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There any true crime documentaries any of you recommend?

The Deliberate Stranger, which is about serial killer Ted Bundy, is good. It was a made for TV movie I believe starring Mark Harmon. I lived next door to one of his murder scences, so I got interested in his story.

Mindhunter is good also - its about the origin of the FBI profiling unit. Was a series on Netflix - there are at least 2 seasons, not sure if they are making more.

Manhunt Unabomber on netflix is also good.
Scarface is just the Godfather retold and set in Miami after the Mariel boat lift. It was vert powerful at the time, but seems over the top in retrospect. But I grew up on South Florida, and lots of that over the top stuff is taken from the headlines. Machine gun shootouts in mall parking lots were not uncommon, even into the late 80s. Goodfellas holds up better.

Another gem from the 80s is Body Heat. Its film noir, suspense type flick. Has a young (sexy) Kathleen Turner and Richard Hurt. Ted Danson and Mickey Rourke have small roles.

Another would be Platoon. Was revolutionary for its realism at the time, this was long before Saving Private Ryan. Also revolutionary for its cynical tone - most war films had been rah rah until then. Has an incredible cast.

Some other classics
Princess Bride
Coming to America
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Karate Kid
Rocky III
The Breakfast Club
When Harry Met Sally
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ferris Beuler's Day Off
Back to the Future
Say Anything
Trading Places
Dirty Dancing

I need to finally see Trading Places. I have meant to see it for years...

I've read that a Coming to America sequel is in the works. I wonder if they will have Wakanda jokes! Lol


I need to finally see Trading Places. I have meant to see it for years...

I've read that a Coming to America sequel is in the works. I wonder if they will have Wakanda jokes! Lol

really you should see all of them. They are all good films, and many have cultural significance

I left off films that were a big deal at the time, like Footloose, Ghostbusters, Saint Elmo’s fire, but really aren’t that significant
Watched Velvet Buzzsaw after Jay Dyer mentioned it during our show last night. The first half was pretty good, criticizing the absurdity and corruption of the “high art” world, but then it turned into a Final Destination horror movie and never really fulfilled its potential.
Just watched The Lighthouse, it was pretentious arthouse nonsense. I have enjoyed several other A24 films and I'm a huge fan of independent horror movies but this was a huge letdown.
Yeah, I had a friend whose opinion usually is pretty good and he recommended it, but it was ok. I though the actors did well. Some of the scenes where they were drinking was pretty funny. But the end scene was kinda stupid. And that little trick that a lot of movies do where they make something seem really mysterious - what was in the light? - when the reality is they had nothing. Remember that TV series LOST - I hate the sort of nonsense. Its cheap and pathetic.
'Borat' sequel somehow still manages to serve up audacious surprises


I saw the original film and enjoyed it, but have yet to see this sequel. I've heard Rudolph Giuliani made a fool of himself with Borat's "daughter..."

"Setting the logistics aside, Cohen (part of a credited team of eight writers) and director Jason Woliner have managed to concoct a clever premise explaining Borat's belated return to America, on a mission to deliver a gift to Vice President Mike Pence in order to curry favor with the Trump administration and avoid a death sentence in his native Kazakhstan. (Hence the latest unwieldy subtitle, "Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.")

As fans of the original will remember, the fictionalized version of Kazakhstan isn't a particularly enlightened spot, with such backward attitudes toward women that Borat refers to his daughter as his "non-male son." Still, through a series of odd circumstances the teenage Tutar (newcomer Maria Bakalova) comes along for the ride, offering an old-fashioned father-daughter bonding experience as the spine for all the over-the-top shenanigans and exploits."

MONSTERS OF MAN Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, Action Movie

This looks like good scary fun... I hope ground combat robots like these are banned by international treaty. Aerial drones that shoot missiles are bad enough...



Extremely slow pacing, lots of silly headscratchers, the plot was overall pretty weak, the antagonists acted like typical 80s villains (complete with making weird noises and shouting jibberish for no reason), also the film had a very distinct "80s vibe" which I found very annoying since it was supposed to be set in the future. The cinematography was gorgeous though and it was good to look at.

The villains were androids that just discovered emotions. The weird noises and gibberish fits in that context because they are essentially a bunch of children in an adult's body. Their bodies were not designed to process emotions so their mental capacity is limited and decaying with time. Rachael, who is a new model of android, is more human-like.
When I first watched the movie I also felt that it's too slow and boring but that's because Harrison Ford looks like someone who doesn't want to be there. This also makes sense in the context of the movie. The guy is a loner who hates his job and wants to be left alone. Going around in a flying car would not be very exciting for someone from the future.

They got some of the technology wrong, no cellphones and the flying cars while cool would not be very practical but I love how the movie takes a subtle jab at climate change, capitalism and immigration. The city is so polluted you can't even see the sun, there's constant rain, animals have gone extinct, the streets are full of garbage and looters, the buildings are empty and abandoned yet from a distance it looks quite pretty with all the neon lights and advertisements. The Tyrell HQ is a monolith that stands above everything else and one of the police officers uses "cityspeak", a mix of several languages. All of this background stuff sells the idea of a city that looks nice from the outside but is rotten inside.
2049 took this further by showing more of the world but didn't introduce any new themes. It's also lacking the love story from the first one which is very important to the whole dilemma of whether Deckard is human or not. Without Rachael it doesn't really matter.
Next to Alien, Bladerunner remains one of the best science fiction movies out there.
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My younger brother showed me The Devil All the Time. Decent film I suppose even if one dimensional. Robert Pattinson did well for extending his range. I told my brother that Hollywood has a problem with depicting Christians: they're always portrayed as weak, bumbling, out of touch, if not outright malicious and psychopathic. This film is a good example.

In return, I showed my brother Cape Fear and Rambo 2.


Am I late to the party on this one?...

I watched this movie last night, and it's pretty funny, but the flagrant bullshit...

- portray 'conspiracy theorists' as morons
- get 'morons' to openly talk about 'wild' 'conspiracy theories'
- discredit all.
- sit back whilst normies lap it up.

Praying all these c... cooks get what's coming.


Just watched this:

Virginal Jane Fonda's protective brother has a line early on: "Men marry decent girls. Always have, always will."

From a 2019 interview:
Q: Are there any of your movies that make you cringe?

A: There’s enough other stuff going on in the world that makes you want to cringe. But I’m surprised how many people say they love “Sunday in New York.” Why?
Partly because it depicts a New York people wanted to live in, not the dystopic hellhole they flee now.
Q: What film’s success surprised you the most?

A: When we did “Cat Ballou,” neither Lee [Marvin] nor I thought it was going to be any good.

Right about that, though.

Justin C


Some predictive programming, civil unrest, military infrastructure and FEMA stuff.
Generic family story, good masculine protagonist. Nothing too subversive. A couple helpful blacks.


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Watched this last night..... solid flick for the genre. Not a lot of wokeness in there... it is kind of like a modern day Falling Down. If you don't like spoilers don't watch much more then a minute of the trailer bellow. (I despise any spoilers)