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Just watched faster. Not really a Rock fan but he was the shit in this movie. Great story, well paced, good action. 8/10 for an action movie. I would watch it again.


houston said:
The Raid is pretty good. I reviewed it in my Foreign Movie thread.

I watched Resident Evil - Retribution. It was sort of entertaining but to cheesy for me. I guess you'll like it if you're into the video game. Kind of how I like the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter flicks :laugh: Michelle Rodriguez looked juicy wearing heels and tight jeans. I bet she has a tight, dyke pussy.

Watched RE the other day as well. Some of the zombie scenes are just lol, made it hard to take the movie seriously.


1Minute said:
Awesome movies:

Layer Cake: Daniel Craig is a coke trafficker who gets in a deal with some mdma stolen from Serbian war criminals and the aftermath between that.

Catch Me If You Can: Natural con artist and his true story about being a thief who beat the FBI for almost a decade. True Story

Felon: A family man who goes past the legal limits of defending his castle. Finds himself in the deepest end of the harshest prison.

Gladiator: Politics throw a Roman general from fighting countries into the frying pan of hand to hand combat and the journey out.

In Bruges: Colin Ferrel is a hitman who on his first job, shoots through his target and kills a 6 yr old kid. He hides with his partner in Bruges waiting for the heat to die down.

Lucky Number Slevin: Josh Hartnett is a man who's luck ran out, staying in a friend's apartment when 2 different criminal families decide that his friend (now him) owes about $100,000.

Man on Fire: Denzel is a former mercenary whose last protectee showed him that life was worth living. Big mistake.

Pulp Fiction: Classic. Hard to describe, but I really recommend it.

Rise of the Foot Soldier: The movie starts with 3 murders of the most dangerous drug dealers in Essex, UK. First quote: "But before the murders, beatings, torture and ecstasy, there was football" The story of a young badass into a serious weight in the work-for-hire very shady industry. True story

Snatch: A giant diamond "The size uf ya fist" goes missing. The movie shows everyone involved and their involvement.

Street Thief: A commercial burglar in Chicago (If you ain't heard by now, I'm talking about Chi-town) gives an inside view to his life. Until shit goes bad.

Thank You for Smoking: Lobbyist for tobacco shows how he kicks ass.

The Business: International Playboy 101: traffic hashish from Morocco to Spain. Then don't get killed by your asshole partners.

The Grey: Liam Neison is a sniper for wolves on oil rigs (Goddamn manliest job ever) whose plane back to civilization crashes and he emerges as the leader of men trying to survive. GREAT movie about the essence of masculinity and the sacrifices involved.

The Town: Ben Affleck robs armored trucks w/ the new Bourne. You wanna know about loyalty? This is your movie.

Ben: "I need your help, you can never ask me about this again, and we're going to hurt some people"

New Bourne guy: "Who's car we gonna take?"

Traffick: The daughter of a federal judge gets into heroin. The wife of a coke trafficker starts where he left off. A guy selling quarter tons of coke gets busted. The dynamics between them shows the difficulty between legalization of drugs vs not.

Training Day: Denzel and some white guy have the shittiest day ever. Rookie to having a shotgun in his mouth in 24 hrs.

Pretty good:

Alpha Dog: Guy from that hiking in Alaska movie kidnaps a kid over a $1200 debt. Justin Timberlake takes care of him. Basically, a guide on how you can constantly be digging yourself deeper. True story. Top 10 FBI most wanted.

American History X: Ed Norton and his younger brother experience the neo-Nazi deal and what life can really look like when you cut out the bullshit.

Brotherhood: Frat initiation is to rob a convience store. A brother around the corner gives you money and you pretend you robbed it. 1 time, they fuck up the location and one actually robs a store. This ends up in a hostage in the basement "where you can't hear screaming". 1 bad decision leads to another.

Crazy Stupid Love: Ryan Gosling turns Steve Carell from fuckin loser to man. Terrible story and most parts, but Gosling is my goal for who to be: rich, well dressed, interesting. Great rolemodel in my book.

Drive: Getaway driver sees the clean life in a cute neighbor (but why the fuck she has short hair?)

The American: Clooney is an assassin hiding out in rural Italy who falls in love with a whore. Crystallized why I didn't get into covert operations.

The Guard: A cop in rural England takes LSD in the opening scene. He ends up finding a huge coke deal going down with Basher from Oceans 11 and they plan to take them down.

Shawshank Redemption: An innocent man makes his way through prison. Classic

The Next Three Days: Russell Crowe plans a prison break getting his wrongly accused wife (that "Got a big trunk gonna put a bike in it blonde bitch" from 40 yr virgin)

Thomas Crowne Affair: Late 90's James Bond is a Billionaire who does heists for fun. Dope for lifestyle.

Unstoppable: A train that can't stop. Sounded shitty but I remember liking it.

V for Vendetta: Terrorist tries to fix his country. At the end, you'll put your hand in the air.

These are my picks. Let me know if you agree or not or got any recommendations.

Unbelievable taste in movies. Great list!
* Saturday Night Fever
* Pulp Fiction
* The Usual Suspects
* Reservoir Dogs
* Django
* Grindhouse
* Inglorious Basterds
* From Dusk Till Dawn
* Desperado
* Mask of Zorro
* Jack Reacher
* Total Recall
* Fight Club
* Killing them Softly
* Ocean's 11
* True Romance
* Se7en
* Snatch
* 12 Monkeys
* Looper
* Die Hard
* Burn After Reading
* Troy
* Army of Darkness
* Magnolia*** (Seduction related)
* La Dolce Vita
* Role Models
* Hurtlocker
* Hardbodies ***
* Angel Heart (Arguably the best Mickey Rourke movie)
* Dellamorte Dellamore
* To Live and Die in L.A.
* Soylent Green
* Excalibur
* Ben Hur
* Planet of the Apes
* The Ten Commandments
* Death Wish
* The Mechanic
* Heavy Metal
* 300
* Elite Squad
* City of Gods
* Escape from Alcatraz
* Once Upon a Time in The West
* The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
* High Noon
* Shutter Island
* Broterhood of the Wolf
* Highlander
* Brain Dead
* Enter The Dragon


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MSW2007 said:
Speaking of movies, my avatar is a movie character. From this scene in Congo.

Knew I recognized that from somewhere. Stop eating my sesame cake!

Last movie I watched was Stephen King's "It", with was a made for TV movie starring Tim Curry as an evil clown with ridiculous, demi-godlike powers who's sole purpose in like is to wake up every thirty years to feed on children and terrorize a town in New England.

Most people don't care for it, but I really like the film. The main actress in the film is a gigantic whore, too, if any of you have read the book.


Just saw ARGO, Was annoyed at first, mainly with the STUPID hostages that CIA agent ben aflack has to go and save. after getting over that though, it became a crazy thriller! I Haven't been that much on edge watching a movie in a long time, you guys owuld love it. ..oh and there's beards lol this movie will probably win some oscars this year.

I go through about halfway of Lincoln before I decided to turn that off, the Lincoln guy is cool, but for one, they seem to my mythifying him waaay too much, that and the in your face racism in that movie (the time period folks) really got to me. Then Lincoln's annoying wife doing stupid shit, and his whiney first son, pretty much kiled the movie for me.

Hitch - worst movie ever. This movie is why NO MAN should EVER watch a romantic comedy. . .EVER

I am legend pretty damn good movie

Contact, cool movie, kinda unintentionally funny at time.


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One of the best Movies of last year (possibly ever) about brotherhood is End of Watch. While the backdrop might be beat cops at work in the worst area of LA the real theme of the movie is the friendship between the main characters. Guys on the forum will also love the talk the guys have about marriage and girls.


I just watched That's My Boy and thought it was hilarious! I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan and I think the title sucks but there were a ton of laughs. I remember the reviews for it were horrible, your typical Sandler movie highbrow bullshit reviews saying it sucked. It didn't do well at the box office at all, don't think it made back the $70 million pricetag.

The premise alone is hilarious, in 1986 a 13 year old bangs his teacher, gets her pregnant and raises the kid while mom is in jail. He names the kid Han Solo, is a fuck up mini-celebrity and a failure as dad and the kid abandons him and grows up to be a neurotic success story about to get married. Lots of cameos in the movie, sex, drugs, booze, nudity and crude humor.

Like I said, I thought it was funny as hell because I like brainless comedy.


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Vicious said:
One of the best Movies of last year (possibly ever) about brotherhood is End of Watch. While the backdrop might be beat cops at work in the worst area of LA the real theme of the movie is the friendship between the main characters. Guys on the forum will also love the talk the guys have about marriage and girls.

Honestly I wish they would have focused more on the shit talking compared to all the action.

Like every fucking call they got someone got shot, stabbed or beaten the fuck up.

Overall, I thought it was great.

I probably would have dumped that chick after she went through my wallet and played with my gun while I was sleeping, though.


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I watched the social network yesterday. Aside from zuckerberg being a total sucker-sperg it did motivate me to get shit done. Sure he launched the proto-facebook out of beta rage, but he changed society. One man, man shit It'd be awesome to have that big of an impact on things.


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Just watched a doc on netflix called The Ambassador. A dude buys himself credentials to become a diplomat to the Central African Republic and attempts to navigate its murky political waters to get diamonds. He talks to all kinds of big political players by making bribes to get diamonds. The most interesting character to me was the former Legionaire, now head of state security for the CAR. Made me glad I never send any money to poor people in Africa.


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You yanks probably haven't heard of it but watch a film called Dead Man's Shoes. It's got one of my favourite British actors in it (Paddy Constantine who was the journo in the 3rd Bourne film). It's about a disabled kid who got bullied and his ex military brother and him seeking revenge. Brilliant acting.
These are good if you have a Blu Ray player and nice sized flat screen. No dialogue, just great visuals and music. Makes you feel like you're on drugs without being on them :tard: