The subversion of dancing in art & expression


I believe that dance very well reflects the subversion that's currently plaguing our society.

When I was 17, I travelled to London on my own and, at the last minute, managed to buy a ticket for Swan Lake for just a few pounds. I was moved. I had never seen anything like it before. The gracefulness was overwhelming, and I fell in love instantly with the women on stage. It was then that I realized what female beauty was.

Upon exiting the theater, I was full of awe. The performance had stimulated and elevated me, even though not a single word was spoken. It taught me about humility, graciousness, submission, and light.

The gracefulness I admired is the result of relentless effort, thousands of hours of training, and the pursuit of perfection.

I continued to enjoy dancing over the years, but things have changed.

Yesterday, I attended a performance by a few well-known dancers. It was as if Satan himself was the director of the play. It was dark, hopeless, dressd in black, and ugly. It was as if they were possessed by the devil. I could still see the dancers' skill, but the show felt like a slap in the face. To have dancers perform the art of the devil is, to me, a crime. Strangely, I seemed to be the only one disgusted by it. People were cheering, and afterwards I heard them discussing how great it was.

I've also noticed a shift in club dancing. It's moved from an art form, like the ballroom dancing which my parents learned, to a hedonistic expression. The ultimate achievement seems to be losing oneself in the music and forgetting about the world around you. For a long time, I believed this was the essence of dancing.

But this is the polar opposite to the ballet dancers I saw as a 17-year-old.

Dancing can convey Christ; light, meekness, submission, humility, grace. But it can also convey the devil; darkness, self-centeredness, being lost in the moment, even satanic elements. The choice, it seems, is ours to make.

Wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Valentin Pearson

Dancing used to be joyful, now it's an excuse to show the world how bad one is. It's in music videos, and in the way that backing dancers dance these days. Lots of aggressive jerking around. The talent is there but it's wasted. It's why people have nostalgia for the 90s and before, and why no one with any taste and sense will have nostalgia for the last two decades.