The Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 (News and battle updates)


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Could these bastards have spread cholera to Mariupol on their way out. given that we know that they actually had biolabs in their Azovstal hideout? The same way retreating Ukies tried to blow up a dam and burned down a 16th century church after being chased out from Donbas regions?
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When i was in the Marines (12-19).... the US 155 stock has been severely depleted. I don't know If it's caught up since I got out in 2019... But the GWOT really had a negative impact


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According to Ukrainian channels there are now two camps in the Kiev Administration.
One is Zaluzhny and the US that want to retreat troops to „more secured lines“.
The other is Yermak and Great Britain that want to fight for every city no matter the casualties.
This has been known in Russian circles for some time. The UK are feeding Yermak/Zelensky bonk intelligence and getting their soldiers unnecessarily killed and encircled. Also behind Kherson, Snake Island, and the Gulyaipole failures. Pentagon warned them about Svyatogorsk river.
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Severodonetsk update:

"The Proletaryatskyi bridge was destroyed, connecting the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk with Lisichansk. The forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Severodonetsk are surrounded, and they have only two options left: either escape by swimming to the western bank of the Seversky Donets river without weapons and equipment. Or a repetition of the fate of the Mariupol inmates with surrender through the “extraction procedure”."

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Map - Slavyansk 12.06.2022
"Battle for Slavyansk: situation as of 16.00 /Moscow time/ June 12, 2022
▪️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation knocked out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the settlement Bohorodychne.
▪️ The occupation of Bohorodychne will allow organizing communication with the troops of the Central Military District in Svyatohirsk and inflicting a flank attack on the enemy grouping defending the M03 Izyum-Slavyansk highway at the Dolyna-Krasnopoillya line.
▪️ Artillery strikes are inflicted on Dolyna, Krasnopoillya and adjacent forest areas, including the use of heavy flamethrower TOS systems.
▪️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to pull manpower to Slavyansk and prepare the city for defense."


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Also seen reports of Czech, Brazilian and other British nationals being killed in the fighting for Severodonetsk. Seems to confirm Russian reports that Ukraine is throwing their foreign mercenaries and volunteer units into a hopeless situation just to slow the Russians down. A lot of people suspected that the foreign fighters would end up being treated as expendable cannon fodder by the Ukrainians, and it seems like they were right.
Map - Zaporizihia 12.06.2022
"The situation in the Zaporizihia region by 19:00 /Moscow time/ June 12, 2022

Recently, the situation in the Zaporozhye region has not changed much. Positional battles and mutual shelling continue.
▪️ On June 7, there were artillery duels in the Hulyaipole direction, strikes were made on the towns of Hulyaipole, Verkhnya Tersa and Dobropillya. The fighting near Orihhiv did not stop.
▪️ On June 11, in the village of Mala Tokmachka near Orihiv, the village council burned down as a result of an artillery strike.
▪️ On June 11, the Russian Armed Forces launched artillery and air strikes on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Hulyaipole and in the village of Kamyanske near Vasylivka.
▪️ At about 5 am on June 12, an explosion occurred at a transformer substation in Berdyansk, the power went out in half of the city. Local authorities said the cause was a short circuit.
▪️ There was an explosion in Melitopol - there was a terrorist attack near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at 17:45. Two people were hurt.
▪️ 110th Territorial brigade from Zaporizihia was sent to the Avdiivka direction."
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Map - Nikolaev-Kherson 12.06.2022
"The situation in the Nikolaev-Kherson direction as of 21.00 /Moscow time/ June 12, 2022

▪️ Continuing setbacks on the eastern front forced the Ukrainian General Staff to resort to another tale about a counteroffensive on the Kherson region, whose inhabitants celebrated Russia Day today.
The enemy command stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as part of a counteroffensive, recaptured the village of Tavriyskoye in the west of Kherson, but it was never under Russian control anyway.
Ukrainians have more than once pompously announced the capture of settlements in the gray zone, but this time Volodymyr Zelensky repeated this nonsense to heighten the media effect. In fact, on this sector of the front, the concentration of forces on both sides and mutual shelling continues.
▪️ The tense situation remains at the Snihurivka-Davydiv Brid section. The Ukrainian military no longer attempts to move deep into Russian territory, however, clashes with the use of tactical aircraft still periodically flare up in this segment. At Snihurivka, Russian air defense shot down a MiG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force.
▪️ Regular shelling is also carried out in the Krivoy Rog sector - one of the major successes was the destruction of the command post of the 98th battalion of the 60th infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Velikaya Kostromka.
▪️ In addition, the enemy's S-300 air defense system was destroyed in the Krivoy Rog area."
Severodonetsk update
If the Ukrainians have again retreated to the catacombs in the industrial areas, then this will just be Mariupol all over again.
Mariupol style drama - civilians trapped in the industrial zone:

"An urgent statement by the Head of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine - Head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev:

◽️ The Ukrainian side requested the organization of a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians (women, children and the elderly) located at the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk to the territory controlled by Kyiv in the city of Lysichansk.
◽️ Taking into account the fact that on June 13, 2022, by order of the Kyiv authorities, in order to prevent the retreat of territorial defense units, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up the last bridge across the Seversky Donets River towards Lysichansk, it is not possible to carry out a safe evacuation in this direction.
◽️ The militants of the nationalist battalions, retreating from the residential areas of Severodonetsk, deliberately took hundreds of civilians out of the city to the industrial zone of the Azot chemical plant in order to hide behind them as a “human shield”.
◽️ Realizing the hopelessness of the situation of our armed formations, we regard the appeal of the Ukrainian side to allegedly rescue civilians as an attempt to withdraw the surviving units from the encirclement. Thus, there are all signs of a repetition of the "Mariupol scenario".
◽️ Guided by humane principles, the Armed Forces of Russia and the formations of the Lugansk People's Republic are ready to conduct a humanitarian operation to evacuate civilians.
◽️ To do this, from 08:00 (Moscow time) to 20:00 (Moscow time) on June 15, 2022, a humanitarian corridor is opened in a northern direction (to the city of Svatovo, Luhansk People's Republic).
◽️ At the same time, the safe evacuation of all civilians without exception and their movement as part of humanitarian convoys to temporary accommodation centers is guaranteed.
◽️ We offer militants of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries located at the Azot plant to stop any hostilities from 08:00 (Moscow time) on June 15, 2022 and release the civilians they are holding through this humanitarian corridor, as well as stop senseless resistance and lay down their arms .
◽The Russian Federation guarantees the preservation of life and compliance with all the norms of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war, as happened with those who had previously surrendered in Mariupol.
◽️ The actual readiness of the Ukrainian side to start a humanitarian operation is indicated by the raising of white flags.
◽️ Once again we call on the official authorities of Kyiv to show prudence - to give appropriate instructions to the militants to stop the senseless resistance and leave the territory of the Azot plant.
◽️ Through operational channels of communication, this statement is immediately communicated to the Ukrainian side through Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Ukraine Vereshchuk I.A."

"According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR, the industrial zone of the Azot plant is defended by a group of 2,500 people, of which up to a quarter are foreign mercenaries."

the Lisichansk part of those "twin cities" is on a higher ground, so once the ukrainians pull out of Severodonetsk they will immediately open artillery fire on the city without any regard for the civilian population...
"Multispectral satellite images of the fires in Severodonetsk dated June 12 show that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are launching artillery strikes from Lisichansk on residential areas and medical facilities in the city. One of the pictures clearly shows the red cross on the roof of the building."

Donetsk front - Marinka direction;

From the briefing of the Russian Defense Ministry 14.06.2022

"I would like to emphasize that in recent weeks, incidents with the execution of Ukrainian servicemen in the back by nationalist units have become more frequent in the areas of hostilities.
After conducting artillery fire preparations for the offensive of Russian troops in the area of the settlement of Novomikhailovka (DPR), more than 30 servicemen of the 25th battalion of the 54th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to lay down their arms and surrender.

◾️ The Ukrainian servicemen who occupied a stronghold in the area of the Zveroferm / animal farm/ turned by radio to the command of the Russian unit to cease fire and provide a corridor for exit.
◾️ At about 10 p.m /Moscow time/, June 13, 2022 the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with white flags began to advance towards the Russian positions.
◾️ At that moment, a detachment of Ukrainian nationalists, who arrived at the strong point on armored vehicles, opened crossfire at the servicemen of the 54th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the back.
◾️ As a result of this execution, 32 Ukrainian servicemen were fatally wounded and killed.
◾️ This incident, like many others like it, clearly shows that against the backdrop of growing military failures and the demoralization of Ukrainian troops, the Kyiv nationalist regime is trying to stop the retreat and surrender of its units by punitive actions of detachments.
◾️ The lives of Ukrainian servicemen and mobilized fighters of territorial defense units mean nothing to the current leadership of Ukraine."

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov



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$60billion worth of support and it didn't include bullets or shells?
Popasna bulge - map 14.06.2022
"The situation near Popasna as of 16:30 /Moscow time/ June 14, 2022
▪️ The operational situation in the Bakhmut direction is deteriorating for the Armed Forces of Ukraine every day.
▪️ Having liberated Vidrodzhennya and Roty, the Wagner PMC assault detachments continued their offensive towards the village of Vershyna, establishing at least fire control over the Bakhmut-Svitlodarsk highway.
▪️ For the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine holding the Novoluhanske and Uglegorsk Thermal Power Plant, this means an operational encirclement, since the only road for retreat - to Kodema - is being shot through from the Dolomitne side by units of the National Militia of the DPR.
▪️ The 100th brigade of the National Militia of the DPR managed to break the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and gain a foothold on the eastern outskirts of Berestove.
▪️ The RF Armed Forces, together with the National Militia of the LPR, continue the offensive from Komyshuvakha in the direction of Vrubovka."
Popasna bulge - map 15.06.2022
"The situation near Popasna as of 12:00 /Moscow time/ June 15, 2022
▪️ There are fights on the southern outskirts of the settlement Semyhirya physically, the “boiler” around the Novoluhanske and Uglegorsk Thermal Power Plant has not yet been closed.
▪️ The zone of control of the allied forces near Klynove is expanding - the Wagner PMC assault groups have entrenched themselves 3 km north-east of the village on abandoned positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are firing at the defenders of the settlement. In the near future, Klynove should fall.
▪️ Units of the Russian Armed Forces managed to break through the defenses of the 10th Guards Rifle Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Vrubovka and gain a foothold in the village. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on the defensive in Mykolaivka and are pulling in reinforcements from the 14th mechanized brigade.
▪️ Emergency equipping of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zolote, Katerynivka and Hirske is underway.
▪️ Detachments of the National Militia of the DPR have entrenched themselves on the outskirts of Berestove."
Severodonetsk - map 15.06.2022
"The battle for Severodonetsk: the situation as of 13:00 /Moscow time/ June 15, 2022
▪️ The RF Armed Forces physically cut off the industrial zone of Severodonetsk and the Azot plant from the remains of the Proletaryatskyi Bridge, destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves.
▪️ According to the official data of the Ukrainian authorities, up to 10,000 civilians can be in the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, on the first day no one was released through the humanitarian corridor.
▪️ According to the People's Militia of the LPR, up to two and a half thousand military personnel and foreign mercenaries are holding defense on the territory of the industrial zone.
▪️ The Ukrainian command has begun a partial withdrawal of the most combat-ready Ukrainian units across the Leninsky bridge near Sirotino - part of the military personnel of the 81st airmobile brigade and 79th air assault brigade left residential areas last night.
▪️ This order does not apply to cannon fodder from among foreign mercenaries and territorial defense units. In the industrial zone and in Sirotino, the 3rd company of the 109th fire brigade, the 10th fire brigade, the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 115th brigade are holding the defense.
▪️ Fierce battles continue in Sirotino with reinforcements deployed to the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets river. Behind Sirotino there is the only bridge across the river /Leninsky bridge/, which remained at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - however, it is unsuitable for heavy equipment, since it is in disrepair.
▪️ The Leninsky Bridge itself is under full artillery fire control of the RF Armed Forces.
▪️ Ukrainian units have been ordered to open fire on any civilians convicted of transferring coordinates and sympathy for the RF Armed Forces and National Militia of the LPR.
▪️ The defense of Severodonetsk is led from the headquarters in Novodruzhesk. The main task is the same - the Ukrainian troops locked in the industrial zone must gain time to prepare for the defense of Lisichansk."