The Mike Cernovich thread


Is Mike Cernovich the most famous person that originated on this forum? I think he definitely became more nationally famous than Roosh himself.


If you don't count the guy who ran a drug ring and hanged himself in a Thai Jail. I think his user name was Rawmeo

Oh yeah, the beta-looking guy from Quebec that ran AlphaBay! Although MikeCF is still more famous I would say, especially now that AlphaBay is old news...




Gotta realize the dude is creating his own reality and we are just lucky to be his guest(according to his slopsistic philosophy). I don't agree with people saying he's a mediocre intellect. I think he's pretty sharp and focused. I Also think he lacks the courage of conviction. Real alphas will die to protect their tribe. Take Cerno s tweets as an admission that he is unable to lead a tribe larger than he, his wife and his daughter. God help us all because he's contributing to the atomization of our society. Dude could have been a force of nature and took the easy path. If he's going to submit so that he can fly under the radar until the opportunity strikes, at least save your soul by keeping quiet so that you don't lead others astray. If you actually have an argument, find a competent, informed contrarion and have legitimate public debate where we can judge the winner. Everyone i see compromises themselves for power. I want to see courage of conviction. This life is a puff of smoke. You're not going to earn anything riding fences or bending your knee to kings.

I still find his predictions accurate and his commentary sharp at times. Hate to see guys like him fall like this. Like a a camel passing through the thread of a needle, not everyone can take the difficult and lonely path.

Prove me wrong Cerno. Get back on this board, eat the criticism from msm and rebut me. I would love to be wrong and many others want to see that you're made of granite not water.
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Early Bird

I enjoyed the Hoaxed movie, and Mike has taken some good jabs at the woke left in America.
But he seems all over the place philosophically and espouses a sort of faux-Buddhist, mystical hedonism.

His face bothers me and his weak, lispy beta voice kinda makes me sick. Put some bass in there pal.