The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

For a country such as Armenia incompetence and treachery are both worthy of execution. The former because of Armenia's position, the latter for obvious reasons. Pasinyan is guilty of both, he deserves everything they do to him.
Since neither the political opposition nor the army, were able to oust the current western-puppet regime, it appears the entire situation is coming to a final showdown by way of snap elections in June. The western masters of the Pashinyan administration hope to legitimize the current government and their treacherous actions through a rigged, landslide win in the elections. So much so that Fitch Ratings has gone on record to "expect" the current ruling bloc to retain a majority in parliament:

Of major concern for them is the second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, who is not only pro-Russia but also close to Putin. He has announced confidently that he'll take part in the elections and his team will win. During a recent interview on a major Russian TV program hosted by (((Vladimir Pozner))), he seems to have made some refreshing comments regarding liberlism, globalism, Soros-funded programs, and noting the importance of preserving the Armenian identity:

LOL at Fitch ratings. Pasinyan is by far the most impopular president in Armenian history and is now being astro turfed as the expected winner in June

Geez, where have we seen and heard stories like this before?

In fact, this fifth columnist sellout is so impopular that he can hardly get a rally/march going. He ans his oligarch Sorosites friends usually have to bully government employees/ private employees to attend these rallies - with the threat of unemployment and subsequent poverty being the main motivation of attending

The June 2021 elections are nothing but more of the same. A plot to re-new Pasinyan's democratic legitimacy by stealing yet another election and to thereby further the NATO/US/Sorosite agenda of turning Armenia into some LGBT shithole, kicking the Russian bases out and putting NATO bases in their place and start a new policy of rapprochement with Turkey and Azerbaijan (yes, really).

We will see what happens in June. I am not particularly hopeful. The Army brass is being purged, the (meek) protests didn't change a thing and Putin doesn't seem particularly keen on showing his teeth.

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Someone sent me something in Russian. Whoever wrote it was probably high, but there are interesting points. The overview is it appears some major Western and shabbos-Russian cultural degenerates wrote songs with nods to the Artsakh and Belarus assault, before their occurrence.

I also didn't know just how deeply infested "Russian" pop culture was with satanists.

Here is one:


Apparently this guy is wildly popular in Russia. Note the 666 tattoo. He also made a financial donation of 666,666 rubles to some organisation.

He is from Bashkornostan Republic, culturally similar to Kazakhstan. Muslim-majority.

I had a brief look into his handlers. All "Western", including a group that controls many e-celebs that is run by people Carlos Estevez may call "Hyaim Levine".

This is from a Jenifer Lopez song released on 26 Sep 2020:


I believe the purpose of satanic pop is to sheep-dip children into willingly accepting all manner of evil, while their parents are boozed up, watching porn and fawning over Poldark.
Hope they're real proud that their low IQ horde with the help of Turkey and Israel were able to beat the outnumbered Armenians fighting for their families. Look at how all those helmets are unique. Those were poor peasants and old veterans that they murdered. Lord have mercy.
Armenia was up against drones. Counter-drones and other asymmetrical methods will have to come into play.

No matter the skill of infantry they are never invincible. Anyway to their infiltration of Soros shills into power Armenia ended up antagonizing Russia rather than calling for help.

Azeri forces have advanced (again) and taken up positions within Armenian territory

Apparantly they have advanced 3.5 kms and have taken control of Lake Sev

Armenia has turned to the CSTO for help

Both the White House and Macron have already stated that the Azeris need to withdraw immediately.

Apparantly Azeri forces are still in the area