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Proto-selfie deathers from the 80's.



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Don't go chasing waterfalls,
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a fractured scapula and several deep wounds.


The attention whoring show must go on..........
Indian selfie deaths: Four drown in reservoir in Tamil Nadu

A newly married woman and three of her family drowned in a reservoir after trying to take a selfie, said police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The dead were among a group of six who held hands and stood in waist deep water near Pambar dam before one of them slipped, pulling the others.

The woman's husband was able to save his sister but the others drowned.

India has the highest number of recorded selfie deaths in the world.

India accounted for about half of the 259 reported fatalities between 2011 and 2017, according to a study by the US National Library of Medicine. It was followed by Russia, the US and Pakistan.

In Tamil Nadu on Sunday, the young married couple, from Bargur in Krishnagiri, were visiting relatives in Uthangarai along with the bridegroom's sister, The Hindu newspaper reported.

The three entered the water together with three teenage siblings when one of them, a boy aged 14, slipped and dragged his two sisters aged 18 and 19 with him, along with the newly married woman and the bridegroom's sister.

The sister was pulled to safety by her brother but the other four disappeared under the water. Police said the bodies were later recovered and that post-mortem examinations would be carried out.

It was the latest in a series of tragedies linked to selfies in India. Experts have warned that people are taking unnecessary risks to impress their family and friends on social media.

In Haryana state in May, three teenagers taking selfies on a railway track jumped out of the way when they saw a train approaching, only to be killed by another train coming in the other direction.

In 2017, the Indian state of Karnataka launched a campaign to warn people that "selfies can kill" after the deaths of four students.

The same year, a man died in Odisha when an elephant he was taking a selfie alongside wrapped its trunk around him and crushed him.


“The trainee accountant, 29, was an experienced hill walker and climber. But as she and her boyfriend – who was due to turn 30 the next day – got up to leave the beauty spot at the top of Kinder Downfall in Derbyshire, she slipped and fell to the bottom.”

It sounds like they were a little too close and she slipped - Instagram or social media wasn’t mentioned at all. Did you even bother to read the article?


Another one from Dubai:

The tower on Shaikh Zayed Road from where a 16-year-old girl plunged to her death while she was trying to take selfie on Saturday is a popular vantage point from where photographers and bloggers take pictures of the Burj Khalifa, residents told Gulf News on Sunday.

The Afghan teenager is believed to have been taking a selfie from the balcony of her parents’ 17th floor apartment with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, in the backdrop when she lost her balance on a chair and came crashing down the tower.


Two more deaths...

A holidaymaker slipped and fell to his death while trying to take a selfie at a beauty spot where he allegedly ignored warning signs.

Bastien Palmier, 30, and a friend were visiting a 260ft high waterfall on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand when he tragically died on Thursday morning.

The friend said the French tourist ignored warning signs and clambered over a rope to venture onto the edge of the Na Mueang 2 waterfall, the same place where a Spanish holidaymaker died after posing for photos in July.

Mr Palmier was standing near the waterfall's cliff edge while taking a selfie or trying to get into position for a selfie when he slipped and fell to his death onto sharp, wet rocks and into the pool below.

The family of a Chinese university student who fell to her death while taking a selfie is blaming the management of one of China’s most famous mountains.

The student, surnamed Deng, died at the end of October after falling from Huashan, known for its steep cliffs and terrifying hiking trails, in the northwestern province of Shaanxi.

Her family claims the barrier on the mountain was inadequate, while the management of Huashan National Park said the student was an adult who was responsible for her actions, according to a report on Monday by video website Pear Video.

Deng had been sharing selfies of her progress on the mountain with her classmates in chat groups until her sudden disappearance, the report said. Her university, in the central province of Hunan, alerted the police a day later after failing to contact her, and also informed her family that she was missing.


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Roosh, how do you manage to dig out all of these? Are you subscribed to a ton of RSS feeds, or you get tips from readers around the world who know you follow this topic?

I have a Google News notification set up.


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I'd say what a waste, but she looks to have already been ruined by modernity. Could a strong man have turned her around and made her into a good wife? I doubt it, but we'll never know.

Tragedy as British backpacker, 21, plunges to her death at notorious cliff-top selfie spot in Australia after attending nearby party

A young British model who fell to her death from a cliff at a popular selfie spot in Sydney has been mourned by shocked friends.

Madalyn Davis, 21, arrived in Australia late last year from Lincoln, England, and was planning on starting a new life there before her death on Sunday morning.

The young tourist was at a party in Vaucluse on Saturday night and went to the nearby 30-metre (100ft) Diamond Bay cliffs with seven friends about 6.30am.




They are believed to have climbed over a fence to sit on the edge of the cliff to watch the sunrise before she fell.


CCTV from early on Sunday morning showed a person looking over the edge of the cliffs

The Diamond Bay cliffs are a notorious magnet for tourists taking Instagram shots dangerously close to the edge, with a 27-year-old woman falling in August.

Ms Davis was mourned in dozens of tributes by shattered friends online, remembered as a 'free spirit' who was 'beautiful inside and out'.

Her mother Rebecca Smith desperately tried to get hold of her on Sunday afternoon and begged friends to help track her down.

'Anyone seen Maddie? Not been able to get hold of her please get in touch if you were out with her last night,' she posted online.

However, by Monday morning her family confirmed Ms Davis had died and thanked her friends for their kind words.

'Thank you for all your beautiful condolences for Madalyn Davis and her family - it is an absolute tragedy to which nothing has been confirmed,' another family member wrote.


A friend in Newcastle, NSW, said he was planning a trip to Sydney to visit Ms Davis and her friends, but now it was too late.

'I'm utterly destroyed... I would never have thought it would happen. She has such a gorgeous soul,' he wrote.

Ms Davis on December 14 told her friends she was having the 'best time' travelling and had no plans to return to Britain.

'Can't believe I've been travelling for a whole month now!' she wrote next to a photo of her at the Full Moon Party in Thailand in November.

'Not looked back at my old life once (miss my job though) and I am super excited for my future abroad,' she wrote.

Ms Davis was supporting her stay in Australia by styling eyelashes for $50 a set, and occasional modelling work.

NSW Police said emergency services were called to Diamond Bay Reserve after reports a woman had fallen off a cliff.

They commenced an air and water search and retrieved her body about 10.30am on Saturday.



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I lived on the 44th floor of an apartment in Dubai about 10 years ago.

We had this tiny balcony you could just about get a table and a couple of chairs on. It was a company apartment so you'd stay there for like a month while you found your own place.

So there used to be people coming and going. There were 4 of us at the time in it, and one of the lads brought some mates over. One of them decided to climb over the balcony and stand on what was virtually about a 5cm ledge on the other side. I imagine some people have died trying the same thing.

I also went onto the helipad of one skyscraper. Hated it. I barely moved.

No tragedies, sorry. :laugh:


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That's terrible.

It most likely would have been from the extension cord falling into the water, or her grabbing the end of the extension cord with very wet hands. You won't get electrocuted by dropping a charging phone into the water as the output voltage and current from the charger supply to the phone is too low.

Don't know what the standards are in that area but many new homes are required to be wired with RCDs which would prevent electrocution by detecting the leaked current and shutting the supply off at the switch board.


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Here in the US bathrooms built after 1976 (as well as kitchens, exteriors, etc,,,anywhere an is in a potential "wet" area) outlets are supposed to be ground fault protected (GFCI)


The GFCI is supposed to detect the "leakage" of current form the closed circuit and open thus stopping the flow in 1/10 of a second. The problem is see that little black button that reads "Test"? Nobody ever tests them much less monthly as the manufacturer recommends and they do fail quite often. They can also be improperly wired

It is another sad accident

Leonard D Neubache

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Sure as hell I'm not trusting my life to something like that no matter what the test button tells me.

Sadly kids (and increasingly adults) simply cannot be 100% protected from their stupidity. This is in part a result of how inherently safe our societies have actually become on an engineering level. People take that engineering for granted and in some cases even abuse it. Give a man a more stable ladder and he'll simply lean further out on it before bothering to finally get down and shifting it across to where he needs to be.