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This should be crossposted to the "Physiogamy is real" thread.
In general I'm against posting pictures of people here to make fun of them, but I think this person here is actually a good example for this thread. This picture that this lady took of herself is one of many that we've seen in today's confusion of love and hate. The flowers, bright colors, smile, and glasses portray an air of love and joy, yet they are being used to convey hatred. Just like the houses that have those "hate have no home here" or "love is love" signs - those houses at best do not understand what they are doing and at worst are conflating and distorting human emotions and passions.

Smiling while conveying hatred, I believe, distorts the face and soul over time. It is a social dissonance and a repudiation of God. Young people can get away with it for a short while, but towards end of one's life, it gives you crooked and pointy features and dark, empty eyes.

William Faulkner

Ah yes...Theodor Adorno. One of the leading voices of the Frankfurt School. We should break down every member of the Frankfurt School. It is quite amazing how much power this group had in the planning of the future which we currently find ourselves in. Herbert Marcuse was one of the minds behind the planning of moving the left from being based on better wages for the working class to being focused primarily on sex and those that are outcasts due to perversions and mental illness.


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