The New World Order


H.G. Wells wrote a book entitled New World Order, which was published in 1940.

The Fabian Window shows blacksmiths hammering the planet earth with their tools - a visual depiction of the earth being moulded. Of course it also depicts a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Maurice Gomberg's map, published in 1942 also explicitly mentions New World Order, as well as the Iron Curtain:

There's a famous speech made by Gordon Brown in which he uses the term over and over again. Plus it was used by George Bush (snr.), and lots of other politicians.

...then there's the prophetic, but allegedly fraudulent, document known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. All of this indicates that there has been a plan for some time, IMHO.
Yes, there is a plan and they're open about it. There've been many analyses - basically these are the groundwork of the whole conspiracy sphere - on the works, white papers, books, interviews of the elite. Especially the 20th century, arguably before that. They've written in public (although no one reads it of course) about technocracy, a world government, total control, transhumanism, but also cultural things like transgenderism, destroying the family, destroying Christianity etc. Even the means of medicine to usher in this new age, or as Schwab calls it the fourth (and last) industtrial revolution, in accord with mRNA to change genetics and e.g. make men more feminine and women more masculine have been talked about extensively (some overall sources are dr. Day tapes and books like Aldous/Julian Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Jonas Salk, Brezinski, Rockefeller, Arthur Kessler, Caroll Quigly, Kissinger, among many others). Good sources who have reviewed many of these works are Jay Dyer/Richard Grove. That there is a conspiracy that's been planned and orchestrated for more and more central control over at least the last 100 years is very clear. And the fact that cojona and their publicly stated great reset are used as means to usher in this technocratic communist/fascist system based on full digital and technological control based on a social credit score and heavily centralized global system is entirely clear for those with two eyes to see.