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Don't watch War of The Worlds with Tom Cruise.

Hunger Games was feminist/PC BS. Lead character named Catness. Of course the main bad guys are white and none of the black people are capable of being that bad/powerful. This isn't reverse racism- it's more straight-racist for them not to have a bad guy that is Black.


War of The Worlds with Tom Cruise was just boring, ruined a classic.

I liked Hunger Games. Are you saying the bad guys should have been black? Haha! Who cares what color anyone was?! The "black" district rebelled at the end, did that conform to the stereotype you like? I read Jennifer Lawrence was paid $500,000 for the movie, the film company had like no money and had to wait and see how it did before planning another one. She's getting $10 million for the sequel!

I just watched Resident Evil: Retribution, thought it was great. They brought back everyone from all the other flicks. Total formula, mindless action bs but it's R rated, Milla Jovovich always gets naked and there's a high body count. It looked great too.

Great idea for a thread Houston!


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My Favorite moves

The Siege-
Great movie on what will happen to the the us if the military is in power
made in 98

Black hawk Down

The Matrix


Other movies I think are great

Three kings

Training day

The New Guy
kid kinda goes beta to alpha in this movie


comedy movie..but surrounds blacks being in prison for life.
racism in the 1930s

Devils Reject- rob zombie film
this one and his first one House of 1000 corpses were awesome horror movies

Eyes wide shut


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Orson Welles' classic. His first movie and one never equaled.
Poor little rich kid uses the media as his toy and wonders why no one loves him.
Perfect example of how great wealth is no guarantee of happiness.


Taken 2 was the last movie I watched. The first one was far better.

Others that I like are:
Act of Valor
In Time
Tropa de Elite
The Lincoln Lawyer
Into the Wild
127 Hours
The Town
Law Abiding Citizen
Up in the Air


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I'm watching a movie right now called happiness. It's fucked up but there's some funny scenes. This omega loser wants to bang his neighbour. One day he calls her anonymously and tells her she's nothing and that he's going to fuck her till jizz comes out of her ears. She phones him back and says "I want you to fuck me who are you" he freaks out gets wasted and his fat neighbour comes to talk to him. He passes out and she feels him up. He wakes up, barfs and yells "what the fuck are you doing here get out"

If only losers would treat the women they wanted to bang like the women they did.t.

Next scene is this Russian dude running solid game. Dude did a next level maneuver and turned the thermostat down when he got into the chicks place. I'm using that one. Then he grabs her guitar and sings her a song, raw dogs her then as soon as he busts he gets up and leaves.

Holy shit. hThe chick was a teacher. Turns out the dude pretends to be a Russian immigrant and bangs all of the teachers. This is too awesome.


Last night I watched The Last Temptation of Christ.


Mostly because it was Christmas Eve, but also because I was intrigued by what delicioustacos wrote in his Treat Her Like a Fattie thread:

delicioustacos said:
plague said:
delicioustacos said:
There is only one woman, different faces.

this line is golden.

Can't take credit for that one. It's paraphrased from Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ:

”There is only one woman in the world. One woman, with many faces.”


Great movie. I especially liked Harvey Keitel as Judas, Harry Dean Stanton as Paul, and David Bowie(!) as Pontius Pilate.

I also noticed that Spike Lee's 25th Hour was heavily influenced by The Last Temptation.

Downloaded the book as well.

"Only one woman exists in the world, one woman with countless faces. This one falls; the next rises."


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Watched 'Layer Cake' the other day per G Manifesto's recommendation. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

Watched 'GoodFellas' for the umpteenth time this afternoon while baking ham. Always worthwhile.

I also watched 'Congo' two or three days ago, not the greatest film but not the worst way to pass a boring afternoon with shitty weather.


Just watched Vicky Chrstina Barcelona. Interesting film, but a bit chickflickey to some extent. Interesting how the lead male conducts himself. Also recently watched Good Fellas MSW, not a bad flick


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presidentcarter said:
Just finished 'Hanna'. Definitely worth a watch. 7/10 if you like survival stories.

The scene where they end up an that wild park in berlin. Is an actually place.
I "broke" in there a couple months ago and took pictures

Dont forget

Lord of the Rings trilogy - Star wars fan or not..That movie has excellent cinematography

Sixth Sense


Watched fight club the other day, hadnt seen it in years. Great acting by Edward norton and interesting storyline about the pussification of modern males searching for an outlet.


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Hey guys, how about putting in a bit of effort to describe the movie you watched, if you liked it, and if you recommend it to anyone else? Posting a bunch of youtube clips is a waste of a thread...