The Roosh 40th Happy Birthday Thread (June 2019)


I'm late? Hopefully not? Happy birthday Roosh, I still remember the day I joined this forum - the community just keeps getting better.


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Happy Birthday! It will not long before you cannot remember how old you are, as happens to me all the time.


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Stand back, everyone.

I speak Konan.

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Polynesian birthday threads are being seriously under-represented on this forum.

I remember those pics when Roosh was in his player days. Heck, I remember when he launched Bang, but I'm not gonna talk about that book because the forum rules.


As Roosh is now almost a senior citizen, I propose he change his title from, "Cardinal" to "Gramps".

Happy belated, old timer!
Thank you Saint Roosh!! Just as an aside I thought it might be interesting to somebody out there how exactly I came across Roosh. The local fake news here in New Zealand had a story about this EVIL GUY who had said that RAPE WAS FINE. I thought, you know, that doesn't sound right, I doubt this guy really said that. Besides I had noticed this general trend where everybody the media hated seemed to actually be good. So I checked it out and the rest is history. After that I had the privilege of seeing him come to Christ and begin to fight the good fight. Happy Birthday and God bless you friend. Lets continue to fight the good fight for the day of our salvation is closer now than when we first believed. Viva Cristo Rey!