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Kaligula said:
The interesting question about IQ and civilization: why the Meditarrean (Greeks, Romans, Egyptians) with lower IQ created civilization earlier than the Nord (Germans) with higher IQ?

Did you read tacitus' germania ?

911 said:
This thing about too high an IQ being an impediment discredits the whole IQ dogma that many espouse on here. Because if someone with an IQ of 150 or higher is apparently too dumb to figure out the intellectual limitations that render him unable to achieve the same professional success as his dumber 120 IQ counterparts, well then maybe that guy is not really that smart... Do you guys see the irony here?

Well, let's just say that when you are a being of pure logic it can take you quite the time to figure out why the whole world seems to be behaving randomly ;)

Richard Turpin

Walked into a bookstore/cafe yesterday for a browse and ended up buying 'Skin in the Game' in paperback after glancing through it and being hooked halfway down the first page.

I'm not new to Taleb, but found this to be one of his more accessible books. I actually got myself a coffee and sat down and read through nearly a quarter of the book right there and then, that's how readable it was. As I always carry a pen with me (as I like to draw) I began making notes and underlining bits that resonated the most (or that I just liked). To give you an indication of how pertinent and engrossing the book is, let me tell you that there is now barely a single page that hasn't been touched by my pen! Book-lovers will think this vandalism, but I already know I'll be buying a pristine version of the book in hardback at a later date. Besides, cheaply bought books with notes in are fascinating.

Taleb has to be among the most quotable authors around;

“Those who talk should do and only those who do should talk.”

“Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your portfolio.”

I'm a long way from internalizing the book in the way I would want, but his message about 'doing' and 'learning through action' rather than theory is something I hope to retain. Great book. Even as I'm reading the book, I'm looking forward to reading it again.


open source said:
Taleb calls out Bret Weinstein, this all started because of the hashtag #JesusistheSonofGod trending on twitter

Scrolled backward, I see what set off Nassim - and I agree. Now I must stop rolling my eyes when I see someone post (((every single time))). And maybe Weinstein's students trolling him had a point.


Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Risky move challenging a Big Brain like Snowden to a debate. I don't think Snowden knows much about Taleb, and probably doesn't care to debate him (about what?) but that could easily spell the end for Taleb. What a clown. I never read his books but respected his theories ie Antifragile. He has been paranoid about covid for a while. Here he comes across as a petulant child.

I liked this comment from ZeroHedge:

Taleb thinks so highly of himself, he cannot comprehend that other perspectives or fields of study can come to entirely different, sensible, and even superior solutions.
His punishment in Hell will be to sit as a member of a large committee.


I have yet to read Antifragile, but I greatly appreciated the insight of the Black Swan. Taleb's writings also introduced me to the Tartar Steppe book, which is sobering and intriguing in various ways.


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Taleb suggesting that the unvaxxed shouldn’t get medical care:

What about obese people? Smokers? Alcoholics? Drug users? People afflicted with STI's? Reckless drivers? Gun shot wounds caused by gang warfare? I mean, the list goes on and on and on.

And vaccine sceptics on the whole look a lot healthier, in spirit, mind, body and heart than those who insist upon mandates. Mark of the Beast stuff right here.

Magnus Stout

I used to like NNT until he started acting like a big sissy & mental midget for Covid hysteria and the global totalitarian coup:

I suspect he's playing a part for the fake right (like Jordan Peterson). His arrogance is sitcom-level farcical and his need for constant attention indicates a personality disorder. The Birdemic is absolutely a litmus test: no good, honest & intelligent person can support that agenda. I would not be surprised if he eagerly takes the Mark of the Beast (if introduced when he's still alive).
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