The Normalisation of Paedophilia

What the manifestation of systematically approved or affirmed pedophilia means is that there are 1) limits to tolerance 2) that unmitigated tolerance is not a universal omni-virtue that we can't get enough of 3) demonstrates that tolerance results in evil.

And if tolerance results in evil, particularly this kind, then it can't be a virtue.

pedophilia destroys the intellectual and philosophical foundations of the left because we now know and can see that this ideology resulted in creating the conditions for pedophilia to occur.

This situation tears apart the contemporary leftist "moral fabric", such as the fanatical abolition of things like discrimination, exclusivity, bias, prejudice, and stereotyping. Because pedophilia is self-evidently evil, it should be subjected to the most extreme forms of discrimination, exclusion, bias, prejudice, stereotyping etc. All of the "sacred" things the left says are so terrible and bad.

No, as it turns out, you not only don't have to check your discriminatory instincts, you have to embrace them, and in fact, since the end result of not doing this was, in the case of the West, pedophilia, you have no other choice. It is simply a part of life down here that we must discern discriminate and discard. From ice cream flavors to types of dogs to people.
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