The Soccer Thread

OK, this is an American site, with a majority American membership, so no hate from anyone for calling it soccer.

We've had the 'Beckham earns more than" thread as our de facto football thread, but I thought I'd make a more conclusive one where it is just an open board, as not to further derail that thread's initial point.

I'll start with this:

Haha. I have to quote the top comment:

Thank you Sweden!!
What is the weird psychological effect that makes it just about as good watching your rivals lose, than watching your favorite teams win... You could not write a better script, this entitled bunch of complainers who give you no reason whatsoever to root for them, losing on a penalty kick after almost getting bounced in the group stage, by their most insufferable SJW blowing a PK. Just... Awesome. Megan Rapinoe always campaigned for justice and she ended her career with that sweet, sweet poetic justice


A surprisingly less Burger King Kids Club Germany took a beat down from the honorary Aryans. Only a hand full of comments pointed out the similar degradation of former Western footballing powerhouses.