The new cold war with China

Coja Petrus Uscan

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Banning soy boys has an immediate effect.

Reposting courtesy of Anglin's over-the-top but necessary hard-hitting truths:

P.S. Can anyone here who believes the big bad yellow people are trying to destroy America post a list of things that they did to the U.S. that affects us directly? I don't mean things that they are doing because sellout U.S. politicians are allowing advantages to be taken of, that's not the fault of the Chinese. I really want to see someone respond to his list because he's hitting the nail on the take-out box here.

La Águila Negra

Sounds important. The beginning of a Russia-China financial system. Don't have any further details.

Note that Russia a few weeks back also made a deal with India on abandoning the USD in exclusive dealings.

China introducing new laws tat create serious barriers for food imports. Aimed at reducing dependance on foreign (primarily US) imports by imposing covert protectionism?