The NBA & China Hypocrisy

China is still part of the new world order, just another faction that wants to dominate just like the enlarged nasal cavities do. However, if they gained control of world commerce at such a leverage over their arid counterparts, perhaps they would allow whites to continue to procreate and flourish in their own environments simply for the ingenuity and innovations and improvements that European stock has ushered into this world. If the noses get their way, they want to be the last (((white))) people on this planet make no mistake, and rule over a mystery-meat horde of some several odd hundred million or so slaves.

This whole NBA China thing is another distraction, a sleight of hand. Watch the talking illiterate celebrity athletes dance for Asian world powers, ooh outrage! Be outraged! Divide, divide, divide! There's nothing any of us can do to turn the tide in Hong Kong from posting messages through social media, the CCP is a large and powerful entity that must go through the motions before its own demise, whenever that may be. Turn your brains off of this trite and focus on the bigger picture, they can't snare you in their net when you can see it coming from a long distance.


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Looks like it's time for me to go see Quentin Tarantino's new movie

China bans foreign films that have subversive content and messages, including gratuitous violence, glorification of evil, homosexuality and pornography. Their current film code is exactly the same as the one we used to have in every western country until Christian moral standards were overturned through the lobbying of the entertainment industry and their tribal allies.

People like Tarantino are responsible for the steep decline in moral standards of our societies, and China here is absolutely right to keep his filth out of their youth's minds. If anything their influence here is very positive.


Dallas Mavericks Twitter page is getting ratio'd. Looking forward to the franchise's "get woke, go broke" story some day.

Classic “go woke, go broke.” They try to please everyone and piss off their core base. The thing is, based on his physiognomy and supposed self-made success, you’d think Mark Cuban would be a pretty based, pro-American guy. I don’t get it.


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NBA issues statement regarding national anthem​

The NBA says the national anthem will be played at games in keeping with longstanding league policy.

NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass issued the following statement today concerning the league’s rule on playing the national anthem:

“With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy.”



I mean is it worth even getting mad about? You shouldn't watch the NBA, its going to get worse and worse. The funny thing is Cuban makes a big deal out of supporting the military with his Wounded Warriors Project. I'm sure if the sentiment shifted and some footage of our "troopz" killing some middle eastern civillian somewhere went viral a la George Floyd and #DefendtheMilitary started he'd turn on them in a second.

This whole thing stinks of Cuban positioning himself to run as President as a Democrat. He really thinks what Trump did was something he could easily do so he's going to be the leftist Trump.