The Ms. Universe Thread

Couple things come to mind:

* sexual desire is real and there are more choices than to deny it or give yourself over wholly to it
* true, natural female beauty (like a mountain range or sunset) is God-given and there is nothing wrong with admiring and even celebrating it
* effort and agency display good stewardship of resources, so when a female works on poise, graceful movement, presentation, health, and posture it is to be admired and even praised
* beauty, far from being solely in the eye of the beholder, has objective/universal elements

Therefore, on those grounds, a beauty pageant and its contestants are not necessarily shallow or immoral or insignificant.


Whether today’s beauty standards are in line with the objective/universal standard of beauty is another question altogether...

What do you think TooFineAPoint? a healthy, happy woman will be curvier, have more fat on them, etc and the models of today are just training us to like the figures of prepubescent girls

when a woman who looks like a model becomes happier, and more maternal, and more settled, her body will change to reflect that more. So a woman who has the figure of today’s stereotypical model isn’t stuck with that, and figures aren’t that predetermined by genetics

Same thing with guys. the fashion industry has been pushing scrawny tight guys... But when a guy becomes more settled and strong in his mind, he’ll become less scrawny, even if he doesn’t work out
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There was a modesty pageant in the gulf Arab states a while ago I believe. Hijab Niqab wearing women. The feminists and woke liberal Hollywood crowd can have their pageant. I won’t be watching it. There are other contests, pageants what have you not, that can satisfy masculine men. Once this covid situation is mostly behind us, expect strip clubs and bars to have promotions. Best ass contest,,,,wet t shirt etc.