The selfie death thread

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Manbeline said:
It's certainly a phenomenon worth its own thesis, class, whatever you wish to call it. And I'd buy the book of the first psychologist, or manologist to tackle it.

I think it's already been covered:



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beta_plus said:
Sword and Board said:
Im curious if an atheist can explain how this suicidal narcissism fits with evolutionary theory?

Men Want Sex
Women Want Attention

The female desire for attention is the one that most closely aligns with the male desire for sex.

Think of all the dumb things guys do in the hope of getting sex.

Now technology allows women to do dumb things not only for attention, but for a level of attention that the empresses and queens of 300 years ago could not even imagine.

Proof of Selfie Evidence, Exhibit A


Alpone said:
A part of this epidemic is the fact that many teens and early 20s never really played outside and experienced the physics of the real world as a kid. They over estimate their ability to defy gravity and dangerous situations because they never experienced these things outside of video games. We're creating strange, self-destructive creatures totally unprepared for the physical world by plugging humans into screens from an early age.

When you play in the woods or horse around on an outdoor playground in low-risk situations, you quickly realize the limits of your balance, courage and physical strength.

Now, these limits are being tested for the first time in life or death situations while trying to hold a smartphone for maximum ig likes.

This is a really interesting theory actually....

Roosh said:

Definite benders.
People have died in some ignoble manners in this life. Torture, murder, execution, battle, plague, pox, starvation, extreme agony, fearful and embracing their death with the full weight of horror and insanity. But these... deaths are hardly deaths. If they truly do have anything other than a basic NPC programming shell, I would feel sorry for their deaths. But I just cannot see past that. You have be so removed form life to be doing this kind of thing, lost in your own dopamine addiction. Whose to say these people weren't dead before they fell? After all, how can you kill that which has no life?..

Louis IX

Although every loss of life saddens me , there is something close to immanent justice in dying like this.
I recall browsing through dating sites and getting absolutely disgusted at girls exhibiting selfie sticks. I didn't even want to swipe the right way for them or to write them first. There was always something telling me that these women are dumb and haven't passed natural selection.
A bit like in Golf , some golfers don't make it to the cut.

Do these people have parents ? Haven't parents taught them the modesty of not loving yourself and taking selfies of yourself in every situation ?

Taking a selfie once in a while when you haven't seen family or a friend for a year or so is acceptable , or visiting something specific , but taking selfies every days is a sign of mental degeneracy.

Even here in Albania I can see girls taking selfies at the cafe or in the streets permanently , changing the shape of their mouth for the occasion.

I also remember many people taking selfies during my visit of Roma at the Trevi Fountain. I felt like surrounded by zombies.

The epidemic of selfie is a sign of moral decadence


American man almost dies while trying to take selfie with running bulls in Pamplona.

An American man cheated death when he was gored in the neck as he was taking a selfie while running with the bulls in Spain.

An animal’s horn sank deep into Jaime Alvarez’s neck and fractured part of his cheekbone.

Doctors said was it “beyond miraculous” that the horn didn’t hit his jugular vein or major arteries.

The bull ran over and gored Mr Alvarez during the first run of this year’s San Fermin festival in Pamplona, an annual event at which hundreds of runners race close to bulls through a cobblestone street course to a bullring.


Leonard D Neubache said:
At least she didn't land on a proper human being.

My thoughts exactly. Those familiar with Greek mythology knows what happened to Narcissus. In a word, due to their rampant narcissism, these women met their end. It is very fortunate, however, that they did not injure anyone else in their descent/landing. Makes me weary of walking by skyscrapers known for "selfie tourism."


People are flocking to the cliff where someone died while taking a selfie to... take a selfie

On the morning of Aug. 17 at around 11:20 a.m., a woman slipped off a cliff in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and plummeted to her death.

Just a short time later, as helicopters still swarmed overhead, visitors treading in her steps at the scenic Diamond Bay Reserve at Vaucluse flooded social media with photos, according to News 7.

The victim — a 27-year-old from Sydney who has yet to be identified — was sitting on a ledge to be photographed by a friend, a witness to the accident told the Wentworth Courier, a local publication. When she stood up, she lost her balance and fell approximately 131 feet.

Over the past week, post-accident visitors have climbed fences and clambered to get the same dramatic shot, committing two faux pas: overtly ignoring the lessons of her circumstances and angering residents of the historic neighborhood.

Locals were “outraged” that within an hour of the Sydney woman’s fatal fall, thrill-seekers were back on the site, the Courier reported.

Leonard D Neubache

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Anna Maksimenko, a police spokeswoman said: 'A criminal case for accidental causing of grievous bodily harm has been initiated. The police are checking whether the rifle was registered and stored properly.' Veronika and her parents could be jailed for up to five years if found guilty, according to local media reports.

Never underestimate the ability of the police to take a tragedy and turn it into nightmare.


Something doesn't add up. Rifles don't just 'go off', and if it was loaded, why were they playing with it?

This sounds like a tragic accident with people who are unfamiliar with firearms, not selfie idiocy. I've taken tons of pictures of myself, and others, with guns; with the exception of pics from the firing range, they're always unloaded and triple-checked by everybody involved in the photo-taking process. Taking a picture with a rifle should be perfectly safe; the police may be right to investigate this.