The Sam Hyde thread

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Off topic but can confirm I am in a white collar job, in a stem business, with an arts degree managing a blue collar work force. I would have been better at my job now if I cam from a blue collar background and probably better of financially.

Back on topic. Sam Hyde is not the sort of guy I would want my daughter to date. Funny interesting guy who is speaking truth to power but not some one to hold up as a role model.
It is sorta ironic how he reminds you of triple brackets media

That PUA clip was funny tho, no doubt


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Sam is extraordinary. He's one of the best sh*tposters, meme generators, and red pillers alive. He's very clever and has both a quick wit and creative wit to boot. He's a real net positive for our side. I tune into him as much as possible.

One of his more interesting topics was his time at "adult swim tv". He describes a lot of both strange and outright disturbing things that are very consistent with other people's observations and experiences with the "entertainment industry". One such thing was his description of the men's room, which was adorned with a lot of strange imagery suggesting pedophilia.

This guy is a living dynamo and he's making a difference. I know he's struggling, but instead of melting into obscurity, he's still producing good content.


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Sam and Nick are two of the few people who consistently make me laugh. Their language and subject matter probably aren't great for my soul but they're hysterical. The office scenes in that doc were so funny.