The mRNA injections are a mass extinction event


Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda – a Documentary Film by Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy

Who is actively working to determine and interfere into reproduction, one of each humans most fundamental decisions? Apparently the Bill Gates-controlled WHO, which has administered a pregnancy-damaging vaccine to women in Kenya. A diabolical agenda, documented with evidence and directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and co-produced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense.

“Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.” This has been the second guideline of the Georgia guidestones since 1980, and it comes right after the first guideline to reduce the world’s population.

But who presumes to determine one of the most fundamental decisions of young women to give birth to a child? The following documentary “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda”, a Co-production of film maker Andrew Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy and Children’s Health Defense, gives alarming insights into the World Health Organization’s work. For 20 years, there has been research on a vaccine that is supposed to lead to miscarriages due to suppression of the pregnancy hormone.

It was administered in Kenya as part of a tetanus vaccination, to which the pregnancy-damaging ingredient was added. Only through the tireless efforts of courageous doctors this crime came to light. See and hear for yourself from the persons involved. They share obvious facts and evidence of this criminal action of the WHO. Since its international health policy is still influenced by private donors such as Bill Gates who is – a proponent of eugenics and population control – the time is now for this evil to change.