconi's dick whenever possible.

But when a black man comes up (and, yes, Sharpton is a horrible person), suddenly no one can recognize his game.

You don't think that reveals some massive insecurities?

Maybe some of you have little dicks and live in fear that your women are going to leave you for the Big Black Cock?

I'm not sure what the problem is, but there clearly is a problem when people can't recognize a black man's game where as people can't help themselves from sucking "white" Russian and Italian cock.

Please, post your favorite posts by MikeCF here. I tried to search his forum history but couldn't find his posts I really like.

Also, if you don't already, follow his blog already!


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

No doubt.

MikeCF is The G.

On the real, for real, but wait it gets realer.

Back in the days we could scrap, now you lay on your back
As things changed with time I traded in my knuckles for a Mac-10
And rather live the life of crime

R Smoov

RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

I don't know how you guys keep it but Mike keeps it 300.

He drops real advice and is not afraid to call a bullshitter out.

Got nothin but respect for him.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

My favorite MikeCF post, psychological damage:

"I would psychologically demoralize my girlfriend for the rest of her life. I would truly ruin her forever. How?

I'd walk in, see them, and smirk.

She'd have a look of fear on her face. The guy would be thinking, "Oh, shit."

(content in between)

Do you think that girl would ever have a normal relationship ever again? I sure don't.

Men, don't ruin yourselves and make rash decisions that will affect your future when people wrong you. Ruin the other person.

You can do far more damage to a person's mind than to a person's body. Even an ass kicking heals. Deep psychological trauma lingers for decades."

Mad props to MikeCF, he drops great threads/post and goes to the extra mile to help RVF members out.

He has a blog?:banana: Subscribed.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

It's true. It's one of the reasons I enjoy the bodybuilding/lifting threads. Even though I'm sure many roll their eyes ("here we go again, another size trolling thread...") I'm usually looking forward to seeing what he will say.
RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

The most important thing he ever said on this forum was about juicing, How much of us could honestly say that we would have started it without him.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

Hes dropped a lot of knowledge on this forum. I have learned a lot from his posts.

Hard to pin down a specific T-Injection post but he has opened me up to the realities of how helpful it can be for older guys.
Money buys you logistics.

That's it.

You can pay more money to rent a nice spot, you can travel to places where chicks are sluttier (Vegas, Cabo), you'll have access to other guys who have money (and thus get invites to gallery openings, restaurant openings, etc.).

You meet a girl and for whatever reason momentum is slowing down...You run "hotel game."

"You ever just got a hotel and ordered room service for no reason?" If you're on a budget, you're not able to do that.

Same with cabs. If the cab line in Vegas is long, you just spend the $50 for a limo. No big deal.

Money gets you a ticket to the ball game that you might not otherwise have gotten.

Other than that, it's nothing. You still have to show up and play the game.

Game > money every time
When you have a girl who wants nothing more than to make it happy, your "love instincts" as a man gets triggered.

Think about how much men love dogs. Men love dogs because the dog puts the man before itself.

But that triggers something within the man that makes him want to elevate the dog's interest.

We live in such a sick culture that it's hard for us to understand. We have to look out for #1 because women will fuck us over otherwise.

But that is not the natural condition of a man.

In relationships, men are naturally softies.

Hell, how many of us screwed up relationships because we were too soft with these crazy women?

I was unbelievably nice to my ex-wife and she punished me for it. Then I was a tyrant and she rewarded it.

That's when I decided that being an asshole who is on his game 24/7 isn't worth it.

Find a feminine woman who wants to serve and the better parts of your personality will come out again.
Being a leader of men is not the same thing as being as a seducer of women.

I know soldiers in peak physical health who hunt terrorists at night and who also live in fear of fat cow wives at home.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

Thanks guys!

I was helped along the way by other men, so I am only continuing the better part of religion, "Freely ye have received, freely give."

Return my help by helping along the generation under you. It's getting really bad out there for them and is only going to get worse.


RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

MikeCF got me into riding my first cycle ... can't thank him enough for debunking all the lies about Juicing !


RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

Mike's one of the best posters on the forum. He's probably the most well-rounded and rational poster here and drops excellent knowledge on game, lifestyle, and everything else sub-forums.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

MikeCF said:
Thanks guys!

I was helped along the way by other men, so I am only continuing the better part of religion, "Freely ye have received, freely give."

Return my help by helping along the generation under you. It's getting really bad out there for them and is only going to get worse.

Meeting Mike was probably one of the best decisions I made last year.

Was less of a game event and more of a "wow there are actually other people who get it that have their shit together in the USA" meeting. Although he did get to witness me getting cockblocked by a fat Asian dude and basically have a pretty pitiful overall LA game weekend. Another highlight was some fat chick telling us about her fitness routine where we basically humored her much like any information from fat chicks.

All said and done, definitely need to find a time to throw a rager in SoCal on his behalf, hopefully near-term. Then again probably best to avoid California for that kind of event.


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RE: The MikeCF appreciation thread

To: MikeCF
From: The RVF community