The Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 (News and battle updates only)


How prescient this is in light of this last day's topic of discussion...

When The Lies Come Home​

Authored by Douglas MacGregor via,

After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse...

Diogenes, one of the ancient world’s illustrious philosophers, believed that lies were the currency of politics, and those lies were the ones he sought to expose and debase. To make his point, Diogenes occasionally carried a lit lantern through the streets of Athens in the daylight. If asked why, Diogenes would say he was searching for an honest man.

Finding an honest man today in Washington, D.C., is equally challenging. Diogenes would need a Xenon Searchlight in each hand.

Still, there are brief moments of clarity inside the Washington establishment. Having lied prolifically for months to the American public about the origins and conduct of the war in Ukraine, the media are now preparing the American, British, and other Western publics for Ukraine’s military collapse. It is long overdue.

The Western media did everything in its power to give the Ukrainian defense the appearance of far greater strength than it really possessed. Careful observers noted that the same video clips of Russian tanks under attack were shown repeatedly. Local counterattacks were reported as though they were operational maneuvers.

Russian errors were exaggerated out of all proportion to their significance. Russian losses and the true extent of Ukraine’s own losses were distorted, fabricated, or simply ignored. But conditions on the battlefield changed little over time. Once Ukrainian forces immobilized themselves in static defensive positions inside urban areas and the central Donbas, the Ukrainian position was hopeless. But this development was portrayed as failure by the Russians to gain “their objectives.”

Ground-combat forces that immobilize soldiers in prepared defenses will be identified, targeted, and destroyed from a distance. When persistent overhead intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, whether manned or unmanned, are linked to precision guided-strike weapons or modern artillery systems informed by accurate targeting data, “holding ground” is fatal to any ground force. This is all the more true in Ukraine, because it was apparent from the first action that Moscow focused on the destruction of Ukrainian forces, not on the occupation of cities or the capture of Ukrainian territory west of the Dnieper River.

The result has been the piecemeal annihilation of Ukrainian forces. Only the episodic infusion of U.S. and allied weapons kept Kiev’s battered legions in the field; legions that are now dying in great numbers thanks to Washington’s proxy war.

Kiev’s war with Moscow is lost. Ukrainian forces are being bled white. Trained replacements do not exist in sufficient numbers to influence the battle, and the situation grows more desperate by the hour. No amount of U.S. and allied military aid or assistance short of direct military intervention by U.S. and NATO ground forces can change this harsh reality.

The problem today is not ceding territory and population to Moscow in Eastern Ukraine that Moscow already controls. The future of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions along with the Donbas is decided. Moscow is also likely to secure Kharkov and Odessa, two cities that are historically Russian and Russian-speaking, as well as the territory that adjoins them. These operations will extend the conflict through the summer. The problem now is how to stop the fighting.

Whether the fighting stops in the early fall will depend on two key factors.

The first involves the leadership in Kiev. Will the Zelensky government consent to the Biden program for perpetual conflict with Russia?

If the Biden administration has its way, Kiev will continue to operate as a base for the buildup of new forces poised to threaten Moscow. In practice, this means Kiev must commit national suicide by exposing the Ukrainian heartland west of the Dnieper River to massive, devastating strikes by Russia’s long-range missile and rocket forces.

Of course, these developments are not inevitable. Berlin, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Tallin, and, yes, even Warsaw, do not have to blindly follow Washington’s lead. Europeans, like most Americans, are already peering into the abyss of an all-encompassing economic downturn that Biden’s policies are creating at home. Unlike Americans who must cope with the consequences of Biden’s ill-conceived policies, European governments can opt out of Biden’s perpetual-war plan for Ukraine.

The second factor involves Washington itself. Having poured more than $60 billion or a little more than $18 billion a month in direct or indirect transfers into a Ukrainian state that is now crumbling, the important question is, what happens to millions of Ukrainians in the rest of the country that did not flee? And where will the funds come from to rebuild Ukraine’s shattered society in a developing global economic emergency?

When inflation costs the average American household an extra $460 per month to buy the same goods and services this year as they did last year, it is quite possible that Ukraine could sink quietly beneath the waves like the Titanic without evoking much concern in the American electorate. Experienced politicians know that the American span of attention to matters beyond America’s borders is so short that an admission of defeat in Ukraine would probably have little or no immediate consequences.

However, the effects of repeated strategic failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria are cumulative. In the 1980s, General Motors wanted to dictate the kind of automobiles Americans would buy, but American consumers had different ideas. That’s why G.M., which dominated the U.S. market for 77 years, lost its top spot to Toyota. Washington cannot dictate all outcomes, nor can Washington escape accountability for its profligate spending and having ruined American prosperity.
In November, Americans will go to the polls. The election itself will do more than test the integrity of the American electoral process. The election is also likely to ensure that Biden is remembered for his intransigence; his refusal to change course, like Herbert Hoover in 1932. Democrats will recall that their predecessors in the Democratic Party effectively ran against Hoover for more than a half century. Republicans may end up running against Joe Biden for the next 50 years.



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Looking at this as a miltiary mind (forget the geopolitics)

A strong command element could stymie the Russian advance.... But the regime removed solid to was tactical commanders for political means.

Fyi i have colleagues, from my exp in the USMC who were killed in Khearson this last week. Stupid men, but altruistic.

Franky i get the Russian view of why this war is a necessity. Being an American with Ukranian heritage and family (some still in Lviv) i hate this whole war.

I think the whole thing is very bad. I ve been on both sides of a 2 way range....i personally feel a lot for your average UKR soldier whose fighting for their homeland regardless of the politics.

Lots of folks on here have zero idea about what war is like. They're cheering on the Russian advance (good or bad) but have zero idea.

I personally wanted this war to end by Pascha.

For the young men in the war from Ukraine, I get their position.

For the Russians in the war i get their point too.

Geopolitics indicates this is a Russia's war to loose. They've not done it as well as pederasts like Scott "i was a UN inspector" would like to pretend.

Personally, i want Zelensky guillotined.

Then I want Ukraine to adopt to a new, non Banderite Identity.

See I'm in the middle of this forum.
I am Ukranian. At least according to my mom's family and their passports from Lviv.

I also don't give a fuck (i know get a ban,) about whose right or wrong. This post will stand I bet, because it's true.

War makes all men equal and all mothers lament. 9.999/10 of the folks on here have never dealt with death...

I see a lot of anti Ukranian posts on this forum, replace the word Ukie with nigger and most of you wouldn't post. (I'm sure I've Got it 2 day suspension inbound) but Franky it's tiresome.

Russia is going to win this war.

Lots of Ukranian men are going to die.

If you've never shot someone or had to deal with it....please make a ***by your post when you provide commentary.

I'm getting worn out(maybe that's a sign to stop contributing) around here.
Courageous post. I've been sorta saying this from day one. This is a Slav (and Chechen) on Slav tragedy & I hope it can end soon. Why prolong the pain?

Some of us speculate if this could've been averted had Donald Trump been the US president & not the weakling Biden.


Courageous post. I've been sorta saying this from day one. This is a Slav (and Chechen) on Slav tragedy & I hope it can end soon. Why prolong the pain?

Some of us speculate if this could've been averted had Donald Trump been the US president & not the weakling Biden.

There is a school of thought that Russia didn't feel the need to invade during the Trump Administration as the massive flow of weaponry to Ukraine from the US had dried up to a relative trickle and that the Biden State Department's reinvestment in Ukraine after 2020 led to this 'now or never' course of action.

An alternate Hillary timeline would've accelerated this war into 2017/18.
Severodonetsk - map 19.06.2022
"The battle for Severodonetsk: the situation as of 18:00 /Moscow time/ June 19, 2022
▪️ The RF Armed Forces continue to tighten the encirclement around the industrial zone in the south-west of Severodonetsk. There are battles for the territory of motor transport enterprises adjacent to the treatment plant from the southeast. The occupation of this zone will allow access to the southern outskirts of the Azot plant, the Severodonetsk Power Plant and complete the encirclement.
▪️ The defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine south of the Azot plant is based on a chain of lakes. The Armed Forces of Ukraine hold a foothold along the Seversky Donets, control a part of the village of Sirotino, adjacent to Frunze Street, as well as the village of Borovskoe.
▪️ The supply of the group at the Azot plant is carried out by two routes: through the Leninsky bridge and country roads beyond the lakes, as well as directly from Lisichansk by boats - people are delivered to the summer cottages and to the thermal power plant.
▪️ Foreign mercenary units participating in the defense of the Azot plant are suffering losses and are trying to leave the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets in small groups.
▪️ In Lisichansk, individual units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose heart and leave the combat area. For example, a platoon of the 1st company of the 1st battalion of the 57th motorized infantry brigade completely left its position. The reasons are prosaic- artillery shelling, lack of ammunition and low morale."

Kharkiv - map 19.06.2022
"The situation in the Kharkiv region as of 19:30 /Moscow time/ June 19, 2022
▪️ Fighting continues in the north of the region. The Ukrainian army suffered heavy losses and retreated from the vicinity of Rubizhne to Staryi Saltiv.
▪️ Clashes continue in the vicinity of Dementiivka and Pitomnyk.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine have sent additional DRGs to the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets - Ukrainian units are operating on the eastern outskirts of Martovoy, diverting the attention of the RF Armed Forces from the Khotimlya-Pechenihy reservoir road.
▪️ In the Izyum direction, Ukrainian formations continue to probe the defense of the Russian Armed Forces in an attempt to slow down the advance of the Russian army on Slavyansk.
▪️ Several Ukrainian missile defense systems were destroyed by a missile attack on the territory of the Kharkov Tank Repair Plant.
▪️ Russian air defense systems shot down several reconnaissance UAVs in the vicinity of Dementiivka and Glubokoe."

"In its morning briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a serviceman of the 22nd motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was taken prisoner near the village of Peremoha. - "The Ukrainian armed forces are suffering significant losses from the counter-battery fight. Thus, a soldier of the 22nd motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was taken prisoner near the village of Peremoha, said that over the past 10 days in the artillery units operating in the Kharkiv direction, the losses amounted to 380 people."
According to the maps, this village is located quite far from the nearest positions of the Russian army (8-10 kilometers), the capture of a Ukrainian military in the vicinity of this inhabitant can mean either the action of Russian intelligence and special forces on Ukrainian positions, or the advance of the RF Armed Forces.
By the way, Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, spoke about the difficult situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv direction, announcing the resumption of the Russian offensive on Kharkov, and he also announced a "rather complicated" situation north of the city."

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Nikolaev-Kherson - map 19.06.2022
"The situation in the Nikolaev-Kherson direction at 20:00 /Moscow time/ June 19, 2022
▪️ The parties fight on the line of contact - the Russian Armed Forces attacked the positions of the Ukrainian army in the front-line villages of Posad-Pokrovske, Blahodate and Kobzars.
▪️ A group of SSOs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in Posad-Pokrovske in order to conduct additional reconnaissance of the positions of the RF Armed Forces in preparation for a new offensive on Kherson.
▪️ In the village of Lymany on the right bank of the Southern Bug River, a rotation of personnel of the Ukrainian army was carried out.
▪️ The Russian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the shops of one of the industrial enterprises of Nikolaev - foreign artillery systems were destroyed.
▪️ In the Krivoy Rog direction, the parties continue to conduct artillery duels."

"Artillery strike on the ammunition delivery vehicle of the 59th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the Shevchenkove settlement, Nikolaev region."

Popasna bulge - map 19.06.2022
"The situation near Popasna as of 21:00 /Moscow time/ June 19, 2022

North of Popasna:
▪️ After liberating Vrubivka, the allied forces are fighting for the settlement of Mykolaivka, advancing both from the direction of Vrubivka and from Nyrkove
▪️ The capture of Mykolaivka will allow access to the Lisichansk Oil Refinery - in the future, this will lead to the encirclement of the
Lisichansk-Severodonetsk grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will provide an external contour of the encirclement of the APU grouping in Hirske and Zolote.
▪️ A rifle battalion arrived from the western part of Ukraine from Volodymyr-Volynsky to reinforce the positions of the 14th brigade in Mykolaivka.
The battalion suffered serious losses even before reaching the position. As a result of an air strike at the place of unloading the echelon in the area of the Gubinikha railway station in the Dnipropetrovsk region, more than 100 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 30 tanks and armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. The units of the battalion sent to Mykolaivka suffered serious losses from the artillery fire of the RF Armed Forces when they entered their positions. The command staff fled, part of the personnel, retreating from their positions, was captured by the advancing units.
▪️ Fierce battles are going on at the turn of Berestove-Bilhorivka -Yakovlivka.

North-east of Popasna:
▪️ Fights are going on in the areas of Ustynivka and Myrna Dolyna. The suburb of Lisichansk - Bila Hora is constantly being processed by artillery fire.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine are hastily gathering reinforcements to the Ustynivka direction - a battalion of the 112th brigade of the territorial defense has been transferred for reinforcement.
▪️ The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zolote, Hirske and Katerynivka are in the operational environment. The personnel are digging in, realizing that there is nowhere to retreat. Their position is steadily deteriorating as the allied forces advance from Vrubivka and Toshkivka will cut the last supply line through Novoivanivka.

West of Popasna:
▪️ Fights in the direction of Pokrovskoe acquired a positional character, there is no progress.

South of Popasna:
▪️ There are fights in the vicinity of the settlements of Kodema, Klynove, Semyhirya and Vershyna. The purpose of the offensive is the encirclement of the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novoluhanske and at Uglegorsk Thermal Power Plant.

"Soldiers of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine chose life and surrendered to the National Militia of the LPR and the RF Armed Forces in the village of Mykolaivka, Popasna district. They talked about how they were thrown by their leadership to the slaughter without communications and ammunition. Colleagues who refused to surrender were killed."

There is a school of thought that Russia didn't feel the need to invade during the Trump Administration as the massive flow of weaponry to Ukraine from the US had dried up to a relative trickle and that the Biden State Department's reinvestment in Ukraine after 2020 led to this 'now or never' course of action.

An alternate Hillary timeline would've accelerated this war into 2017/18.
Weapon flows to Ukraine did not dry up under Trump. Like many aspects of his presidency, he personally may have opposed it but it actually increased dramatically under Trump compared to Obama. Obama was actually quite cautious about arming the Ukraine and never gave them Javelin missiles, which was and still is very controversial. The Trump administration did away with that restriction and actually increased military cooperation as well with the Ukraine via military exercises and training happening in Ukrainian territory.

Whether the war could have been everted through better diplomacy by Trump is one thing, but he absolutely capitulated to the neocons on exacerbating the tensions between Ukraine and Russia by further militarizing the Ukraine.
AP 20062022 oil platforms.JPG
"Ukrainian forces have delivered three strikes at Chernomorneftegaz drilling rigs in the Black Sea, Crimean leader Sergey Aksyonov said on Rossiya-24 television on Monday.
"The first strike was delivered at 8:37 am Moscow time, and in all, there have been three strikes at three natural gas rigs," he said.
Earlier on Monday, Aksyonov reported several people wounded in a Ukrainian strike at the Black Sea rigs.
Crimea’s state-owned Chernomorneftegaz produces natural gas and gas condensate and holds a license to develop the Povorotnoye natural gas deposit. The company has drilling rigs off Crimea’s Black Sea coast, on the peninsula and in the Sea of Azov."

"Production was suspended at a gas rig platform located on the continental shelf of the Black Sea near Odessa following Ukraine’s attack, but a man-made catastrophe was averted, a Russian senator told TASS.
"The deposit was saved and the man-made catastrophe was averted," Olga Kovitidi, a senator from Crimea, said, adding that production had been put on hold.
Ukraine delivered a strike at the drilling rigs operated by the Crimea-based oil and gas company Chernomorneftegaz. According to Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, 108 people were at the platform at that moment."

"The number of victims of the Ukrainian strike on the drilling rigs of Chernomorneftegaz has increased to five people, it is reported that two people have received burns, another person has shrapnel wounds in the leg, Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi told TASS.
"The rescue operation is underway, we have five wounded. We evacuated some people, [now looking for] seven more. [Of the injured] two have burns and one has a shrapnel wound in his leg," Kovitidi said.
Earlier, the Crimean emergency services reported that the strike was carried out by the Ukrainian side on the Chernomorneftegaz drilling rigs, which operates in the field near Odessa. The Chernomorneftegaz company is exploiting several fields, including the Odessa field. Its drilling rigs stand in the sea, far from the tourist areas of the region and at a distance from the coast."

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Odessa - map 20.06.2022
"The situation in the Odessa direction and in the area of Snake Island as of 22:00 /Moscow time/ June 20, 2022
▪️ After systematic preparation, today at 4 o'clock in the morning the Armed Forces of Ukraine began the attack on Snake Island. At the first stage, an attempt was made to destroy Russian facilities on Snake Island with massive air strikes. However, timely measures taken by the Russian command did not allow the Ukrainian forces to achieve their original goal.
▪️ Because of this failure, the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to attack the Chornomorneftegaz gas production platform. The strikes were made on drilling rigs and block conductors at the Odeske gas field, 40 km east of the island. As a result, a fire broke out. The evacuation of the affected personnel of the company began.
▪️ Units of the Russian Armed Forces responded with precision-guided strikes at the Shkilnyy and Artsyz airfields, as well as, according to local residents, at the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi and the vicinity of Ovidiopol.

▪️ What does this step on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine mean ?
Once again, the Ukrainian authorities, under pressure from Western curators, tried to unblock the ports. However, despite the weapons supplied by Western countries, the attempt failed. This was the reason for the transition to the favorite tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of maximum terror against civilian objects. However, now, in addition to a deliberate strike against civilians on the platform, this is also a threat of huge damage to the Black Sea ecosystem, which is actually directed not only against Russia, but also against the countries of the Black Sea basin.
Ukrainian politics is now built on an irrepressible desire to please suppliers of weapons and military equipment. Desperate and even insane decisions will be made to achieve this goal. No matter how many losses Ukraine suffers and how many civilians suffer, the goal of the current Ukrainian authorities is the same - to harm Russia by any methods and means.
This should be taken into account when planning strikes against Armed Forces of Ukraine targets."

"Beware, fake. The video that is "walking" on Telegram and which allegedly depicts the extinguishing of drilling platforms in the Crimea, which were subjected to a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was actually filmed 8 years ago in the Red Sea."

"The crew of the coastal missile system "Bastion" from the Black Sea coast launched a high-precision missile "Onyx" at the military infrastructure of Ukraine."



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The big picture that stands out in this last report above is that the southwestern front is no longer referred to as the "Nikolayev Front", but has now become the "Odessa Front", as if to signal that this major coastal city is now the main target of the thrust. They're looking past Nikolayev...

First thing that crossed my mind upon hearing of the attack on the Moskva is that Ukraine is going to lose all of its coastline. including Odessa, and not just the coast but the regions behind it, because the Russians will not allow a hostile nation to sink their ships at will from the Black Sea coast, which is their backyard.

Same thing for long range HIMARS, Ukraine having lots of them means that the Russians will have to go that much further into western Ukraine in order to keep their new Novorossiya cities out of harm's way.
Agree. With modern/western missile systems capable of reaching Sevastopol, ukraine shouldn't be allowed to keep it's coast.
And let's be honest, Odessa was and still is a Russian city.

Black Sea update:

"The condition of those injured in a Ukrainian strike on the Chernomorneftegaz drilling rigs is assessed as moderately severe, Crimean senator Olga Kovitidi said on her Telegram channel on Tuesday.
"The condition of those injured is assessed as moderately severe. There are no intensive care patients. The injured receive all the necessary medical help," the senator wrote.
Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov reported on Monday that the Ukrainian side had delivered three strikes on Chernomorneftegaz drilling rigs in the Black Sea. There were 109 people there, 94 were evacuated, three were injured, and seven are still missing. The search for them continues."

"The fire that occurred the day before as a result of Ukraine’s strike against the Black Sea drilling rig has directly approached the well, a senator from Crimea told TASS on Tuesday.
"[Containment] of the fire continues at present. Our vessel attempted to approach but failed to do so. The fire is immediately close to the well. The search for people did not bear fruit. Military personnel continues operations," Olga Kovitidi said.
Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said on Monday that Ukraine delivered three strikes against drilling rigs of Chernomorneftegaz company. 109 individuals were there, 94 were evacuated, three were injured and seven are missed in action. Search operations continue."

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Odessa - Snake Island - Black Sea

"Report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the progress of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine

◽️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.
◽️ On June 20, at about 5 o'clock in the morning, the Kiev regime made another crazy attempt to take possession of the Snake Island.
◽️ The plan of the operation of the Kiev regime provided for the infliction of massive air and artillery strikes on Snake Island, followed by a landing and its capture.
◽️ More than 15 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in strike and reconnaissance performance were involved in the air raid, which were guided by two Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicles.
◽️ In addition, in the airspace in the area of Snake Island, Russian means detected a strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force "Global Hawk" RQ-4 at high altitudes.
◽️ Anti-aircraft cover for Ukrainian UAVs was provided by S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from combat positions in the Tuzla and Ochakiv areas.
◽️ Missile and artillery strikes on Snake Island were carried out by Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles, Uragan multiple launch rocket systems and M-777 155mm howitzers from firing positions west of Odessa and on Kubansky Island.
◽️ Russian air defense systems: anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Pantsir" and anti-aircraft missile system "Tor" all enemy weapons fired at Snake Island were destroyed.
◽️ Shot down in the air: 13 unmanned aerial vehicles, four Tochka-U missiles and 21 Uragan multiple rocket launcher missiles. None of the Ukrainian fire weapons reached the target on Snake Island.
◽️ The failed fire defeat forced the enemy to abandon the landing on Snake Island.
◽️ Convinced of the failure of the attempt to seize the island, the Kiev regime went on a new adventure in relation to the Russian gas infrastructure in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.
◽️ After 8 am, the BK-1 and Krym-1 gas production platforms were hit by anti-ship missiles and the Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicle.
◽️ As a result of the Ukrainian provocation, a strong fire started on the BK-1 platform, and a threat of an ecological catastrophe was created in this area of the Black Sea.
◽️ In response to sabotage by the Kiev regime, Onyx cruise missiles at the Shkilnyy military airfield near Odessa destroyed hangars with Ukrainian Bayraktar-TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles identified during the operation by Russian reconnaissance equipment.
◽️ Two artillery platoons of 155-mm M-777 howitzers were destroyed on Kubansky Island.
◽️ In addition, Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft destroyed two launchers of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in the Ochakiv and Tuzla regions of the Odessa region."

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov

"The Russian military destroyed the M777 battery on Kubansky Island. The Armed Forces of Ukraine were shelling Snake Island and Chornomorneftegaz drilling rigs. The reconnaissance drone corrected their destruction."

Kubansky / Kubanskyi Island
Kubansky Island.JPG
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Possible boiler north of Popasna

"Units of the "O" group, together with the forces of the LPR, cleared Toshkivka and are moving towards Myrna Dolyna, demilitarizing enemy positions with artillery."

"War correspondent Alexander Kots posted a video of the fighting on the outskirts of Lisichansk. The video allows you to clarify the "fog of war" in this sector of the front.

▪️ After the completion of the cleansing of Toshkivka, the allied forces develop an offensive against Lysychansk from the south.
▪️ The video shows battles in the area of Myrna Dolyna, Pidlisne is visible to the left of the frame.
▪️ Three Russian tanks are moving out of Toshkivka towards Pidlisne - Rai-Oleksandrivka. This is the last road connecting the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Gorskoye / Hirske - Zolotoye / Zolote section with the main grouping of Ukrainian forces.

▪️ It is likely that now the boiler is completely closed.

▪️ Far to the north, smoke rises over the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration."

Myrna Dolyna21062022.JPG
Map is ukrainian sourced - actual positions are most likely different
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More than 15 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in strike and reconnaissance performance were involved in the air raid, which were guided by two Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicles.
◽️ In addition, in the airspace in the area of Snake Island, Russian means detected a strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force "Global Hawk" RQ-4 at high altitudes.

This is a very definite case of direct involvement of the US military in the conflict, with a top-of-the-line drone that costs nearly $150 million a piece, and that is also costing Russian lives with the intelligence gained and targeting capacities from its use.