The Syria conflict thread


I've been seeing videos of parliments in east Asia, south Asia, the middle east erupting into brawls for years. Usually it'd be on the Daily Show or some shit like that and we were supposed to laugh at them. Seems preferable to the asshole sandwich we've got of two parties politely disagreeing on process and points of order but working in unison to fuck the world. Seems to me a lot of members of congress (for starts) could use a good punch in the face.
I think the brawling is great, if your not willing to punch someone in the face over the future of where your country is going then you have no business being in politics.
Erdogan's mistake is to be on too many fronts.
Regarding Karabagh , I am curious to know which side is helping Armenia. I know that USA was involved , but the russian-armenian relations (a bit like russian-georgian) relations are a bit of a rollercoaster.

Azerbaijan will mostly be helped by Turkey.

Russia is technically selling weapons to both , but i am not sure.
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