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Western people are severely spiritually damaged.

"St. Sophrony on the jarring experience of being a confessor to laymen in France after having served for many years as confessor to monks on Athos."


Here's the book it's from:

Blade Runner

These kind of things make me wonder all the more about the idea of "The abolition of man" by CS Lewis. The worst part is that we may not even have any idea regarding the degree to which we have been changed by materialism and culture. It's not that we don't understand it well, it's the extent of its [negative] impact. One cannot imagine that St. Sophrony was exaggerating in his language there. It seems to be quite accurate, sadly. I suggested a long time ago that people who become religious leaders or clergy in the west are in a weird class like politicians are. They can't cut it in the highly competitive, individualistic culture of achievement and success, so they go into a situation where they can grift or get attention regarding "what's right." European countries (mostly orthodox I'd have to say, notice, not wealthy generally in the material fashion) largely had great traditions where priests and monastics were looked up to just as much as businessmen, for example. Not as weirdos or secondary option outcasts, or gays.


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Another icon miracle caught on video. You can see the icon of Jesus open and close his eyes.

I'm sorry but all I see here is a camera focusing trick. Pay attention to the focus. If we are so easy to believe such a doctored video to be a miracle how can we have reliable discernment?


True. What a disgrace.
The real disgrace is the priest. In the holy vestments, no less. Why does it always seem like the worst absurdities are always juxtaposed with the most beautiful sanctuaries in Papism, too? Truly a farce.

With regard to clapping in the Divine Liturgy, the only clapping I want to hear about is in reference to Psalm 47 (incidentally, the traditional Western Introit for the Feast of the Ascension, which was yesterday in the West). Somehow, I did not get the impression they were clapping for Christ's ascension and reign as King of the Universe, nor for the enthronement of our humanity at the right hand of majesty and subsequent deification we are offered by His grace.


One thing I cherish about the Orthodox Church is its insistence of not using any technology inside the church and during services. Perhaps it remains the sole big institution in the world that is 100 % organic, and is able to withstand the technological leviathan. One cannot overemphasize the value of this, and how it brings honor and grace to physical reality. One of the most interesting things will be to see if it will continue to be able to do so, in light of the post-covid enhancement of virtual reality.

Last Sunday I saw some artificial lamps seemingly unnecessarily lit during liturgy, which got me thinking whether there is an unawareness among some clergymen towards the spiritual threat of electricity, or whether I was obnoxious. What for material man seems like no big deal, can carry great spiritual significance. For what is the symbolism of electricity?

If light represents spiritual illumination and wholeness, electricity represents separation and darkness or light in a 'captured' form. Electricity is the hidden charge of matter - indeed it is an Underworld Goddess. It is the principle of opposition, keeping material poles in a state of tension. Thus, it is the opposite of spiritual reconciliation - the union of opposites.

Electricity is a force with a heavy down-pull which traps light below matter and has a powerful effect on man's thinking. The technological fruits of the goddess Electra is simultaneously a bargain with evil, since electro-magnetism numbs the mind to higher realities. One must therefore develop a spiritual awareness towards electricity, and can not remain morally neutral towards it. As much as electricity pulls down, one must develop awareness upwards and illumine the mind from above. The solution is not to become anti-technology, for being anti something means serving Electra. The solution is to develop such spiritual awareness as to be able to counter-act its negative pull, and therefore avoiding it getting control over your mind and thought-processes.
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