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Is there a website that has a comprehensive list of the Orthodox saints and some type of biography on their lives? Just starting to barely tip my toes into Orthodoxy and it's a very vast tradition that is almost overwhelming. has an audio synaxarion with the saints of the day and a short biography of them. The different jurisdictions include the saints of the day. There's a book by Fr. Lawrence Farley that has what you're asking, but it's far from comprehensive “A Daily Calendar of Saints.” I don't think there is a comprehensive list. More comprehensive books exist that cost a prohibitive amount.


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Greek priest makes the argument for returning to closed churches, and how it will be a necessity for a church to survive in the time of Antichrist:

I'm not orthodox but Catholic, but I had a similar sentiment last night. I was invited to go for sacraments at a latin mass Church, 10 people maximum attendance right now, so we get invited by email for a specific time, then we confirm and go.

Most Churches are not really offering attendance, or the laity simply assumes "Church is closed". I haves truggled through this myself, as Corona transplanted me away from a Church that was nearby and very good to me, some admitted despair about the situation, and I had to find a footing at a new Church.

The Priest is very logical. It follows that if we are in a time of persecution, the norms and ways of those times should be re adopted. Closed Churches being one.

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Although it is sad, it is quite comforting when we have all come to these conclusions and see where all of this is going - much like these holy men. It is not as a source of pride that I say this but rather as a gift that God has bestowed us with. I will say, for those who aren't aware, that this gift often is accompanied by the eventual gift of suffering, knowing that these things will have to come to pass. May God grant us mercy in that struggle.

Ecumenism, openness, lukewarm activity, etc have all become quite clear to us as being associated with many problems. When all of these have been given precedence over principle, we now know why we have so many fellow "members" who don't understand the faith, narc on those of us who are trying to practice faithfully and without disgusting mandates from the state, and suggest that we are the ones without love for not putting up with their indifference. Still, Glory to God for all things.


A monk’s poem (not written by me, I just clumsily translated it):

From Pharao’s the slavery in Egypt I fled,

with Moses as my chief, to Mount Sinai I was led.

To climb Sinai, I have a great desire,

to holy Peak, while saying the Jesus prayer.

Hard is the ascent, please oh God give me patience,

to acquire the Jesus prayer, stamina and much endurance

First of all obedience, the Scriptures and my cell,

the holy silence, all of these the prayer swell.

To say the Jesus prayer, you must from your mind

banish every secular thing.

In the beginning, say the prayer orally,

and after much time, it becomes noetic.

And in the words of the prayer carefully attend,

for when you fantasize, you are in danger of being led astray.

The Tempter is much irritated by the prayer,

so when he attacks you, do not cower.

From the tree of prayer, many sweet fruit come forth,

oh what honey this is, you cannot imagine.

How the Jesus prayer acts, do not ask me to tell you,

I cannot find the words, it is divine secret.

When you see the prayer acting in you,

guard her well, with great awareness.

My reverent Elder, my spiritual Moses,

pray that I acquire the Jesus prayer.

The Mother of Christ, secret Abbess,

She blesses monks and gives them prayer.

To climb Sinai, oh how much I desire,

to holy Peak, while saying the prayer.


Greek Orthodox priest (in Greece) gives a very detailed assessment of end times and how we are at the early stages. Satan is going past the stage of simply getting people to sin and into permanently biological changes that allow him to control human souls more directly. He believes the Beast will actually be a supercomputer.

When he says "personal number", I think a more suitable translation is "digital ID".



I'm not sure this specific priest is to be believed, although the technical details he gives I have also speculated about.
He has made various predictions years ago that were proven wrong.

But other Greek priests I know of have indeed spoken generally about a vaccine (singular), saint Paisios as well, just not in this kind of detail.
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I sent this tweet out yesterday and it received a robust response (more than I had intended).

The Ortho world in the USA is definitely pretty small. I wonder if my upcoming book will be discussed in these circles. Hopefully it doesn't cause controversy.


I sent this tweet out yesterday and it received a robust response (more than I had intended).

The Ortho world in the USA is definitely pretty small. I wonder if my upcoming book will be discussed in these circles. Hopefully it doesn't cause controversy.

This is wrong. Mask wearing en masse is a ritualistic occult practice and tradition. Society at every echelon is being strong-armed into satanic initiation. The church must stand against this.

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There is a petition circulating, requesting the Canonical Bishops of Holy Orthodoxy to condemn the blasphemous website Orthodoxy in Dialogue:

The website, Orthodoxy In Dialogue, which is run by Giacomo Sanfilippo, is a blasphemous site that makes a mockery of Orthodoxy. It actively promotes lifestyles and concepts that are contrary to the Orthodox Faith and Holy Tradition. This site also frequently attacks the faithful who vocally stand for truth with gross exaggerations and outright lies. The undersigned Orthodox Laypersons and Clergy, kindly request that our Orthodox Bishops publicly denounce this vile website, and consider excommunication of those who assist them in subverting our faith.

Here are some examples of Blasphemy and subversion published on their website:

"The sexual revolution was bound to happen... Sexual revolutionaries want to live, to experience life at its most direct, to eschew the hypocritical veneer of bourgeois respectability."

"Surely their (they being the aforementioned sexually liberated) sincere openness to these questions reveals the gentle power of the Holy Spirit wafting as a life-giving breath through this world that He helped bring into being. This is the world that God loved so much that He sent His only-begotten Son—as St. Maximus and St. Symeon the New Theologian tell it—to take her into His marriage bed and make love to her. He has no interest in finding a bride among the self-righteous. "

“We pray for the day when who we are can be affirmed in the Church on earth as it already is in the Church in heaven.We pray for the day when we can meet our future partner in church, or bring our partner to church."

“Politics is necessary if it is for the liberal cause that we believe in." (A paraphrase)

Sanfilippo is not new to controversy, his LGBT agenda has been publicly called out and exposed on some of Orthodoxy's biggest and most-trusted websites including Ancient Faith, Pravoslavie (also known as OrthoChristian) and Orthodoxy Today:

The agenda of Orthodox In Dialogue is obviously to “liberalize” the Orthodox Church’s teaching and practice according to modern norms, rather than conforming to the eternal truth that is expressed in its fullness in the Orthodox Church. We humbly request that our Orthodox Bishops publicly denounce the website, Orthodox In Dialogue, and consider further actions, such as excommunication, for those who write for and promote their subversive and blasphemous materials


Found a wonderful interview with a married parish priest in Belgium who is also a full time truck driver and he talks about holding secret services during their lockdown, so that his parish wouldn't be separated from the Church. Part 2 talks more about the lockdowns.

Part 1:

“My co-workers, long-haul truckers, waste their time listening to the radio and music or chatting over the phone or radio. They burn their days away like this. I can’t even imagine it. What do I do while driving? I’ve got a massive audio collection of audiobooks and lectures. I have the whole day laid out: the prayer rule first, then lectures, books, then prayer again, and time for contemplation. In the evenings, I typically have pre-arranged calls or meetings. If there are no calls, I have a couple of hours to have supper and rest before going to bed.

Could you share some of the audiobooks in your collection?

—Apart from the Holy Scriptures, my spiritual playlist includes (though I also have them in print in my home library) St. Isaac the Syrian, Venerable Igumena Arsenia (Sebryakova), and Schema-Igumen John (Alexeev). Their books keep me afloat and I recommend them to anyone taking his first steps in Orthodoxy.”

Part 2:
“—Do native Belgians often get baptized or convert to Orthodoxy in your parish?

—We regularly baptize new members. However, I do follow a rule by the Apostle Paul he laid out in the Epistle to his disciple Timothy: Lay hands suddenly on no man (1 Tim. 5:22). In our parish, a catechumen must put in an effort before becoming Orthodox or getting baptized.


—I am very sensitive about these things. As for conversion to Orthodoxy… If someone asks me about joining the Church, I teach him or her about our faith in great detail. I explain that becoming Orthodox is not about wearing a cross or occasional church visits. It means changing your way of thinking and your spiritual life. It takes time to prepare for it. I suggest that they attend church services and take a closer look at the way we live and pray. I tell them that I will explain the meaning of spiritual life and then they can decide whether Orthodoxy is for them or not. It usually takes the person about six months to a year to make the decision. As a result, I have full confidence in those who stay and become Orthodox. I know that they will come to church and put in an effort to live according to the spirit of our faith.”​