The Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 (News and battle updates only)


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If NATO troops rush the West of Ukraine under the pretense of being 'peacekeepers', and without authorization from Russia, then according to Medvedev, they will be "ruthlessly destroyed".

DeepL AI translation:

In Europe there is a new crazy idea of sending some "peacekeepers" to Ukraine under the auspices of NATO. How about that?

Alliance countries continue to ply the Kiev regime with weapons, tanks and other military equipment as best they can. They send their killing instructors and bloody mercenaries every day. They support, praise and kiss the Banderite bastards with all their hearts and give them various prizes and medals. And now, supposedly, they are going to persuade them not to fight Russia, they will convince them to "stick a bayonet in the ground".

The NATO guys are not just punk-ass bitches, who have lost their greed and effrontery. They take everyone else for a bunch of fucking idiots. And, smirking cynically, they offer their "peacekeeping" services.

Their true intentions are clear - to establish on the line of contact a peace that benefits them from a position of force. To introduce their "peacekeeping" troops into Ukraine with machine guns and on tanks, wearing some kind of blue helmets with yellow stars. The history of operations carried out by the USA and its allies in various regions of the world shows how it ends. The tragedies of Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many African countries...

It is clear that the so-called NATO peacekeepers are simply going to enter the conflict on the side of our enemies. To get their hands dirty on this, bringing the situation to the point of no return. To unleash the very Third World War that is so feared in words.

It is also obvious that such "peacemakers" are our direct enemies. Wolves in sheep's clothing. They will be a legitimate target for our armed forces if they are deployed on the front line without Russia's consent with weapons in their hands and directly threaten us. And then these "peacekeepers" must be ruthlessly destroyed. They are soldiers of the enemy. They are combatants, not "letter-writers". And they will be killed in the course of hostilities.

It remains to be seen whether Europe is ready for a long line of coffins of its "peacekeepers".

This follows a statement from Victor Orban that NATO is considering sending peacekeepers.

EU countries are about to seriously consider sending so-called peacekeeping troops to Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

“We are close to the fact that in the conversations of European leaders, the question of whether EU member states can send peacekeeping troops in any form has become legitimate and accepted,” said Rossiyskaya Gazeta quoting Orban during appearances on local radio.

According to him, former European politicians considered this a line not to be crossed in the question of the Ukrainian crisis. However, the situation has changed and EU countries are ready to raise this issue.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on Viktor Orban’s statements, called for special attention to be paid to these remarks. And if Orban was referring to real “negotiations” about sending “peacekeeping-type” troops, then that is “of course a potentially extremely dangerous discussion”.

According to military observer Yuriy Podolyaka, this is how the European Union is preparing to negotiate with Russia after a decisive battle. For peacekeepers to enter Ukrainian territory, they must have the consent of all parties.

“NATO understands that the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive may be a failure, so it is starting to protect itself,” Podolyaka wrote on his Telegram channel.

If, according to the expert, the armed forces of Ukraine withdraw the forces accumulated in Bakhmut, the Russian army will advance faster and the Ukrainian defense will begin to crumble. Then Poland will enter the business, which is just waiting for the opportunity to get the western parts of Ukraine and restore the state borders of 1939.
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The Russian FSB have arrested a Wall Street Journal correspondent, (((Evan Gershkovich))), in Yekaterinburg for allegedly spying on the Russian military-industrial complex. Press Secretary Dimitri Peskov has said that Gershkovich was "caught red-handed".


Location of Yekaterinburg



^ Once Bakhmut falls, that opens up the rest of Donbass region to Russia? This is what I've been hearing.

Yes it opens the 2 cities left to russian shelling directly from bahkmut and there isnt much left to stop russians from moving up.

The Ukranians are supposed to launch some sort of large counter offensive with brand new western toys however no one is sure where they will hit. This is supposed to happen at some point this month. The Ukranians have proven before that they are willing to take large casualties in order to breakthrough.

If that happens you will have victory laps all over western media and they will have enough to keep the war going. It does not mean they will win the war or course.

From what i can tell Putin seems fairly confident in grinding down the Ukrainian army and does not want to risk high casualties for blitzkrieg type breakthrough.



Bakhmut - 03.04.2023
"Battle for Bakhmut situation as of 13:00 /Moscow time/ April 3, 2023

▪️ At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold the western outskirts of Bakhmut. There are no signs of withdrawal of Ukrainian formations: on the contrary, 80 people were transferred from the Sumy region to Bakhmut to strengthen positions in Khromove.

▪️ In the north of Bakhmut, assault detachments of PMC Wagner continue to advance in the Selishche area to the south of the city. During the fighting, they completely cleared the territory of school No. 24. In addition, Russian units came close to the railway station.
▪️ In the central districts of the city, the Wagnerites liberated the Bakhmut City Council building, and also established control over residential areas along Boris Gorbatov Street. Now the fighting is going on at school No. 11 and the clinic.
▪️ In the south of the city, the assault detachments of PMC Wagner expanded the zone of control around the Avangard stadium, moving along Bakhmutskaya Street.

▪️ Units of the 5th Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, created on the basis of the 5th assault regiment, arrived at the section of the Chasiv Yar-Khromove road. The forces of the 5th Assault Brigade were previously noted only in the Toretsk sector. This redeployment confirms the plans of the Ukrainian command to continue the defense of Bakhmut."

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Donetsk - 03.04.2023
"The situation in the Donetsk direction as of 18:00 /Moscow time/ April 3, 2023

▪️ In the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are strengthening their positions. New batches of ammunition were transferred to the front line, fuel was issued in limited quantities due to failures in the supply of fuel and lubricants. At the same time, reinforcements are expected to be transferred to the line of contact from other sectors of the front.

Avdiivka direction
▪️ At the Avdiivka sector, units of the 59th Motorized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for an offensive north of Avdiivka on the positions of the RF Armed Forces near Krasnohorivka.
▪️ Ukrainian formations were given dry rations for several days, and refueling of equipment was organized.
▪️ A couple of days ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine already tried to recapture the lost territories, but the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation successfully repelled the attack.

Marinka direction
▪️ Fierce positional battles continue in Marinka. Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces continue to fight for the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city center near the church on Druzhby Avenue and on the northern outskirts behind the reservoir.
▪️ At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the lines by equipping firing points in private houses.
▪️ Reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in Maryinka to carry out the rotation of the personnel of the 79th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And from the environs of Kurahovo, four tanks were transferred to Maksymilyanivka.
▪️ Members of Ukrainian formations talk about power outages in the territory of the DPR occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the strike of the Russian army on the Kurahovo thermal power plant.

Vuhledar direction
▪️ At the Vuhledar sector, in the area of Novy Komar, under the guidance of American instructors, the personnel of an unidentified unit are being trained to conduct assault operations in small groups.

▪️ At the moment, the Ukrainian authorities plan to significantly strengthen the grouping of troops in the Donetsk direction. Taking into account certain successes of the Russian army in Marinka and near Avdiivka, with a high degree of probability, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to conduct a counterattack somewhere near these suburbs of Donetsk.
▪️ In the Dnipropetrovsk region, at the training ground near Novomoskovsk, the training of the newly formed 23rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is ending. Upon completion of training, the personnel of the 23rd brigade will be transferred to one of the sectors of the Donetsk direction.
▪️ In addition, from April 8, it is planned to send a battery of M109A6 Paladin self-propelled artillery (eight self-propelled guns and about 120 people) to the Donetsk direction. The A6 modifications are equipped with improved armor protection and an automated fire control system.
▪️ As we said earlier, in addition to Zaporozhye, attacks on other sectors of the front should also be expected. The general plan of the spring-summer campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine implies an offensive on a wide front, starting from Kherson and ending with the Kharkov region, in one or two directions with several fettering operations in other areas. This will make it possible to determine the least protected positions of the RF Armed Forces and strike precisely there to break through the front. Plans to use the newly formed 23rd Mechanized Brigade in the Donetsk direction indirectly confirms preparations for this in the Donetsk region."
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Bakhmut - 04.04.2023
"Battle for Bakhmut situation by the end of April 4, 2023

▪️ The main contingent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is currently holding the western quarters of the city, as well as the roads from Kostyantynivka and Chasiv Yar - the Wagner PMC assault detachments conduct regular sorties near Krasne/Ivanivske and Khromove to tie down the enemy forces.

▪️ In the north of Bakhmut, the assault detachments of PMC Wagner completely liberated the territory of the industrial complex around the Artyomovskiy Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (AZOM), as well as the "Bakhmut-1" railway station and other quarters east of Mira Street.
▪️ In the central districts of the city, the Wagnerites entrenched themselves along Alexander Sibirtsev Street, occupying school No. 11, and advanced along Svoboda Street in the central part of Bakhmut to the Atlantic Hotel. Fighting is currently taking place at the Atlantic and the Bakhmut Hotel.
▪️ In the south of the city, the Wagnerites, moving from the side of Korsunsky Street from the west and from Bakhmutskaya and Vasily Pershin Streets from the east, approached the Avangard stadium, coming out onto Ryzdvyanaya Street. Fighting in this area continues.

▪️ To the northwest of Bakhmut, after many days of positional battles, Russian units were able to approach the northern outskirts of Bohdanivka. The assault on the outskirts of the settlement, with fire support from artillery and aviation, have begun.
▪️ The positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bohdanivka cover the flank of the Ukrainian group in Chasiv Yar and the loss of control over this settlement will significantly affect the logistical capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the road through Khromove.
▪️ The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is trying with all its might to hold the Bohdanivka-Hryhorivka line in order to prevent a breakthrough of the defense from the north."
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Macron fails to change the Chinese stance towards Russia and the Ukraine conflict.

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What was Macron even thinking? Is he actually so delusional to have expected China to change directions like this? He probably knew this would never succeed, but he did it for domestic consumption, and to show the other NATO countries he's tight with them.


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Bakhmut - 07.04.2023
bakhmut07042023.jpg "Battle for Bakhmut situation as of 16:00 /Moscow time/ April 7, 2023

▪️ Ukrainian formations are trying to counterattack in various areas, attempting to hold back PMC units.
▪️ On the western outskirts of Bakhmut, the 14th separate assault "Chervona Kalyna" Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine and the police special forces "Kyiv" regiment were deployed.
▪️ In addition, the 24th "Aidar" battalion of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sent from the vicinity of Stupochky to the southern and southwestern outskirts of Bakhmut to hold the T0504 highway to Kostyantynivka along the Chaikovsky and Korsunsky streets.

▪️ In the north of Bakhmut, the Wagnerites liberated several buildings on Zelenaya Street near the Rose Alley. To the south, the assault detachments were able to gain a foothold along the railway north of Kovalskaya Street.
▪️ In central Bakhmut, the assault detachments of PMC Wagner took control of the "Metallurg" stadium, and also significantly advanced in the direction of the police station, moving from the southeast and east - the battles are going right on the outskirts of the building.
▪️ Russian units successfully broke through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the very center, and wedged themselves into the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the railway station and bus station.
In the event of liberation of the quarter and consolidation of the PMC forces in this sector, the areas of concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the south, near the Avangard stadium, and in the north will be under the threat of a blow to the flank.

▪️ At the moment, about 50 thousand people from various Ukrainian formations are concentrated at the Soledar direction:
- 24th "Aidar" battalion of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade
- 3rd Separate Assault Brigade "Azov"
- 5th Separate Assault Brigade
- 4th and 17th Tank Brigades
- 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade "Edelweiss"
- 28th, 30th, 67th and 93rd Mechanized Brigades
- 56th (without one battalion) and 57th Motorized Brigades
- 46th and 77th Airmobile Brigades
- 80th Air Assault Brigade
- 26th, 40th, 43rd and 45th Artillery Brigades
- 107 Rocket Artillery Brigade
- 113th, 119th and 241st Territorial Defense Brigades
- "Chervona Kalyna", "Bureviy", "Spartan" and "Rubizh" Separate Assault Brigades of the National Guard
- 5th Regiment of Protection of Public Order of the National Guard
- 1st Rapid Response Detachment of the State Border Guard Service
- "Myrotvorets" and "Kyiv" Regiments of the National Police
- Separate Special Battalions "Dudaev", "Donbass", "Ichkeria", "Lviv" and the detachment "Georgian partisans".
▪️ Additional reserves have been deployed along the Slovyansk-Kramatorsk-Druzhkivka-Kostyantynivka-Chasiv Yar line.
▪️ At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are focused on holding back the pace of the Wagnerites advance, rather than conducting a counteroffensive.
▪️ In order to transition to a counterattack the Armed Forces of Ukraine will, likely, have to launch a full-scale offensive campaign along the entire length of the front to pin down Russian troops and search for the least protected areas of defense."

Chasiv Yar-Khromove road

Khromove-Krasne/Ivanivske road
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