The new cold war with China


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There's also the question of why America lets the NBA, which is not simply a sports league but a cultural institution that has a ton of influence and soft power globally be controlled by Chinese money.

It's the other way around, the NBA is a vehicle for rap culture into China, the most degenerate and destructive type of musical social engineering ever deviced. It's mostly a one-way street as far as soft power projection. A lot of young Chinese people got hooked with it due to Yao Ming playing back in the 00s when they had a bit more of an inferiority complex wrt athletic prowess and were excited to see one of theirs go against the big boys.

For the NBA owners and PTBs, having low-grade humans like satanist Lebron James being role models for American or Chinese youth is a great thing.
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I posted this in a few other fitting threads....I have been avoiding most of the news and all of the news about Biden cause it makes me miserable. However my friend sent me this clip and the first two and a half minutes or so really dropped my jaw


America's been at peace too long. Not wars like in Iraq or Afghanistan but a real war with a near equal. All the social justice insanity is a luxury. A limited war with China involving some naval battles in the South China Sea and cyber warfare might not be a bad thing to splash some cold water and wake Americans up from this nonsense. Imagine the impact of just not having internet for a week because of a Chinese cyberattack would have on young American's mentality.

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^^^Kabuki Theater.

“We do this and you do that. We don’t like this thing you do but we will present each of our respective population with a narrative in which things go on.”

When it’s time to press the reset button on the west then I can see Jews starting WW3. Most likely that will be when people finally start questioning their influence with something more than quotation marks


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"One of the distinguishing features of the Hakka people is that they are disproportionately strong represented in the ranks of political leadership both in and outside of China."

Here's a couple of videos on the Hakka, they used to make up 50% of the politburo.




Top U.S. military officials are warning with increasing urgency that China could in the next few years invade Taiwan, the island nation whose disputed political status has long been a fraught subject of U.S.-China relations. It’s a timeline they say has been accelerated by the Trump administration’s repeated provocation of Beijing, China’s rapid military build-up, and recent indications that Taiwan could unilaterally declare its independence from the mainland.

Such an invasion would be an explosive event that could throw the whole region into chaos and potentially culminate in a shooting war between China and the United States, which is treaty-bound to help Taiwan defend itself against Beijing.

Taiwan legalized gay marriage. They can defend themselves.


By Chris Menahan | Information Liberation Thursday, March 18, 2021

I assure you, they’re also on the same page when it comes to launching a war of aggression against China and demanding Heritage Americans (the same ones they’re demonizing 24/7 as “white supremacists”) go fight and die in China and Iran so LGBT flags can be hoisted over their Capitols and Drag Queen Story Hours can be held in all their libraries under the protection of police snipers.

All the anti-China rhetoric the right is swallowing hook, line and sinker is setting us up to be sacrificed as pawns in another neocon regime change war.

I think this is a very important point and something I've been wrestling with. There's clearly a divide in the ruling class over what to do about China. I've seen non-interventionist america hating types swear up and down that all the anti-China rhetoric is just one more neocon scheme. But then you could argue there's a ton of China apologism in our media and in our cultural institutions like Hollywood and the NBA. Many of the American elite get filthy rich off China and want that to continue even if it means empowering China.

How can Americans on the right get on board with a existential struggle against China when so many of us are disillusioned by America? Our government is outright calling us terrorists. White people, men and other enemy classes according to the woke ideology are being more and more openly persecuted. We all know the rhetoric about bringing democrat and freedom to the world is BS. Are we going to ask American male soldiers to fight wars and get maimed or killed so Taiwan can be free to have gay marriage? Or Japan can keep some stupid island?

At the same time a lot of people on the right especially the portion that obsessively focuses on Jews completely ignore the China threat. There's so much focus over degeneracy issues we've forgotten what its like to have god old fashioned geopolitical threats. Are we going to be OK with China ruling the world? Even in our rapidly decaying society we still have the freedom to make fun of dementia Joe Biden. We can make fun of Xi Jiping or the Chinese now but as China gets more and more powerful they are going to censor things they don't like in other countries.

Imagine in the near future some american rightwing critic of China who makes a dumb joke about bat soup and Xi Jiping. China uses its netizens and bots to flood the guys social media with hate, they use all their contacts in the traitorous US media to accuse the guy of being racist and encouraging hate crimes against Chinese then they get him cancelled. That's a indirect way of censoring a China critic outside of China. Its already sorta happened with Darryl Morrey the GM of the Houston Rockets. Every American company having to state Taiwan is Chinese territory to do business in China. Silicon Valley slowly dying and Chinese social media becoming the global standard but they censor anything bad about the Chinese. The more powerful China becomes economically the more tools they have to pressure people to get rid of things they don't like. They have already done this to their neighbors like Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. China recently banned import of Taiwanese pineapples. They always lie and say its because of safety issues but we all know its political. They banned K-pop and Korean tv shows because they were mad about a radar the US military installed in Korea. They banned the export of rare earth minerals to Japan because of a dispute over some islands.

As disgusted as we are with our country as Americans are we really going to be OK with China ruling the world? With China bossing us around? Soviet generals were tortured by Stalin, some had their teeth knocked out, others had their toe smashed with hammers by the NKVD. After the Germans invaded they were rehabilitated and they lead Soviet soldiers to victory. Compared to that the abuse we've gotten is minor.

Also I'd like to add in all the discussion about China there is alarmingly little said about how they treat Christians. China prosecutes its Christians. They forbid the worship of Jesus Christ except I believe only a few state sponsored catholic churches and such. There are many underground churches in China harking back to the old days of Roman persecution. Now from what I've read these churches aren't perfect and there are many swindlers but there's no doubt a lot of Chinse thirst for the redemption that Jesus Christ provides. Even if China not having gay marriage or the level of our degeneracy or not having discrimination of white people or not being controlled by Jews is appealing how can, if you are Christian, be ok with such a anti-Christian state like China? They are doing Satan's bidding with all those unborn babies killed because of the retarded One Child Policy, all the organ harvesting and persecution of Christians and ethnic minorities.

To me the what the China question really comes down to is whether we are ready to give up on America or not. Should we defend idiots like AOC and Anita Sarkeesian and the US government from China even if they don't deserve it like those Soviet generals that defended the motherland so Stalin could continue to rule? I'm not sure but I think people need to see things from multiple angles and not just their one pet issue.
OP did a worthwhile thing starting this thread but “Cold War” in no way encapsulates how much China is owning the US/West at the moment and, to use Joe Biden’s words (albeit meant in the reverse), “eating our lunch”.

Half of China’s population is still poor, even if they can feed themselves. Yet this mish-mash of a state combining communism and state corporatism/free market economics just needs to sit back and watch Americans eat each other alive.

The US-China dynamic proves the age old adage that it is better to be feared than loved.

Countries may distrust China but they do its bidding and think the worst thing possible is to incur its wrath. Meanwhile, the French and Germans and others openly mock the US when they want to. Even if Biden is meekly going back to Iran’s front door etc, he is only doing so to try and create a veneer of a unified policy response with Europe. It actually has nothing to do with Biden or his Administration genuinely believing in the peace deal.

Moreover, look at how Western corporates like Big Four accounting firms (here specifically is Ernst & Young) lambaste the West and its “racism” with pseudo-reform, shilling-for-BLM types of kowtowing:

Now look how these same Big Four firms bend over backwards for the CCP, to the point of actively serving as propaganda arms for Xi Jinping’s aims:

This article is the best I’ve seen, aside from maybe a Disney or NBA or general Hollywood one, about how the Chinese have Western media and corporate institutions wrapped around their little finger.

The Chinese are playing a relentless full-court press and the Western “players” are binge-eating themselves out of competition shape, injecting their arm with the thrill of potential Chinese markets, and running scared every time Beijing makes a usually successful lay-up attempt.



“It is important to recognize that this surge did not spontaneously arise only out of fears regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Some of this blame lies squarely on political leaders who have demonized China — both because of the virus and ongoing geopolitical tensions — and in turn Asian-Americans have fallen in harm’s way,” Nadler said during a hearing on “Discrimination and Violence against Asian-Americans.”

And they're using the recent violence against asians to run interference for China. Really sickening.

Asian American diplomats are raising their voices inside the State Department, and beginning to win bipartisan support in Congress, over claims that they face ongoing security clearance discrimination based on ethnicity.

So now we won't even be able to root out Chinese spies because of SJWism.


So now we won't even be able to root out Chinese spies because of SJWism.
Perhaps that is necessary. Maybe if China gets a win over the US, people will finally take action. Right now, the United States of America isn't very united. There's a point where you cut your losses, and Torba is absolutely right when says we need to leave the current system and let it collapse under it's own hubris. If we don't leave, it will be us that collapse beneath it.