The Richard Spencer and alt-right thread

I'm fairly neutral when it comes to either Fuentes or Allsup. However, Allsup does bring up the whole catboy thing a lot as a dig. Then sometimes he'll mention something and attribute it to groypers when I don't think it's entirely correct. I've listened to way too many podcasts (usually when i'm working or doing other stuff) so it's difficult for me to remember the specific context. However, those little remarks did stick out for me. To be fair i've heard Fuentes launch into Allsup before on America First and make fun of him calling him low IQ or something along those lines and how Allsup was a drooling Spencer fanboy or something.

Anyways, this is what I meant by life many ways they still are kids. Smart guys..but not quite on that adult level yet.

edit: Btw, I understand the deeper ideological rift between America First and the alt right. However, the aforementioned animosity seems much more personal to me. Overall, America First hanging their hat on Trumpism has its own broader issues as well. Not to mention they are kind of getting caught in the undertow of a larger potential ongoing grift...

I appreciate your insights and thoughts. Great conversation. I listen to both Fuentes and Allsup. I listen to Fuentes to see what barely to the right of Fox News/Normie Cons think. I listen to Allsup to actually learn and grow. They are two different levels. Fuentes is entertaining and basically Gen Z Alex Jones. Allsup is a thought leader, and is far more red pilled/informed/researched.

Fuentes hits a lot more people because he is a lot more marketable to the average frustrated young guy that isn't fully red pilled. Fuentes has a much bigger following for this reason. But I don't see a way for Fuentes to keep his crowd as the GOP fails to deliver for his crowd and the plan to infiltrate the Singer/Mercer/Kushner/Adelson owned GOP fails because billionaires don't invest billions of dollars and then let their investment go against their wishes.