The Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 (News and battle updates only)



October 9, Andriivka - failed offensive attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Davydiv Brid in the direction of Sadok. Polish T-72M1 provide cover fire, while the APCs move back and forth to deliver infantry to the front.

October 14
kherson posad14102022.jpg
"The battle for Kherson: the situation in the Posad-Pokrovske and Oleksandrivka directions as of 11:00 /Moscow time/ October 14, 2022
▪️ The Ukrainian command is preparing for another offensive on Ternovi Pody and Pravdyne.
▪️ In the region of Halystynove-Lymany, battalion forces of the 59th Motorized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are concentrated.
▪️ At night, a large convoy of armored vehicles and trucks with ammunition passed through the Ship District of Nikolaev and headed to the front line.
▪️ At night, reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted reconnaissance of the positions of the Russian Armed Forces using drones in the area of Ternovi Pody - Russian servicemen shot down five UAVs of the Leleka-100 and Fury types.
▪️ Helicopters of the army aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out several volleys of unguided rockets in the direction of Russian positions.
▪️ With a high probability, the Ukrainian command will conduct an offensive simultaneously in two areas - in the area of Ternovi Pody and in Pravdyne.
In case the assault fails in the vicinity of Bashtanka, two more reserve BTGs are in reserve."

kherson beryslav14102022.jpg
"The battle for Kherson: the situation in Andriivka and Beryslav directions as of 17:00 /Moscow time/ October 14, 2022

Andriivka direction
▪️ At the Andriivka sector, two platoons from the 18th and 137th battalions of the 35th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to storm the positions of the Russian Armed Forces north of Bezvodne - artillery fire forced the Ukrainian marines back to their starting lines with losses.
▪️ Russian special forces continue attacks on Ukrainian positions in the direction of Sukhyi Stavok.
▪️ Due to the constant attacks of Russian artillery and aviation on the areas of concentration of Ukrainian formations, the 3rd battalion of the 28th Machanized Brigade and a platoon of the 137th battalion of the 35th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were withdrawn to Murakhivka and Shevchenkove to replenish and restore combat capability.

Beryslav direction
▪️ At the Beryslav sector, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting harassing fire on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in Pyatykhatky and Polyanka using a "roaming" 120-mm mortar on an armored combat vehicle from the area of Nova Kamyanka.
▪️ Six kilometers north of Polyanka, forces of the 60th Mechanized Brigade and 131st battalion of the territorial defense of Ukraine are equipping a stronghold.
▪️ An advanced point for the repair and restoration of damaged equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been organized in Shevchenkivka.
▪️ Subdivisions of the 79th Border Detachment of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine have been deployed to the Osokorivka-Novooleksandrivka line to protect the bank of the Dnieper River.
▪️ In Ukrainka, the command of the 17th Tank Brigade organized firing training for mobilized personnel."


Kupyansk-Kreminna - 14.10.2022
"The situation in the Starobilsk direction as of 15:00 /Moscow time/ October 14, 2022

Kupyansk direction
▪️ At the Kupyansk sector, the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the forces of the 14th Mechanized Brigade and the 32nd combined battalion of the territorial defense of Ukraine continue the assault on the Kyslivka-Pershotravneve line.
▪️ On the night of October 14, the reconnaissance group of the 32nd battalion of the territorial defense of Ukraine conducted reconnaissance by fire near Kyslivka.
▪️ Fire support for Ukrainian formations is provided by crews of 155-mm M777 howitzers from the vicinity of Petropavlivka and from the area east of Novoosynivka. Target designation is provided by UAVs from the area south of Lyman Pershyi.
▪️ At the moment, all enemy attacks have been repulsed.
▪️ Due to losses of personnel, the 32nd battalion of the territorial defense of Ukraine was assigned to Lozova Persha for replenishment.
▪️ The command of the joint group of troops "Kharkov" is considering the option of transferring the 32nd battalion to the Nikolaev-Beryslav direction.
▪️ Forces of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade departed from Synkivka and were replaced by the 128th brigade of the territorial defense of Ukraine.

Kreminna direction
▪️ At the Lyman-Svatove sector, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are concentrating forces at the Terny-Torske line.
▪️ During a raid by the units of the RF Armed Forces in the vicinity of the Torske, Ukrainian formation from the 110th battalion of the 111th brigade of the territorial defense suffered heavy losses and retreated to reserve positions for regrouping.
▪️ In the vicinity of the village of Terny, clashes with soldiers of the 208th Cossack regiment of the RF Armed Forces continue - ammunition was brought to the front line and combat readiness is maintained.
▪️ The 118th battalion of the 111th brigade of the territorial defense of Ukraine is attacking in the Novosadove sector, trying to gain a foothold in the area.
▪️ Ukrainian DRG unit operates in Nevske.
▪️ Reserves continue to arrive in Lyman. The 1st battalion of the 66th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was withdrawn for rotation due to heavy losses and a tank platoon was transferred to reinforce the 110th battalion of the 111th brigade of the territorial defense of Ukraine."

Soledar - 14.10.2022
"The situation in the Soledar direction as of 22:00 /Moscow time/ October 14, 2022

Bakhmut direction
▪️ In the Bakhmut sector, the assault detachments of the Wagner PMC continue to advance south of Bakhmut.
▪️ Fierce battles are going on in the vicinity of Opytne.
▪️ Separate units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine withdrew from the outskirts of Odradivka to Kurdyumivka.
▪️ The formations of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defending this sector, suffer significant losses in manpower. One of the formation's companies arbitrarily left its positions and departed for the Druzhkivka area.
▪️ The furniture factory to the east of Bakhmut was liberated by the Wagner PMC fighters.
▪️ Due to the destruction of the ultra-shortwave repeater and interruptions in the Starlink satellite communication system, communication between the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been disrupted - in Toretsk, one of the artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit its own position.
▪️ Despite the critical situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the decision to withdraw the military contingent from Bakhmut was not made. However, in the vicinity of Chasiv Yar, a group was sent to conduct reconnaissance and search for a suitable area for the Ukrainian group "Soledar" command post in case of withdrawal.

Siversk direction
▪️ Units of the Russian Armed Forces continue to fight in the Spirne sector.
▪️ The command of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expects an active Russian offensive along the entire front line.
▪️ In order to contain the advance, Ukrainian artillery and helicopters of the army aviation are firing barrage fire at the areas of advance of Russian troops."
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Kherson - 15.10.2022
kherson beryslaw15102022.jpg
"Battle for Kherson: the situation in the Andriivka and Beryslav directions as of 12:00 /Moscow time/ October 15, 2022

Beryslav direction
❗️ In the Beryslav sector, early in the morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the forces of two battalion-tactical groups with infantry forces of the 60th Mechanized Brigade and armored vehicles of the 17th Tank Brigade, launched an offensive from Nova Kamyanka along the Dudchany-Mylove-Novohrihorivka line with the task of cutting Russian communication lines and gaining a foothold in the area.
▪️ Fire support for Ukrainian formations is provided by cannon and rocket artillery crews from the position area in Petropavlivka.
▪️ Fierce fighting is currently going on. Units of the 205th Separate Cossack Motor Rifle Brigade, 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade and the 140th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade of the RF Armed Forces hold the defense in this area. Subdivisions of the 126th Guards Coastal Defense Brigade, reinforced by special forces from the 10th Special Purpose (Spetsnaz) Brigade, are in reserve.

Andriivka direction
▪️ In the area of Davydiv Brid, the movement of personnel and equipment was also noticed.
▪️ With a high degree of probability, the forces of the 46th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also attempt to storm Russian positions at the Sadok-Borozenske line.
▪️ At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not use all the reserves to break through this section, only two armored personnel carriers are trying to penetrate the defensive lines of the RF Armed Forces before the main forces arrive.
▪️ Also, the option of a “false” strike to divert attention from other directions is not ruled out."


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Last night:

"At night, strikes were made on military facilities in Zaporozhye, both missiles and the Geran-2 UAV were used.
zaporozhye strikes15102022.JPG
▪️ One of the objects was the Zaporozhye ship repair plant, which allegedly housed boats for landing troops in Energodar. Local residents reported that there were a lot of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the plant.
▪️ In addition, the building of the special police battalion, which is located next to the plant on Glissernaya Street, was attacked. The arrival started a fire.
▪️ Attacks were also made on the territory of the Converter plant. Previously, transformers were produced on it, but now the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have chosen it. It is reported that in one of his workshops there is a well-equipped shelter.
▪️ The shooting mobile groups announced by the authorities also got involved, the Ukrainians tried to shoot down the UAVs with small arms fire. Apparently, their effectiveness was low and all the Geran-2 UAVs reached their goasl. Although shooting is heard on the published videos.
▪️ However, we must take into account that the Armed Forces of Ukraine know how to learn from their mistakes and in the future these groups of anti-aircraft gunners can increase their effectiveness. That over time will introduce certain restrictions on the use of the Geran-2 UAV."


Ukrainian activity:
October 15

October 16

"The wreckage of a downed American AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile in a village in the Belgorod Region. The Ukrainian Air Force, with the help of strikes from MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters with these missiles, as well as with the support of Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft, are trying to thin out Russian air defense in the Belgorod region."


Russian air campaign continues

From Donbass Devushka
"Arrivals in so called Ukraine have begun. So far, it has arrived in Kremenchug and Kirovograd. Ukrainian sources report dozens of missiles and drones heading towards their targets."

"Massive strike is inflicted on Ukraine: missiles and drones fly over the country towards targets in the center and west of the country Air Raid Roaring in All Regions The heads of regions and cities report flights of missiles and drones. Explosions near Kremenchug and Kirovograd.
In the Vinnitsa region, the threat of a missile strike and attacks by kamikaze drones.
The Nikolaev region was attacked by the Bastion missile system located in the Crimea, says the head of the OVA Kim."

"Russian drones are flying to the west of Ukraine, - mayor of Kamyanets-Podilskyi."

"Kiev explosions

"In no case do not record or share the work of our air defense on social networks!" - Head of the Kiev OVA."


Air raids all over ukraine from early morning, throughout the day
First one

Latest one - with too many in between to post all alert maps.

Kiev took the brunt of morning drone strikes

From Donbass Devushka
"Legitimniy (ukrainian channel) writes that the drones exposed Ukrainian AD and now missiles are flying."

"Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Eatshit Gerashchenko called on the citizens of Ukraine to independently shoot down drones (including kamikaze drones) from small arms."


Air campaign updates from Intel Slava

"Massive Geran-2 raid on Kiev"

"Local occupation authorities report that one of the strikes in Kiev hit a railway junction."

"While the Iranian military industry is being saluted in Kiev, a Russian missile has killed a critical infrastructure facility in the Sumy region, according to local authorities."

"More explosions in Kiev being reported."

"The Ukrainian agency TSN, citing eyewitnesses, reports smoke clouds over the building of the national energy company Ukrenergo.
Several strikes by Russian drones this morning hit the Ukrenergo office located on Symon Petlyura Street. In this office there is the central dispatching control of the entire power system of the so-called Ukraine."

"In parallel with the mass drone attack on Kiev, strikes are being made on the energy infrastructure. We already know about damage to critical facilities in the Sumy and Dnepropetrovsk regions."

"A strong fire started at an energy infrastructure facility in the Dnipropetrovsk region after the strike - authorities."

"New explosions reported in Kiev."

"Local sources report an explosion in Odessa."

"The military administration of the Kiev region reported strikes on critical infrastructure in the region."

"Kiev transferred all schools to remote mode today."

"Russian drones are also operating in Odessa. In the suburbs there is an arrival at the infrastructure facility.

"Residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine were warned about emergency power outages - the Ukrainian agency Unian, citing Sergey Kovalenko, the CEO of Yasno, which is part of the Ukrainian energy holding DTEK."

"Kharkov Metro Shuts Down: Suspected Power Outage - reports."

"The Ukrainian operational command "South" announced that this morning a Su-35 fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces fired an Kh-59 missiles at an "infrastructure facility" in the Odessa region. The target is hit."

"The Prime Minister of Ukraine said that on Monday the energy infrastructure in Kiev, Sumy and Dnepropetrovsk regions was attacked."

"The Russian Armed Forces continued to strike at military command and control facilities and the energy system of Ukraine, all goals were achieved, the Russian Defense Ministry said."

"Explosions reported in Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions."

"Rocket arrivals in Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky regions."

"Explosions are heard in Ivano-Frankivsk, one of Ukraine's westernmost cities."

"There are several arrivals in the Vinnitsa region."

"In part of the Khmelnytsky and Rivne regions, electricity was lost."

"Local residents report explosions in Ternopil."

"Explosions in Lvov."

"Explosions reported in Dnepropetrovsk region."
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"Russian Armed Forces strikes on the energy system of Ukraine on October 17, 2022
ukr grid17102022.jpg
▪️ On October 17, 2022, the RF Armed Forces once again launched massive strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.
Rybar's team analyzed data from open sources, reports from eyewitnesses on the ground, as well as information from closed sources.
▪️ In a number of cases, the consequences of fire damage are not so obvious, and there is not enough objective control data.
▪️ List of confirmed affected objects:
- Substation Severoukrainskaya 750 kV - the power autotransformer 750/330 kV and the control room building were hit. Outages at the substation led to outages in Kharkiv as well. Later, the light returned when it was possible to activate the emergency circuit.
- Substation Dneprovskaya 750 kV - presumably, the 750/330 kV autotransformer was hit. There were serious power outages in Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov.
- The main information and computing center of Ukrenergo - despite the morning strikes, one UAV-kamikaze "Geran-2" was not enough. In the case of high-quality fire damage, it would be possible to disrupt the entire system for selecting the optimal parameters of electrical modes, the generation capacity of power plants and network switching schemes. But in fact, the control room console remained intact, as did the back-up system.
▪️ Probable affected objects:
- Substation Rivne 330 kV - the blow caused an emergency power outage in the city center. There is an important substation and a high-voltage line coming from the Rovno nuclear power plant in Rivne.
- Substation Khmelnitsky 330 kV - after the strikes by Geran, an emergency shutdown of the power supply of a part of the Khmelnitsky region occurred.
- Substation Vinnitskaya 750 kV - a probable object of fire damage. There was a statement about the defeat of a certain “critical infrastructure facility” by three missiles. This target could equally well have been the Ladyzhynska TPP, which was already attacked last week. But since there are no casualties and no evidence from the field, we are inclined to believe that this is the Vinnitskaya PS.
▪️ Based on the available information, it can be said with confidence that the destruction of energy infrastructure facilities continues. And this time they were 750 kV substations.
Yes, the defeat is not as massive as it could be. The most important result is the wear and tear of the entire energy system of Ukraine in anticipation of cold weather.
Yes, the power system could be forced to shutdown: now only missiles and UAVs are being used. A lot of objects are still safe and sound. But pinpoint fire action continues. And this is the main point."
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