The Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 (News and battle updates only)


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"▪️ Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried once again to strike with drones on the Crimean peninsula. In total, seven Mugin-5 UAVs were used at facilities in different parts of the Republic. Target designation was provided by the American RQ-4B UAV.
▪️ In the north of the peninsula:
- One UAV was downed by an electronic warfare unit near the village of Steregushchee. This drone could have been moving in the direction of Dzhankoy or towards the airfield south of Slavny.
- Two Mugins were destroyed to the north of Dzhankoy, by air defense rifle detachments near the Mamut railway station: the Armed Forces of Ukraine again intended to disrupt logistics with the Kherson region.
- Another one UAV was suppressed by electronic warfare near Maslovo, it was heading either further to the railway line or to military depots in the southeast. Downed Mugin-5 fell on a warehouse in the Komsomolsk area.
▪️ In the south:
- One drone was destroyed near the village of Zavetnoe. Its target, most likely, was a water pumping station: the UAV was shot down by an air defense rifle detachment a couple of hundred meters away.
- Two Mugin-5 UAVs were shot down by a mobile air defense detachment at the naval aviation airfield of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy near Kacha. The drones were destroyed by small arms on the approach.
▪️ This drone attack was quite expected. In preparation for the air raid over the Black Sea, five reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force and NATO Air Force were operating.
▪️ In case of this event, it is more interesting how effectively the air defense units of the RF Armed Forces have adapted to regular attacks. If earlier anti-aircraft missiles were used, now most of the UAVs are shot down by rifle detachments, which have proven their effectiveness against low-flying targets."


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Ukraine has launched a large drone attack on Moscow. New types of drone are found and reportedly not able to be jammed, for now. Some were shot down, other hit trees and high rise buildings as flying low. There are rumors that Russia may now declare war on Ukraine.






Air strike on the headquarters of ukrainian military intelligence - update

"The strikes of the RF Armed Forces on the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine - Rybar's Analysis

▪️ Yesterday, satellite images appeared on the web with the results of a strike by Russian troops on the building of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine in Kiev. On the frame from May 30, an earthen mound appeared, characteristic either for the consequences of the impact, or for some kind of excavation.
▪️ Recall that on the morning of May 29, Russian troops attacked the headquarters of the main intelligence department on Rybalsky Island. The strike on the decision-making center was also announced yesterday by President Vladimir Putin.
▪️ The Ukrainian authorities said that all missiles and UAVs were shot down by air defense systems, but they did not provide any evidence.
▪️ A little later, the head of the GUR, Kirill Budanov, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would avenge the attack on an object in Kiev. And a day later, a UAV raid on Moscow took place.
▪️ Today, additional photos of the GUR buildings appeared online, on which hits were clearly visible. On one of the objects, traces of fire can be seen, and on the other, the roof was broken.

▪️ Traffic was blocked around the island itself - the Gavansky Bridge has not been working for two days, and SBU officers are actively working in the vicinity of the GUR buildings. Residents of Kiev report that because of this there are problems with access to the Obolon and Troyeshchyna districts. The Ukrainian authorities have not shown a single frame from the area of the alleged hit.
▪️ A few hours after the photos with damage appeared on the Military Informant channel, a video was published with a rocket falling right next to the island.

▪️ According to the visual outlines and the intact main engine, the object in the frames is a PAC-3 anti-aircraft guided missile from the MIM-104 Patriot air defense system. Probably, as in the case of the fall of the PAC-3 in the center of Kiev, the missile defense system lost its course and fell into the water. This version is supported by the fact of detonation right at the touch of the water surface. This modification of an anti-aircraft missile operates on the principle of a direct hit on the target, and not a spread of fragments, as on the S-300 or Buk. If it was a Russian missile (the visual outlines are similar to the Kh-35 anti-ship missiles), then the fuse would be set to a penetrating effect to strike a fortified building.
▪️ But where did the video come from? The “unexpected” appearance of a video of the fall of an allegedly Russian missile after two days of silence by the Ukrainian government and after the publication of photos with a proof of a direct hit on the GUR buildings looks very suspicious. The camera with which the shooting was carried out, judging by the location, is located on one of the GUR facilities. This may indicate a deliberate publication to divert the attention from actual Russian missiles.
▪️ According to some reports, as a result of the attack, more than 30 employees of the GUR received injuries of varying severity.
▪️ And that's not all: yesterday, a C-21A aircraft of the 86th Air Medical Evacuation Squadron of the US Air Force urgently flew to Rzeszow from Ramstein Air Base, presumably to evacuate seriously wounded NATO troops.
▪️ The situation around the strike on the so-called decision-making center was vague from the very beginning due to the lack of any details, but the silence of the Ukrainian authorities, along with the footage that has appeared, confirms that Russian troops delivered a precise strike on the enemy."
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Belgorod - 02.06.2023
"The situation near the borders with the Belgorod region as of 15:00 /Moscow time/ June 2, 2023

▪️ In the Belgorod region, the cannonade does not subside. Ukrainian formations are still shelling towns and villages: today a convoy of civilians was hit during the evacuation.
▪️ In the morning, information appeared about an attempt to break through the DRG, numbering up to 100 people, at the Urazovo-Verigovka sector, but sources from the field denied this information.
▪️ The concentration of Ukrainian forces is still high: artillery guns were moved to Uhroidy and Verkhnya Syrovatka, and, according to some reports, 979 people from the 129th brigade of the territorial defense of Ukraine from the Donetsk direction arrived in the Sumy region.
▪️ With a high degree of probability, the forces of the 129th brigade will partially replace the units of the 117th brigade of the territorial defense, which have lost more than 100 people in recent days.
▪️ Up to 800 members of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are housed in Chuhuiv and Kluhyno-Bashkyrivka.
▪️ In another area, near Novaya Tavolzhanka, Ukrainian formations under the legend of the separatist "Russian Volunteer Corps" project tried to stage a PR campaign to demonstrate “successful struggle against the Russian authorities”, for which they paid the price: artillerymen of the RF Armed Forces destroyed two tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

▪️ Nevertheless, attempts to break through the border by assault groups will continue. Near the Belgorod region, 25 enemy groups are in readiness for an attack.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine are still crossing the Pechenezhskoye Reservoir, through which several tanks passed into the Vovchansk district just yesterday. Along with this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are freely installing a bridge in Fedorivka. Cutting off the supply of Ukrainian formations will significantly reduce their combat capabilities, including the shelling of Russian cities and their inhabitants. Pontoons and bridges must be destroyed."

Russian strike drone (Forpost - I think) works on ukrainians in the border area


"UAV raid on Crimea, June 4, 2023
▪️ Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said that on that night, air defense crews destroyed nine drones in the sky of the peninsula. Five were shot down, the rest were jammed with electronic warfare. According to our information, two Mugin-5 UAVs were destroyed near Kumove, three more near Dzhankoi by crews of the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system. Another drone explodedin the air in the Sterehusche area, and the other near Krasna Polyana, and two more were downed by electronic warfare.
▪️ Due to the fall of debris from one of the drones, windows were broken in three houses and two cars in Dzhankoi.
▪️ An unexploded UAV was found in a private courtyard, and 50 people were evacuated before clearing it. No harm was done.
▪️ Drone attacks on Crimea are now proceeding according to the standard scheme: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are launching two or three groups of 7-12 UAVs to the north of the peninsula in the direction of Dzhankoi - most likely, aiming at the logistic infrastructure.
▪️ However, after the already failed attempts, there should be a more massive attack of up to 20-25 units at a time, with the support of NATO reconnaissance aircraft of the RQ-4B or RC-135W type operating in the air southwest of Crimea. There was no such activity tonight: there was only one P-8A anti-submarine aircraft off the coast of Romania.
▪️ At the same time, the satellite constellation of NATO countries, including the American TOPAZ military satellites, has increased the number of images of various objects on the peninsula, which may indicate the preparation for another massive raid."


Marinka - 04.06.2023
"Battle for Marinka situation as of 15:00 /Moscow time/ June 4, 2023

▪️ The last few days, after the rotation of the fighters from the 150th Motor Rifle Division of the RF Armed Forces to the Akhmat units, an active assault on the fortified area of the 79th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Marinka has been going on.
▪️ At the moment, the Akhmat units and the 5th "Oplot" Brigade of the DPR, with fire support from the artillerymen of the 150th Motor Rifle Division, are storming Marinka. Fighting with the support of artillery and aviation does not stop. Russian servicemen were able to move deep into low-rise buildings along Kashtanova and Polihrafichna streets.
▪️ At the same time, to the south, an armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the positions of the Russian army south of Marinka, displacing the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces from several positions, battles continue in that area. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are supporting the advancing units with artillery from Kostyantynivka.
▪️ To the west, in Kurakhove, there are forces of the newly formed 23rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is partially equipped with Western-made equipment. Its presence in the Marinka sector may indicate preparations for active hostilities near Donetsk."
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Belgorod - 04.06.2023
"The situation in the Belgorod region as of 17:00 /Moscow time/ June 4, 2023

▪️ A difficult situation is developing in the Belgorod region. Over the past days, Russian cities and towns have been repeatedly fired from cannon and rocket artillery. Belgorod and Shebekino, as well as Shchetinovka, Blizhnyaya Igumenka, Bogun-Gorodok, Stary, Tishanka, Kozinka, Glotovo, Prilesie, Grafovka, Novaya Tavolzhanka, Bezlyudovka, Murom, Ziborovka and Maslova Pristan were hit.
▪️ The most critical situation was noted in the Shebekino district, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired more than 500 shells of various ammunition. It is noteworthy that a significant part of the shots falls near bridges and crossings on the Belgorod-Shebekino highway. Most likely, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to destroy the logistics routes that supply the Russian group near the border with the Kharkov region.
▪️ Now there is an ongoing battle in Novaya Tavolzhanka, where a Ukrainian DRG in the amount of about 20 people without armored vehicles entered the village. This is the second attack attempt in a day.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine use the cover of the so-called "Russian Volunteer Corps" to attack Russian territories. Both Polish and American mercenaries operate in those sabotage groups. It was noted that combat medics and orderlies are actively working with them, whose task is to evacuate the wounded and killed from the battlefield as quickly as possible in order to prevent the bodies of the dead from falling into the hands of the RF Armed Forces."



Donetsk-Zaporozhye - 04.06.2023
"The situation in the South Donetsk direction by the end of June 4, 2023

▪️ Today Ukrainian formations, in small armored groups, attacked Russian territories almost along the entire length of the front on the border of the Zaporozhye region and the DPR. Battles went on almost all day. At the moment it is more likely a test of coordinated actions on the scale of the entire combat zone, rather than simple reconnaissance in combat with the aim of testing the defense of the RF Armed Forces.
▪️ Several Telegram channels stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed Russian units out of Novodarivka and Neskuchne and continued moving inland.
▪️ In Rivnopil, Ukrainian formations could not even get close to the village. Russian gunners destroyed at least six units of wheeled armored vehicles one and a half kilometers from the village.
▪️ A little later, there was information about an attempt to capture positions of the RF Armed Forces near Levadne. The attacks were repulsed, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to preliminary information, lost up to seven pieces of equipment, including one tank and Humvee armored car.
▪️ The movement to Levadne was most likely from Novodarivka, which confirms the temporary loss of control over it. At the moment, the status of the village is unclear, and it is at least in the gray zone. However, the attack itself bogged down - for the sake of a few hundred meters, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than a dozen pieces of equipment and brought the reserves of the newly formed 31st Mechanized Brigade into battle.
▪️ Marines from the newly formed 37th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in Komar. And groups of American mercenaries, including sniper scout pairs, arrived in Vuhledar, Vodyane and Novomykhailivka. Armored vehicles and ammunition depots are concentrated in the Vuhledar sector in Otradne, Maksymivka and Novoukrainka."

"The situation in the Zaporozhye direction by the end of June 4, 2023

▪️ Simultaneously with the activation of Ukrainian formations in the Kharkiv and South Donetsk directions, today in the afternoon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack from Mala Tokmachka near Orihiv.
▪️ The assault detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a sortie to the positions of the RF Armed Forces with the support of several units of armored vehicles. According to some reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to break through, but later the attack was repulsed, and control was restored.
▪️ At the Vremivka ledge, in the Velyka Novosilka area, the enemy launched an attack with forces of 10 tanks and more than 20 armored vehicles, which was ultimately repulsed.
▪️ All these attacks are more like reconnaissance in combat and an assessment of the capabilities of both the Russian troops and the Ukrainian formations themselves, which have to operate now as part of consolidated assault formations.
▪️ In the tactical group "Marun", which, apparently, will form the backbone of the offensive forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the organization of communications and the combat control system between the air assault formations (46th Airmobile Brigade, 82nd Air Assault Brigade, 71st Jaeger Brigade and the 132nd Separate Reconnaissance Battalion) is now being debugged.
▪️ Most likely, the next attempts, and more massive ones, will be made in the near future. Ukrainian formations on the front line today were issued with additional batteries, ammunition and uniforms, they are ready for active hostilities."

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Donetsk-Zaporozhye - 05.06.2023
"The situation in the Vremivka sector as of 14:00 /Moscow time/ June 5, 2023

▪️ On the border of the Zaporozhye region and the DPR, in the area of the Vremivka ledge, the Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed the assault on Russian positions.
▪️ Yesterday, by the end of the day, the Russian Armed Forces recaptured all the lost positions, including Novodarivka.

▪️ Ukrainian formations (according to some reports, the forces of the 23rd and 31st Mechanized Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are involved in the battles) continue to attack in two directions: near Novodarivka and Rivnopil.
▪️ By noon today, Russian units repelled an attack of six tanks and infantry near Novodarivka. The offensive continues from the direction of Novosilka - reserves are brought in two kilometers west of Neskuchne.
▪️ Also in the morning there was an attempt to storm the positions of the Russian Armed Forces near Neskuchne and Starozheve by marines of the newly formed 37th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on several armored combat vehicles. The attack was repulsed.

▪️ The main hostilities unfolded in the Novodonetske region. This morning, a convoy of 30 armored vehicles of the 37th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including Kirpi and MaxxPRO, attacked the positions of the Russian Armed Forces near the village. As a result, RF soldiers withdrew into the village and the enemy entrenched himself on the outskirts of the settlement.
▪️ Now the fighting continues under heavy artillery fire. Soldiers from the 36th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces (37th Motor Rifle Brigade) are trying to drive out the Ukrainian marines. At the moment, about half of the village is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
▪️ At the same time, a convoy of 20 armored vehicles is moving southeast from the Velyka Novosilka area, most likely to strengthen positions in Novodonetske."

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Donetsk-Zaporozhye - 05.06.2023
"The situation in the Vremivka sector as of 18:00 /Moscow time/ June 5, 2023

▪️ To the east of the Vremivka ledge, the armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to push the Russian troops out of the village of Novodonetske. During the attack, for the first time, Ukrainian formations used German Leopard 2 tanks - now there are two Leopards and five armored vehicles in Novodonetske.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine are regrouping, as they suffered heavy losses in manpower. Also, Russian gunners destroyed nine units of wheeled armored vehicles.
▪️ West of Novodonetske, in the forest belt, there were about ten pieces of equipment and from 40 to 100 infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
▪️ In addition, the concentration of forces of the 37th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Urozhaine was noted. Most likely, the enemy plans to attack the flank of the Russian grouping in the Vremivka ledge after the arrival of reserves."


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The Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant dam has reportedly been blown up the by the Ukies. This is now flooding the area around Kherson.

Additional footage from the blown up Kakhovskaya HPP

According to the author, “there were no arrivals at the hydroelectric power station”
Fully confirms the theory of an explosion inside the hydroelectric power station.
That is why the explosion was muffled and many did not hear a distinct and strong sound.

❗️ So, here is the most adequate graph of potential flooding that I found on the net (where something is really clear)

❗️Please note that it was not the complete destruction of the HPP, but the scheme implies complete destruction

❗️All MARKED areas on the map are areas of high risk of flooding

❗️ The explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station was carried out with one explosion. The explosion was carried out from within.
Remember the Antonovsky Bridge and its destruction attempts

❗️ We do not have weapons of such power that could produce a similar effect

❗️ We do not know HOW further destruction and collapse of parts of the HPP will occur. Therefore, all people who are at risk should IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE

⚡️ In Kherson (to the current) the water level has risen by about 70-80 centimeters. Subscribers from coastal areas report

I note that based on all the media files from the scene, the surviving part of the hydroelectric power station, which is under water, is now some kind of breakwater. Therefore, the water will be distributed more evenly and slow down the flooding a little.

❗️ From the districts of Kherson and villages where flooding occurs, evacuation will now be carried out by buses! Hospitals and utilities are on alert! Remain calm during the evacuation! - said the head of the Kherson Military Administration



Island / Oil harbor

Also, local residents report that light / electricity began to disappear in the Korabel area


❗️ A small miracle happened in Kherson.
Earned part of the sirens in the city

❗️ And beavers are already swimming on the Oil Harbor / Island (video above)

Yes, I'm in shock too.
Maybe the beavers came to our rescue and will build a new dam for us
Or they are also evacuated.

Eyewitnesses post footage from the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, which shows the scale of destruction.