The Sargon of Akkad thread

Sargon punched right to appease the globalists never realizing that they won't allow him to punch left either.

The new right does not need to shut him down, the right can deal with Sargon, civic nationalism and the moronic left with arguments and examples, with petitions to reality. There is simply no reason to shut down opposition, just a way to communicate and teach about the reality of life.

That is why the left wants to shut down Sargon. He simply says more truth than their NPC-propaganda-educational-gulags. And that is why they will ultimately come for everyone to the right. If the right was populated mainly by some Nazi-Larpers then they would let them stay as the big boogiemen. But the reality is that many are far smarter and simply utterly new. They - the new right doesn't need Nazi book burnings. Their ideas will win if they are allowed a voice. And that voice is being snuffed out.


I'm not seeing how this is bad for him. He's now a martyr and the center of attention. He's getting more sympathy and gibs coming through SuscribeStar and if that fails I'm sure there is Bitcoin or Monero. He's on the verge of 1m suscribers, how is he in a bad situation? He doesn't have any position on anything and has nothing innovative or unique about him other than his smugness, which works. He's an online personality, not much different from Boogie that's slightly right of center - he's just an online clown like everyone else. It works.

His family is at risk from the government and Antifa-types and those who follow him can also be doxxed. No such protection for them is there?

His British base would be subject to the full force of the law if they decided to go after people not behind a good VPN.


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I just learned about Sargon having a stillborn kid, revolting that some of his critics made fun of him for it. I'm talking guys on the right—very low grade behaviour. But, when you're that into internet bloodsports that's how low you'll go I guess.

But anyway, back on topic. They're coming for everyone, but I'm sure they're aware of the phrase "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". These silicon valley nerds are creating a very chaotic future in the western world with all this censorship. All the dissidents, even though they might not all agree on every issue, need to come together. Everyone from Alex Jones to Roosh, Tommy Robinson to Mark Collett, Sargon to Millennial Woes. Fuck, that Sargon is considered a "baddy" shows we're fucking fucked. It's almost enough to make you want to quit your job and paying your bills to stop funding the system—just go and dwell in a cave somewhere and plan a 9/11 for the Google headquarters.

Maybe we should team up with Islam like the left has and use them for our goals instead! Joking aside, they also want him gone because Sargon eats away at legacy media. 900k subs from talking about politics is pretty incredible—especially as they legacy media's main viewership is literally dying off from old age. They need people like Sargon gone, and his audience consuming their content instead. Otherwise, they're dead.
< Of course they need Sargon gone. And Pewdipie too - the Youtube Rewind 2018 is a perfect example where they handpicked "a diverse" crowd of Youtubers that hardly anyone watches. Blue-haired SJWs and NPCs that they control fully - 10 mio. dislikes is the result.

As for the jokes - Sargon came out before with direct tweets to the Wallstreet journal to entice the media to attempt to ban the Killstream and others. The jokes were in bad taste, but they came directly after the action of Sargon where he himself engaged in some censorship LARPing. I get it that he was not in a good place after the stillbirth of his kid, but if you punch in a SJW-fashion, then you should expect some flak. Besides - the drama there is useless even if it was started by the stupid semi-SJW-skeptics and Sargon simply picked the wrong side - should have stayed out of the likes of KrautandTea. They pull you only into the gutter.

And as for unification - we can unite all we want, but the web of control is rather extreme. Even if you got a Red PIll billionaire willing to fund alternative channels, sites and payment processing systems - they have tools to even shut down those. All domains are under US jurisdiction and can be closed - worldwide. Of course they can also use more extreme measures when it's financed by one guy - he can be threatened. The real James Bond of this world is doing that kind of dirty work - he isn't fighting evildoers with golden guns.


Crypto was built for this - censorship resistance. Sure, fiat exchanges like coinbase will probably end up banning Sargon like they have banned Roosh in the recent past because of muh TOS. That still doesn't stop you from using local bitcoins or using a sock/sleeve to cash out your crypto for you. These guys are going to have to adapt for the time being and crypto has no middle men.


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^ That's absolutely normal. You care more when people you know/are friends with are affected by something, than with people you aren't.
debeguiled said:
Roosh said:
The end of Patreon?

False flag.

Peterson's globalist masters are making up the difference.

(In before the Strangelight!)

The owner was some kind of nerdy musician who recreated the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or something over months - making little money.

Then he gets 50 mio. $ for funding of a company that made barely 7 mio. $ in 2017. (Actually it did not really make 7 mio. $ - that was just their share with 75+ employees so Patreon in 2017 ran still at a loss.) The company had a turnover of 150 mio. $ in 2017, so banning one of their top 50 Patreons like Sargon was a big move.

The guy gives a bunch of idiotic reasons of why they ban people like Lauren Southern or now Sargon. Essentially it boils down to "we don't like it" - you are out. He is happy to accept criminals' money so long as they don't fund their crimes openly with Patreon cash.

But thought criminals are not welcome. The guy and his entire team is just a bunch of moronic NPCs and raving lunatic lefties - true believers.

In my opinion he was getting a bit too uppity too soon. Possible that he got globalist money, but he is not Google and Youtube. And even Youtube waited years and years before starting to ban big content creators that were netting them 200.000$/year.

Patreon may have globalist support, but the company is not anywhere big enough to not be taken out by another company easily. We shall see.

And Peterson should shut his pie-hole - that guy had nothing against Lauren Southern being banned, he came out in support of Sargon the Civic Nationalist who essentially says that a 95% African Britain will be swell.

Conte has no fuck-you money and Patreon is no Twitter, Facebook or Google. And him being a true believer may cost him his company - the globalists don't care what they fund - if one company fails even while implementing their long-term policies prematurely - then that company will be dropped. Patreon if led by an aware globalist lackey should have waited until Twitter or Youtube had already banned Sargon. 'Then it would be safe to ban his ass. Stupid NPC - no wonder that the globalists don't respect them.
Lauren Southern responded to that interview above:

"I reject the Un-American executive order on immigration. It is against everything I stand for and everything we're building at @Patreon." - Jack Conte, Jan 30th, 2017

This was political. There's a reason myself and the Defend Europe crew were pushed to the front of the line for being banned. It's because HopeNotHate lobbied - you can check their interview with Canadaland for proof.

If this were not political and purely about law, the pot question would be easy to answer and Jack would not have used the photo of Alan Kurdi in his explanation about my ban. He would also not claim that the people coming over on "rescue" ships are refugees - which is blatantly disproved by the UN and the EU's own statements.

Patreon owes me nothing, it's their own company... but I also care about the truth - and I'm very confident we didn't get it from Jack today.

Good interview though Dave - and appreciate you trying to get some answers!

A boycott of Patreon by anyone around the same level of political persuasion as Sargon - that can hurt this small company indeed. My guess is that 50%+ of the Patreon money is at least on Sargon level. That stupid fuck bit off a bit more than he could chew on. Open Borders supporter moron.


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I deleted my Patreon, hurting one or two non-political people I donate to. I told them why and encouraged them to move to Subscribe Star. Fuck Patreon.
Teedub said:
I deleted my Patreon, hurting one or two non-political people I donate to. I told them why and encouraged them to move to Subscribe Star. Fuck Patreon.

Congrats on making that decision.

I thought that Patreon was much bigger than it truly was. 7 mio. $ in actual revenue is what one investment house spends on hookers in a month - all deductible of course.

Fuck them.

And Sargon - I fully agree with him on many issues - like for example the way Google wants Youtube to be shaped in:

Youtube according to them should consist of trannies, Antifa and sponsored celebritards who give you the same crap that the BBC and CNPC does, but with a "hip cool kids" vibe. Sooner or later they are going to have to delete the comment section and the downvote option like most other NPC-fake-news media outlets.

Patreon itself can be hurt by a boycott. They are no Mastercard, Paypal or Google.


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Youtube and youtube comments are inversely proportionate to one another.

Some of the world's greatest insults can be found in the youtube comments.
Cr33pin said:

This will go over just as well as the time a lesbian friend of mine wrote a huge screed against men on facebook and I replied by asking her to do a find/replace on "man" with "black man" and then look at what her writing sounded like.


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For anyone who watched that debate with "steve and the nephew"



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Antifa are such mongs. They're lucky Sargon's a middle class non-violent type. If they'd have tried this shit where Tommy was campaigning the other day (Wythenshawe, Manchester - previously the largest council estate / 'projects' in Europe) they'd have had their heads kicked in by the locals.