The Owen Benjamin Thread


I was entertained when he sat around the fire drinking white claws and ranting about jewish people. After he sobered up his message changed
He had some good deep dives and breakdowns of topics like the moon landing, spells, raising the witch, etc.

He might say interesting things sometimes, but I honestly don't have the time to listen for the gems in a 3 hour podcast.

He used to go on talking about how muslims are great. First, he denied the trinity, now he subscribes to an Aryan Heresy. So he is wide open season for criticism, the guy shouts down his own bears. The anti Trinity rants were not only blasphemous, but aggressive. I remember turning the guy off. It's one thing to work through ideas, it's another to assert yourself as an expert.

EMJ said it well, he should do some more reading and less talking.


Isn't this just a type of Halo Effect of people who know "just enough" to get themselves in big time trouble?

Having an audience has been the downfall of many men, if they don't have a respect for its dangers, and thus, humility.
For a guys with a 6,000,000 IQ... he and Vox seem to be making a lot of errors based off of arrogance and pride.

We all have audiences though. Your family/wife/kids, your friends/work colleagues ... ect... Its your own belief in moral rectitude and intellectual superiority as espoused by the former calling everyone midwits that demonstrates a man who truly lives the "Pride Cometh before the Fall" mentality.
Off topic, but my eye fell on the opening of this topic:

This guy has been livestreaming like a madman every day recently. I have been enjoying his streams but today he was banned from live streaming by Youtube for 'pornography'. A David Attenborough BBC clip of monkeys having sex posted two years ago that was part of one his comedy videos.. :dodgy: That is the pornography that he was banned for.

Seeing how modern day videoclips look now which are outwardly and insistently promoted (cardi B, tekashi69), which are on the edge of genuine pornography, this ban seems a little off lol