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Lord Jesus Christ, in your love and mercy, pour Thy Precious Blood over me so that no demon or disembodied spirit may retaliate against me. Mary, surround me with thy mantle, blocking any retaliating spirits from having any authority over me. St Michael, surround me with thy shield, so that no evil spirit may take revenge on me. Queen of Heaven and St Michael, send down the legions of angels under your command to fight off any spirits that would seek to harm me. All you Saint of Heaven, impede any retaliating spirit from influencing me. Lord, Thou art the Just Judge, the avenger of the wicked, the Advocate of the Just, we beg in Thy Mercy, that all we ask of Mary, the angels and the Saints of Heaven be also granted to all our loved ones, those who prayer for us and their loved ones, that for Thy Glory's sake, we may enjoy Thy perfect protection. Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, when you hear me call, please light up our minds. Make all things clear to us. Bring to our mind the unknown and the forgotten. Give us the words we need, for we ask not in vain.

I confess that Jesus Christ died for our sins, has risen, and has come in the flesh.


Yes, I've more than done the research and have also had inspiration via the Holy Spirit after praying the Chaplet of the Holy Face since last September, which was given by Jesus against Communism, two years before Karl Marx wrote 'Das Kapital'.

Understand that we are in a disinformation war between Satanists (Reform Jews) and Luciferians (Chabbad Jews). Their proxy warriors are Minorities / Liberals and Conservative / Nationalists. Neither side is spiritually awake, and there's a false narrative being sold of a great spiritual awakening taking place. Chabbad are Agents of Chaos and managed to get Trump into the White House, but they also fund their opposition via a Russian Socialist process known as Hypernormalization: where the population will be so confused that they won't be able to understand the Objective Truth of any given incident. QAnon, Covid, Trump's Election Win and Loss and 4D Chess are all examples of how Hypernormalization works. Other examples would be BLM and Antifa both being given a free pass by Trump - remember all those neat piles of bricks outside Chabbad temples during the BLM riots? Note 'Big Tech' experiencing no pushback from Trump for banning Conservatives. Any time Trump always should have, but, oddly, didn't... that was hypernormalization. (Note that these groups are now both confused to be now getting pushed back against or ignored by Biden).

Since all public forums are full of troll farms for one side, the other, or both - hey, whatever happened to all those Doctors in the Know on here who were instilling massive fear about the initial arrival of Covid? - I'd rather do this privately. Since aligning with either side in this battle - willingly or unwillingly - will darken your intellect, I've learnt it's impossible to talk about this with someone who isn't seeking objective truth, which means being willing to reconsider everything you think you've been programmed with. So, I'll test your spiritual waters.

Yes, the Greek Orthodox are Judeo-Masons. More importantly, so is the Russian Orthodox Church. Russia is incredibly important to understand the Chaos of 2015 onwards, and the massive polarization happening throughout society. Chabbad funds all the online propaganda influencers to push you towards Orthodoxy, which they control, and away from the Catholic Church, which they believe must be destroyed to restore society to its pagan esoteric roots. What Orthodoxy will be is a False Spiritual Face State Control - Neo-Communism, sometimes called 'Civic Nationalism.'

The key figure behind this is a Russian man called Alexsander Dugin - a key figure in Putin's geopolitical theory - whose concept of the New Eurasian / Century project - the Union of Russia, China and Muslim nations like Iran and, thanks to Trump, the UAE - sometimes called 'The Belt and Road Initiative' - uses for its Logo Alistair Crowley's Symbol of Chaos Magick. Remember Kek? It was deliberately-programmed Luciferianism, based on the Kaballah. Dugin also praises the Kaballah as one of mankind's greatest achievements. You can spot a Duganist very easily, because they don't refer to Jesus, but to Dugan's favourite Pagan Term 'Logos', which diminishes Jesus . Ask yourself, where did Jordan Peterson travel to to go into Detox? Why does he say the Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims love his work? Do you want to see pictures of E. Michael Jones at a New Eurasian Project conference sitting a few seats away from Dugin, whilst still publicly claiming not to know him or being familiar with his work? Did you know Richard Spencer's wife translated Dugin into English? Why has Jack Pobisiac posted the Chaos Symbol on his twitter?

It gets even more interesting. Did you know, despite the Catholic persecution in China, there's a Chabbad House in Wuhan, China? Do you remember Purple Anon claiming Trump and Kushner would release a virus in the future in Jan 2019? Do you remember Spontaneous Worldwide Nationalism in 2016, where every conservative influencer had links to Israel? Do you want to see Dugin and Alex Jones set the stage for 'Q', who arrived a few months later?

Did you see Chabbad-financed Michael Vorris interview Chabbad-financed Milo Yiannopolos about his conversion from homosexuality as reported by Chabbad-Financed Lifesite News the other day? Note how they all push against Pope Francis.

If you can accept everything you've experienced in the last six years was a Satanic Lie, and your Salvation lies in Communion with Rome, hit me up privately, and I'll go into it further.
Rome for centuries forbade believers from reading the Bible in their native tongue. Astonishing. Many translators and people who read their works were burned by Rome, for reading God's Word. That, is satanic. Salvation can be found in Rome, but better to go EOC or Bible believing Protestant church.


GOARCH was created by a Freemason, Meletius IV, in the 1920s if memory serves. That isn’t to say the clergy “belong to the Masons,” necessarily, but their entire archdiocese was founded by one.
Thanks for this, I didn't realize about Meletius and Athenagoras. I will check out your book as well. If indeed an organization is 'infiltrated' by masons, at what point is it no longer the 'Church' as we understand it? In other words, my local parish and parish priest act in a way that I discern to be in accordance with true Orthodoxy, and I would never have even been aware that masons were lurking in the ranks. So, does it even matter as long as the Church hierarchy is mostly non-mason?

Christ handed his Church over to men-- as an essentially human endeavor--so it stands to reason that human faults and corruption might enter into it. Nevertheless I wonder if there might be a breaking point when the masonic/ecumenical etc. tendency tips the scales and the Church becomes something very different. At that point I wonder if we will see break-away groups kind of like Society of Pius X in the Catholic world.

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It's easy to forget this in the US where the Greek Church is by far the largest and wealthiest form of Orthodoxy, but they don't constitute the entirety of Orthodoxy or the worldwide majority.

The Russian and Antiochian Churches are not impressed with the antics of Constantinople, and we may be rapidly careening toward a point where a schism occurs - with liberals in GOARCH and OCA aligning with Constantinople and the fake Ukranian autocephalous church, and Ephraimite Greeks and other conservatives bailing from those groups and aligning more closely with ROCOR, Antioch, and the other conservative jurisdictions in the US. This would probably be a blessing in disguise, as it would be preferable for the subversives to out themselves into their own Eastern Rite Episcopalian ghetto while those who are serious about Orthodoxy finally achieve jurisdictional unity in the US.


the antics of Constantinople

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Can anyone explain to me the ramifications of a war between Ukraine and Russia for Orthodoxy? I know most Ukrainian Orthodox are under the MP so maybe not as big of a deal as one would expect? Could it cause Ukrainians to leave the MP?