The Purpose of Fasting




Not well versed in scripture, but I believe they do it 1 in 7 days, so you feed only your mind that day. The denial of food that day, is a test for your mind/determination/faith. You suffer through it, to understand the suffering that Jesus wentt through. A fraction of it, so you are ready to be saved. Healthwise it is also good for your body. If your body get all the nutrition it needs 365, and more, then it utilize it poorly. The body needs to be reminded that it does not always get what it needs. Fasting was essential in my diet when I worked out, once a week I did not give it solid foods, only essential fats the organ and brain needs, and vitamins and minerals. Little carbs and protein from what I drank. You do think more clearly when you get lower fat percentage.And it is a detox. Sharp mind, sharp body, makes a soul be in vertigo. I hear the same from buddhists and other religious groups. Not commanded, just an option that is available to you.


Fasting has several purposes. First of all, Christ and the Apostles practiced it - so if we are to imitate Jesus and His Saints, we seek to do what they did. As to why they did it, it is first and foremost to bring the body into subjection to the spirit so that your passions will not overwhelm your soul, but be like a trained horse that responds to the commands of its jockey. Another reason is to commemorate special occasions in the life of Christ such as His Passion and Holy Resurrection. Lastly, Christ Himself tells us in Scripture that fasting and prayer work together to expel demonic affliction. Fasting has health benefits, but they are all a distant second, as a whole, to the reasons the Church has given us to fast.